Chapter 132: In The Hospital (Part-6)

It doesn’t take too long for Doctor Louise to arrive. After being disappointed with the middle-aged (but lovely) nurse, my perverted mind was hoping for a hot doctor to “check” me up— but sadly, she turns out to be even older than the nurse.   

Oh, well…   

“Everything seems to be alright, Mr. Jacob. I think we can discharge you once the paperwork is done,” Doctor Louise says with a smile, taking a small note on her notepad.   

“Oh, that’s good to hear. By the way, can you please give my family a call and tell them that I am alright now?” I ask.   

“Give them a call? But they are already here, outside the door! You should’ve seen how angry they looked when I told them to wait until I take a look at you— thought they would kill me with their eyes,” she tells me with a small chuckle.   

“The girls are already here!? Great, I cannot wait to see them!” I say excitedly.   

Doctor Louise leaves the room, and an instant later, three women bursts inside— Layla, Zakira, and Maya.   

Seeing that I have woken up, Layla couldn’t control herself and rushes towards the bed at full speed. She nearly jumps on top of the bed, throw her arms around me, and start sobbing heavily while hugging my head.   

Almost half of my face gets buried between her soft tits, and so, I can only use my right eye to watch Zakira as she dashes towards the bed as well. Unlike Layla, she’s not crying, but there is a blooming smile on her face. Along with her blushing cheeks (she drank my blood recently), this smile is beautiful enough to shake the heart of anyone irrespective of gender or race.  

Reaching the bed, Zakira stops and helplessly stares at Layla and me— her arms raised. It’s clear that she wants to hug me as well, but it doesn’t seem like Layla’s going to stop clinging to me anytime soon.   

Stomping her feet on the floor in frustration, Zakira climbs on the bed and somehow manages to kiss my half-exposed lips and cheeks. Then, looking a bit satisfied, she goes back to standing next to the bed.   

Woah! She really did that?   

Wanting to hug me is alright, but I never expected Zakira to kiss me on her own accord. Of course, we’ve kissed a lot of times before, but that was only when we were doing something sexual— never just to show affection. This proves that our relationship has progressed a little bit further in the last few weeks.  

[Psss… Look, Maya has come as well. This is a good sign!]  

I look behind Zakira and, to my surprise, find out that Maya hasn’t even taken a step forward yet— she’s still standing next to the door. For some reason, there’s a complicated look on her face and she’s staring at the floor, not daring to look up.   

Hmm? Is something wrong?   

Don’t tell me that she’s still angry…   

As Layla is refusing to let go, I grab her waist and make her sit on my lap instead. Then, while gently stroking her back, I turn back towards Maya to ask what’s wrong— though before I can do that, Zakira interrupts.   

“Why didn’t you call me, Jacob!? Why did you go there all alone!? It was so reckless and dangerous! I could’ve helped you!” She says, almost scolding me.   

Her tone is quite severe and daring considering that she’s talking to her master. But well, as she is just worried about me, I don’t mind it at all.   

“Zakira, you keep your phone switched off up until a couple of hours after school. How could I have contacted you?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.   

Just with this, Zakira becomes speechless, gulping the saliva down her throat.   

“It’s because of my father… he disturbs me all the time… I am sorry…” she mutters in a small, apologetic tone.   

“You don’t need to be sorry. To be honest, I wouldn’t have called you even if your phone wasn’t switched off. You see, time was running short and I didn’t know what those bastards would’ve done to Maya if I was a second late. It was not wise to wait for anyone,” I tell Zakira with a shrug, but my eyes are looking somewhere else.   

As Maya hears this, her face turns slightly red and she looks up at me. Though when she finds me staring back, her head quickly falls down again.   

“You’re right… I am glad that everyone’s safe and those criminals got caught,” Zakira says with a nod, smiling again.   

“Anyway, what was happening before Doctor Louise got here? The entire corridor was sealed off. I thought that the police were just here to you about the incident. Or was there anything else?” She asks.   


So, they came to the hospital before Anna left?   

Damn… Well, I am not going to talk to my women about Anna yet. It’s better to wait until Rebecca is with us.   

“You were right, they just questioned me. Nothing else. Though I don’t know why the corridor was sealed off,” I answer with a frown.   

Well, I do have a guess… Anna probably didn’t want anyone to hear us having sex.   

“Hmm… It was quite strange, to be honest. There were just female officers patrolling the area, I couldn’t see a single guy. Unfortunately, when I tried listening to what’s happening inside the room, the officer was already coming out,” Zakira says, shaking her head.   

Oh, fuck!   

Being a Vampire, Zakira’s hearing capability is far better than other races. If she was just a few minutes early, my conversation with Anna would’ve been heard by her— maybe even our moans and grunts.   

And well, while I will discuss everything with my women, now is not the right time…   

“As I said, I was just being questioned,” I repeat.   

“Anyway, how long are you going to keep standing there Maya? Are you still angry with me? If so, then I think I can do something about that now,” I say, giving her a small smile.   

Maya jumps up from being addressed all of a sudden. With a deathly pale face, she looks up and tries to speak something— but she’s unable to do so properly.   

“N-No… I just… I am…”  

“Why would Maya be angry with you? Rebecca and I have already explained everything to her.”  

Suddenly, Layla speaks up in a hoarse voice. Reluctantly freeing me from her hug, she looks at me with her red and puffy eyes.   

“Oh, so you guys explained everything to her without me?” I ask, surprised.   

“Sorry, but Maya was so conflicted and in pain— I just couldn’t bear it anymore,” Layla says apologetically.  

“Well, I don’t exactly mind it. But did Maya believe you guys or—”  

“I am really sorry, Jacob!”   

Maya almost shouts out before I could finish my sentence. Her chest is heaving, tears are welling up in her eyes, and her lips are quivering badly.   

“I-I misunderstood you, refused to believe you, and… and even behaved so rudely. But even after all that, you still risking your life to save me. I-I am forever grateful and heavily in debt to you. Please, please forgive me,” she apologizes sincerely, tears starting to flow down her cheeks.   


I don’t have to tell Layla to move, she does it herself with a warm smile on her face. I get up from the bed, walk close to Maya, and wrap her in my arms.   

“It’s alright,” I say, patting her back and kissing her forehead.   

Though to my surprise, Maya gets on her toes the next moment and moves up her face, kissing me on the lips instead.   


Finishing up with the paperwork, the girls and I start making our way out of the hospital. After the little kissing scene before, there’s an awkward air around all of us— especially Maya.   

Her face is completely red with embarrassment and she’s refusing to utter even a single word. It seems like she got too worked up at that moment and, without thinking, acted on her raw emotions.   

Well, I am not complaining…   

[Fufufu… This girl is too shy. You need to open up her— properly, in every way possible. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]  

I know, I know. All the misunderstandings are cleared and I can finally take things forward with Maya. Great!  

As we enter the lobby of the hospital, I notice a strangely dressed woman sitting on one of the couches. She’s wearing long white robes along with a hood that’s covering her entire face.   

Why does she seem so familiar?   



Before I could figure out the woman’s identity, she suddenly raises her voice to stop us on our track. Then, slowly, she raised her hood and reveals her face to us.  

“Naomi!?” I exclaim in surprise.  

What is the great white fox doing here!?  

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