Chapter 130: In The Hospital (Part-4)

“You… You dare call me a bitch. Do you even know how high my rank is in the department? How many people work under me? I can make you regret this for the rest of your life!” Anna threatens, pointing her finger at me.   

Though obviously enough, she doesn’t look offended at all. In fact, there’s an approving smile pasted on her face.  

“I cannot care any less. For me, right now, you’re nothing more than a bitch— a bitch that needs to be pounded hard,” I tell her loudly.   

“Now, open your legs!”   

Anna’s body shivers once again, and she meekly spread her legs, getting submissive again. Even though she’s wearing a pantyhose, I can see the outline of her laced-underwear beneath.   

*Yes… I am your bitch… Show me my place… Order me around…*  

Anna’s thoughts flood inside my mind again. It looks like she’s enjoying this very much.   

Fufufu… Well, I am not going to lie, this is fun for me as well.   

Hungrily, I grab the side of her pantyhose to take them off, but then, I stop myself— a fun idea coming to my mind suddenly. Instead of simply removing the pantyhose, I grab it around the crotch area and try to rip it apart.   

To my shock, I find out that the pantyhose they use in porn are actually of really low quality, making it very easy to rip them apart. But here, Anna is wearing quite a high-quality one.   


Still, having reached level 5 in my system, my natural strength, even without the use of any skill, is not something to be underestimated.   


As I put some more power into it, a small tear appears at the center of the pantyhose.   

“It’s really expensive!” Anna protests weakly, panting hard.   

“Is it?”   

Without a care, I tear apart the pantyhose further, fully revealing her sexy underwear it was hiding. Now, I can clearly see the huge wet patch at the base of her panties, giving proof of how aroused she is.   

*… Not listening to me at all… He’s so amazing… Perfect for me…*  

Okay, I am liking this girl more and more.   

[Me too!]  

Using my fingers, I strongly rub the wet patch on her panties— even slightly digging inside her pussy— before bringing the sweet nectar to my mouth.  

“Such a lewd woman… You’re flooding down here,” I say with disdain.   

“But still, at least you taste great… Try it,” I command.   

“T-Try it?” Anna asks, confused.   

“Try tasting your pussy-juice and tell me how it is,” I say aggressively.   

This time, she doesn’t even try to test me by showing opposition. Her hand slowly creeps down her panties, and after moving there for a while, it retracts back with her fingers completely covered in love-juices.   

Then, giving me a hot look, she lewdly licks her own nectar.   

“It… It tastes very good,” she answers with an extremely red face.   

“It does, doesn’t it?”   

I grab her hand and force it towards my mouth, sucking the remaining juice from her thin and beautiful fingers.   

“Now, even my dick is craving this taste. Wet my boy with your mouth so that it can drink up directly from your cunt,” I order her in a high voice, pulling down my loose hospital-pants to reveal my semi-erect cock.  

*This is it! This is it!*  

Barely containing her excitement and keeping it from showing on her face, Anna rises from the bed and looks at my cock with intoxicated eyes.  

“You’re not allowed to touch it with your hands. Just use your mouth,” I command sternly.  

Giving me a nod similar to a happy puppy, Anna moves her face forward. For a moment, I can feel her hot breath blowing on my cock— before it gets enveloped by her rosy and plump lips.   


Anna’s mouth is quite exquisite. It’s small, warm, and extremely soft. And even though she’s a bit sloppy at doing this, her cute little tongue takes its time to properly slathers her fragrant saliva all over my cock, making it dripping wet.   

And before I realize it, my cock becomes fully erect.   

Holy… What is this!?   

[Fufufu… You like what you see?]  

You think!?   

To my great surprise, my dick has grown a lot after 3 consecutive level-ups. It’s almost an inch bigger now, which, according to my knowledge, is close to the average size around the country. Even the girth has increased significantly.  

Fuck yes!!!   

“I-It’s done,” Anna says after a while, finishing her task and looking at me with upturned eyes.   

On her own accord, she has even allowed my raging dick to rest on her pretty face.   

What a beautiful sight…   

“Then what are you waiting for? Lay down and offer your dirty pussy to me. I’ve decided already; I am going thoroughly ravage it today until it’s broken,” I savagely say, lightly slapping her cheeks with my cock.   

Wordlessly, yet tremoring heavily in pleasure from my words, Anna drops down on the bed again and spread open her legs obediently.   

I also don’t back away from my words, hooking my arms under her knees before climbing on top of her body. Then, making full use of my weight, I pin down Anna such that her thighs get pressed against her stomach, and my dick gets pressed against her slit. I even grab both of her hands and force them behind her head, keeping them in place.   

Only after making sure that Anna is completely restrained, I finally move my left hand to grab her throat and my right hand to grab her rich buttocks.   

“Listen carefully, you’re not allowed to moan or cum until I give you permission. If you fail to do so, I will punish you severely,” I tell her strictly.   

“I won’t,” Anna answers in a tiny yet determined voice. Just from this, a fresh flow of love juices leaks out of her honeypot.   

“Good girl. Now, let’s start.”  

Quickly shifting her soaking underwear, I rest my cock against her wet cunt. Then, without giving Anna a chance to prepare herself, I plunge my cock deep inside her tight hole.   



The moment an accidental moan escapes from her mouth, I sharply slap her jiggly butt, leaving a clear hand-print on her snowy white skin. I even open my mouth to scold her again, but no words come out— only a loud grunt.   

The pleasure provided by Anna’s heavenly pussy is extremely strong, enough to make me lose my mind instantly. This pleasure is further intensified by the fact that I’ve been unconscious for more than two days, resulting in my sexual desires getting pent up greatly.   


Unable to say anything, I just spank Anna’s ass once again before starting to mercilessly stab my cock inside her womanhood— so hard that even the bed starts creaking and shaking.   

It’s plainly clear that Anna’s receiving a tremendous amount of pleasure, but even then, she tightly seals up her lips to make sure that no sound escapes from her mouth— or, at least, she tries to.   

“Nhmm… Mmhm… Aahnh…”  


With every muffled moan she couldn’t help but leak out, my hand slaps her soft ass ruthlessly. And in no time, her sexy bottom becomes completely red, even giving out heat now.   

But well, all of this just further increases Anna’s arousal. She’s craving to be hit more, to be choked mercilessly, to be fucked even harder— to be dominated completely.   

And well, I don’t disappoint her.   


After a couple of more minutes of continuously plowing Anna, semen starts to rise in my cock explosively. With no ejaculation for these past two days, I feel a numb pain in my balls due to the sheer amount of semen about to be released.   

“I am cumming!” I grunt out.   

The next moment, with all my power, I deeply impale my cock inside Anna’s meat-hole, before starting to dirty her insides with my thick and heavy load.   

“Ahaan…who said you can you cum inside me!? This is unacceptable!” Anna complains, but again, she doesn’t try to push me away or show any sort of physical resistance.   

“Shut up! You’re my personal cum-dumpsters, understand? That means I can use your little cunt to empty my balls as many times as I want. You have no right to resist or refuse,” I scold her, slapping her ass once again.   

From Anna’s extremely delighted expressions, I can tell that this is exactly what she wanted to hear.   

“O-Okay, I am your personal cum-dumpsters. Use my body as you like,” she says ecstatically, her body tremoring strongly now.   

It looks like the only thing keeping her from achieving an orgasm is my permission.  

Fufufu… Well, I am in no hurry to give the word.  

Just as the last few drops of my semen flows out, the wall-clock on my left side catches my eyes— giving me yet another mischievous idea.    

The next moment, I quickly take my cock out of Anna’s vagina, release her body, and get up from the bed.   

“Huh? A-Are you done?” She asks, looking greatly in agony.   

She obviously wants me to continue fucking her and let her experience the much-awaited orgasm.   

“I am nowhere near done, madam. But the fifteen minutes you gave me are over. I wouldn’t dare continue to humiliate and take advantage of you,” I say, using the politest voice possible and even sounding apologetic.   

Looking greatly shocked, Anna jerks her head towards the wall-clock, and small tears appear at the corner of her eyes.   

“But… But… Please!” she looks at me again with begging eyes.   

[Buddy, you’re truly evil. But I like it.]  

Fufufu… Anna will like it too. Just wait and watch.   

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