Chapter 71: The New School Life (Part-2)

The entire class looks back at me once again. This time, not because of Ava shaking her waist above my lap and moaning without a care in the world— but because principal Steele has just asked me to come outside the classroom with her.   

And then, of course, the muttering starts…   

“Will she finally punish him?”   

“Can’t tell. She doesn’t look pissed, does she?”  

“I mean, just look at that! Ava is not stopping!”  

“Yeah, this is way beyond crossing the line. There’s no way Steele will let Jacob go…”  

It’s pretty much clear that the class thinks I am done for good. Those who hate me look extremely delighted. While others just seem curious and excited as to what is about to unfold.   

“Ava, get up. The principal is calling me,” I say, tapping her thighs.   

“Wait, wait, just cum for me once more. Just once more. I need to win this,” Ava says desperately, moving her waist at an even greater speed.    

Although the ejaculating has finally ended, I am far away from reaching orgasm again. Ava’s pussy is good enough for my dick to not lose its erection, but still, there’s no way she will achieve her goal.   

Well, on the other hand, no matter what I say, it doesn’t look like she’s going to stop anytime soon— even though everyone here, including Neustadt and principal Steele, is staring at her with hardened looks.   

This just shows how deep her hatred and rivalry against Lily go. To be honest, it’s quite beneficial and, at the same time, worrisome for me. I need to be careful while using her in the future.   

Well, as for now…   

“Get her off of me,” I order the gang women.   

The narrow space between the desk and my seat makes it rather hard for me to get away from Ava— or even physically force her to move. External help is the only way here.   

Immediately, Abigale and Emily grab onto Ava and start pulling her away from me. Both of them does this quite savagely, manhandling her, as if glad to separate her from me.   

“No! You cannot do this! Let me go!”   

Ava protests, but there’s nothing she can do against the strength of Abigale and Emily. A few seconds later, she finally decides to give up, looking quite sullen.   

Okay then…   

I quickly lift my pants and stand up from my seat— starting to move towards principal Steele. But the next moment, the class collectively gasps once again. Tracing their line of sight, I see that their subject of surprise is now the huge bulge in my pants.   


Though I don’t really get embarrassed by this. It’s just a bit annoying to me at this point.  

“W-Wow, he’s huge…”  

“I don’t think my boyfriend is even half of that…”  

“I am seeing Caiden in a new light…”  

“Lily sure is lucky…”  

That’s what the girls are saying. As for the guys…   

“This fucking bastard…”  

“Flaunting that thing right in front of the girls! My girlfriend is here! A-And I don’t want her to see this!”  

“Die… Just die…”  

“He… Hehehe… No way that is what I think it is. It cannot be that big. He’s keeping something in his pants to fool us, right?”  

“Man, sorry to break it to you, but…”  


Ignoring these mutterings, I walk straight out of the class along with Principal Steele. Though we don’t go that far, just enough so that no can hear us.   

“Sorry to disturb your fun. This won’t take too long,” she whispers an apology.   

“Never mind. So, what do you want?” I ask.   

“Well, Madam Reagan contacted me just now. She wants me to inform you about a couple of things that we discussed over the phone,” she says.   


“First of all, about the school elections— Madam Reagan wants you to stand up for the president’s post.”  

“What!? But isn’t recommendation-only?” I ask, surprised.   

Principal Steele raises her eyebrows at me.   

Ah, of course, I will have the best recommendation in school— from the principal herself.    

“But still, why does she want me to run for the presidency? I don’t think I will be able to win anyway. Considering my current reputation, no one will vote for me,” I tell her with a shrug.   

“Yes, you’re correct. You’re chances of winning the elections are pretty low actually,” Principal Steele agrees.   

“But that’s only if the elections are conducted in a fair manner, right?”  


A slightly mischievous grin is dancing on her face. This is quite contrasting with her strict image in school.   

“So, I will become the president of the school council despite the actual result of the upcoming elections?”  

“Yes, exactly. With this, you will hold official power in school as well,” she tells me with a nod.   

I see…   

Unlike other schools, the student council here does hold a significant amount of power Of course, they are not above the Principal, that’s the reason they couldn’t do anything about me. But still, they can control a lot of things.  

“Very well, I am up for it. Anyway, the other thing you want to tell me?” I ask.   

“Oh, about that, Madam Reagan wants you to call Lily’s mother, Adeline, in a few hours and ask her to come to Zoe’s base. After school, we will drive you there as well. So, be prepared,” she tells me.   


“Her bruises have healed already?” I ask, unable to hide the shock in my voice.   

It’s not even been two weeks yet. What is happening?   

“Yes, mostly. The medicines and the special cream we sent seems to have worked astonishingly well,” she answers.  


“That’s all Madam asked me to tell you. Excuse me now, I need to announce your nomination to your teacher and class.”  


“I hate you. You’re the worst,” Ava whispers furiously.   

“You think I care? I will fuck you whenever I want and I will stop whenever I want. You don’t get a say in this,” I tell her.   

“Hmph! And I will definitely make you cum twice. We will do it against tomorrow!” she says, a little louder now.  

You hate me but you still want me to fuck you?   

“Yeah, whatever…”  

“Hey! Wait a second! It’s my turn next!” Emily protested.   

“No way! Until I achieve my goal, no one else is fucking him!” Ava spits back.   

“That’s so not fair!”  

I ignore the bickering of these two idiots and just keep walking silently. It’s lunchtime and the gang women and I (plus Ava) are making our way to the cafeteria. Chloe is not with us right now; she was feeling so dizzy (after seeing the live sex between me and Ava) that I had to send her to the infirmary.   

Like always, the crowd steers clear from my path, but I notice that something a bit different today. There is an unusual air of tension in the corridor. The news of my nomination in the elections has spread throughout the school, causing a wave of panic among those who hate me (mostly bullies and the likes) and those who’re unsure of whether I am a good guy or a bad guy. I know for sure that most of them will never vote for me. They might even try and force other students to do the same.   

Well, it doesn’t matter. My victory is pre-decided.  

Entering the cafeteria, my eyes immediately start searching for Pig. Knowing what I have to do later today, I need to vent out my frustration a little bit. And what better medium there is than Pig?  

Hmm… now, where is he?  



Unfortunately, it looks like Pig hasn’t arrived in the cafeteria yet.   

Giving out a sigh, I start moving towards my reserved table. But the next moment, my eyes fall upon someone else who’s quite familiar. A few tables away, Luke and his girlfriend, Sofia, are sitting together, eating their lunch.   

A few weeks ago, Luke was brutally beaten by Pig and his hoodlums. His fault? He just stopped them from sexually harassing Sofia. Even though I eventually saved him that day, I didn’t get the chance to talk to him after that. Just from looking at him now, it’s clear how bad his injuries were. His left arm is in a cast and there are faint traces of bruises all over his face.   

“I guess I know what I have to do now,” I mutter.   

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