Chapter 129: In The Hospital (Part-3)

Shit!!! She remembers!   

I cannot even think of an excuse this fast! Let’s try feigning ignorance…  

“T-Train? Crimes? I don’t know what you’re talking about, officer. Surely, you’ve mistaken me for someone else,” I say, trying to keep my voice calm, but still leaking out cold sweat at the same time.   

“There’s no point in lying anymore. The moment I saw you, all my hazy memories became explicitly clear. You forced yourself upon me on the train the other day,” the policewoman says sternly.   


[Quick! Use Beast Scent or something and run away from here, buddy. You cannot get captured no matter what! It will ruin everything I have— Ahem, it will ruin everything!]  

“And don’t even think about trying to escape. My special team is standing outside this room. They will restrain you the moment you will go out without me,” the policewoman says.   

[D-Damn… This Anna thought ahead of me as well.]  

Anna…? Oh, yeah, that’s her name.   


Anyway, there’s no point in running away. I won’t be able to do that without hurting the police officers. And that will just escalate things, making the situation even worse.   

[Hmm… True.]  

Hey, let’s try blaming things on you— I mean, my system. It always works.   

[Go ahead, I don’t mind.]  

“Eh… Okay, I admit I did that, officer. And I am really sorry about it. But please understand my situation. It was all because of my system—”  

“I am not here to listen to your excuses!” Anna says sharply, raising her hand.   


But you’re a police officer. You should at least listen to my excuse…   

“But you don’t have to worry yet, I haven’t filed any official record against you. In fact, I am willing to give you a chance to save yourself. Do you want to hear me out?” She asks.  

“… yes?” I say with a frown.  

“Okay then. You have exactly fifteen minutes. Except for going out of this room, you are allowed to do anything you want. Just prove it to me that I am not wrong about you. Show me your true nature. If you fail to do so, I will call the doctor. And once he’s done with you, I will drag you to the police station and lock you up for good,” Anna says in a domineering tone.   

… Huh!?   

“Wait a second, you want me to prove that you’re not wrong about me!?” I ask, surprised.   

But Anna doesn’t reply or say anything at all. She just keeps staring at me, her face not betraying a single expression.  

The fuck!?   

Okay, I don’t get what she’s trying to do! Does she want me to say that I did everything knowingly, without being compelled? But if I do that, why will she let me off? Is she trying to trap me?   

And wait a second, why am I allowed to do anything I want except leaving this room? What does she want me to do!?   


[Heh, why are you even thinking so hard about this? Have you forgotten that you have the perfect skill to counter something like this?]  

Beast’s mind read…   

[Yup! Let me activate it for you!]  

In a couple of seconds, I start hearing Anna’s voice in my head. Unlike her calm demeanor, she sounds quite anxious and desperate on the inside.   

*… Come on, Jacob… You’ve got to be the one… Don’t disappoint me, please… I won’t even resist… Just attack me already…*  


What!? She wants me to attack her!? Is she insane!?   

[Hmm… Not really. I think I know what this is about.]  

You do!? Really!?   

[Yeah, I am an expert in stuff like this.]  

Expert, huh? What “stuff” are we talking about exactly? Because I like— I mean, I don’t like where this is going.   

[Fufufu… Just use your new skill Fetish Finder on Anna and you will know everything.]  

Fetish Finder…?   

Wait, you don’t mean that she’s… Damn!!!   

[Yes! Let’s see if I am correct!]  

The moment Pink activates the Fetish Finder skill, numerous fiery-red colored letters start appearing above Anna’s head. These letters arrange themselves in order before spelling out— Sadomasochism.   


I-It is really true…   

[Wait, is she an S or an M? We need to clarify this before proceeding any further.]  

Duh, she wants me to attack her. Isn’t this clear enough already?   

[I know, but let’s not take any risk. I will activate Fetish Finder again. We will be able to specify things.]  

Fetish Finder gets activated again, and a second later, both words, Sadism and Masochism, appear above Anna’s head.   

… What’s the meaning of this!?   

[Wohoho! What a rare girl! It means that she’s both an S and an M. But you guessed correctly before, as Machoism is hovering above Sadism; she’s a bigger masochist! ]  

I see… Damn! I never expected a police officer like her to be an M. So, basically, she enjoyed what I did to her on the train, right?  

[Yup! And based on what’s going through her mind right now, she even wants you to do something similar again. That’s why you’re allowed to do anything you want. I am sure she wants you to prove yourself through this!]   

Wow… Just wow…   

[Hey, why do you seem nervous? After observing you for all these days, I can tell that you’re a bit of an S yourself. This shouldn’t be a tough job for you, right?]  

No, it shouldn’t be. I’ve watched enough porn to know how to handle something like this. It’s just that I am afraid of what will happen if we’re wrong…   

[You need to take the risk, buddy. Or you’re doomed for sure. Just try something mild first and see her reaction. If she’s okay with it, go full-throttle!]  

No, I don’t think I should go too mild. She’s testing me. So, of course, the first impression is going to be very important. Even if she let me off, I refuse to believe that we won’t meet again in the future.   

Anyway, here goes nothing…   

A few minutes have passed, and from what I can tell from Anna’s thoughts, she’s starting to lose hope in me. If I don’t act fist, it might get too late.  

Not letting her mood deteriorate any further, I take a few deep breaths, remove all the things that are attached to my arms (medical stuff), and get up from the bed. As Anna is sitting right next to the bed, it just takes me a couple of small steps to reach next to her.   

Our eyes meet once again, but this time, mine are confidently looking down on hers— both literally and figuratively.   

“You said I can do anything I want, right? Don’t regret this…” I say with a contemptuous sneer.   

The next moment, I move my hand forward, grabbing her thin and long neck. Although I don’t put much strength into my hand (so that she doesn’t get hurt), the effect is still immediate— Anna’s cheeks become flushed instantly.   

“Why did you grab my neck!? Get away from me!” she protests, grabbing my hand.   

But it’s plain to see that she doesn’t mean it. There’s absolutely no anger in her voice anymore, and also, she’s just holding my hand in place, not even trying to push it away.  

“And why would I listen to you? You told me I can do anything I want, right? So, just shut up and let me do what I want!” I say harshly, almost scolding her.   

Anna’s entire body shivers and she closes her eyes involuntarily— savoring my words. After a few seconds, her hand falls down obediently and she looks at me with newfound respect and anticipation.  

Phew… Success! Let’s move to the next step.   

Putting some strength into my hand, I force Anna to stand up from the stool and make her come face to face with me.   

“You’ve got a beautiful face. It’s mine now,” I say with a wicked grin before planting a rough kiss on her lips. Anna doesn’t protest at all; she immediately kisses back fiercely.   

As we separate again, I noticed that her breathing has roughened quite significantly and her face is red.   

“And for this body…” I mutter, looking at her juicy figure while licking my lips.   



With my free hand, I slap her ass before squeezing it firmly. The resulting painful voice Anna issues is quite seductive.  

“What… What are you planning to do with me?” Anna asks, her eyes wet and lustful.   

At this, a smile creeps upon my face.  


Before Anna could react, I move my hands and place them on her shoulders— pushing her hard so that she falls back on the bed behind.  

“I am planning to fuck you, of course. Now, be an obedient little bitch and open your legs for me.”  

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