Chapter 70: The New School Life (Part-1)

“W-What!? You’re not serious…” Ava says, her eyes widening in shock.   

“Does it seem like I am joking?” I ask, gesturing at my cock.   


Ava glares at me for a moment, then she glances at Chloe— the flames in her eyes getting a colder immediately. She’s been told who Chloe is. And she knows that it’d be bad for her if she doesn’t listen to me in front of her.   

“How… How can you give me the best seat in the class, Leader? I don’t think I am worthy of it,” She says in a sweet voice, her eyes becoming slits.   

“You’re worthy enough. Now, sit,” I order, basically telling her to cut the bullshit and do what I’m telling her to do.   


“It will be my… pleasure,” Ava says, gritting her teeth in anger.   

While shooting daggers at me with her eyes, she slowly lifts up her skirt and pulls down her underwear.   

“Leader! I want to sit on your lap as well! Can I go first!?” Emily asks excitedly, starting to take off her panty as well.   

“No, not now. Some other day, perhaps,” I say, brushing her off.   

Emily pouts and mutters something angrily which suspiciously sounds like Just take my virginity, already.   

“And what are you waiting for? Come on, sit down,” I say to Ava.   

“Yeah, yeah…” She grumbles, burning red from embarrassment.   

She slips between my desk and my seat and sits down on the very edge of my lap, almost on my knee— her stomach pressed painfully against the desk.   


A little frustrated, I grab her waist and roughly pull her towards me such that her bare ass lands directly on top of my dick— sandwiching it between her soft ass-cheeks.   


Next, I spread her skirt properly so that no one could see what’s happening under it.   

“C-Caiden… This isn’t… You cannot… in s-school…”  

Chloe tries to say something but seems unable to join more than two words together at once. Even though she’s speaking to me, her eyes are fixed on Ava’s skirt, almost as if wishing to see what’s happening underneath. Her face is so red that I wouldn’t be surprised if she faints at any moment.  

From what I have observed, Chloe really couldn’t take situations like these. Either she’s a really shy person or a huge closet pervert. If someone asks me, I would say it’s the latter.   

“Grind your ass against my cock. Make it erect,” I order Ava, rubbing her thighs. “And well, Lily is here as well, you know?” I add, leaning forward and whispering in her ears.   

Ava’s body stiffens and her head moves to the direction where Lily’s sitting. Though Lily is busy talking to her friends right now (most of the talking is done by her friends), she keeps glancing back at me as well.   

“Fu… Fufufu… I see,” Ava says, laughing devilishly.   

The next moment, she grabs the desk for support and starts moving her waist back and forth, grinding her ass against my cock vigorously— showing great motivation. Surprisingly, in just a few minutes, she gets so aroused by this that I could literally feel her love juices getting slathered around my crotch.  

As much as I hate myself for doing this, I now understand that by using Lily’s name cleverly, I can control Ava. She loathes Lily more than anyone. And because of this, she’s always willing to go any to lengths— do anything— to hurt her. The biggest example of this is when Ava tried to blackmail and rape me a few weeks ago, even though being a virgin herself.   

“Good morning…”  

Suddenly, an irritated voice resounds in the class, silencing everyone else immediately. A grumpy-looking Neustadt enters the classroom and marches up to his desk without even looking at the students. He’s been absent for since the day I fucked his wife and he fucked Pig, resuming to come since only yesterday.   

“Good morning, professor Neustadt~” everyone sings back (except the backbenchers) while returning to their seats. Those who were staring at me and Ava also look away hastily.   

“I will be taking attendance in a minute. Keep quiet everyone,” He says in a flat tone, arranging some files and papers on his desk.  

Everyone’s already silent. The class knows better than to talk when Neustadt is looking so pissed already.  

Well, except me…   

“It’s hard now. Put it inside,” I say as my cock gets fully erect against Ava’s ass.   

My voice isn’t loud, but it still gets carried throughout the class. Of course, Neustadt also hears it. He jerks his head towards the students, rage filling his eyes for a moment. But then, the next instant, he figures out that the voice belonged to me and his anger dissipates.   

“Is it already? That Lily never made you this hard, this fast, did she?” Ava asks smugly, still staring at Lily with a grin pasted on her face (who’s not even looking back anymore).   

Though fortunately, she’s whispering so only Chloe, I, and a few gang women could hear her.   

“To be honest, I get an erection just from the thought of doing it with Lily. So, sorry to say, but you lose there,” I whisper back with a shrug.   

“But no need to worry,” I add before Ava could lose her mind.   

“As amazing as Lily’s pussy feels, it still took her a few minutes to make me cum. Neustadt is about to take attendance. If you can squeeze out my semen before he finishes, it’s your win.”  

Ava looks back at me, fire burning in her eyes.   

“Get ready. You’re going to cum twice before Professor finishes up with the attendance,” she declares.   

“Confidence, huh? Let’s see if you live up to it,” I say.   

Well, I’m not sure about twice but Ava can definitely make me cum once before Neustadt is done. He is just that slow.   

“N-No way… even s-s-sex… in school!?”  

Chloe mutters some more, now so red that steam might start coming out of her ears any second.   

“Jamie Wilson!”   

Suddenly, Neustadt’s voice reaches us again. He’s now sitting, a pen clutched his hand and a register lying in front of him— starting to take the attendance.   

“Shit!” Ava curses.   

Raising her hips hastily, she put her hand under the skirt and grab my rock-hard cock, placing it against her flooding vagina. Then, without pausing even for a second, she drops down her waist— her pussy swallowing more than half the length of my cock immediately.   


Ava’s only been fucked once (by me) and that was weeks ago. Basically, her pussy is still as tight as a virgin’s pussy. And so, getting strongly squeezed by the warm and moist walls of her meat-hole feels so good that I couldn’t help but leak a grunt or two.  

But man, Ava sure wasn’t kidding about wanting to make me cum twice. She’s not even starting this slow.  


She shakes her waist so hard and fast that in a few seconds, her ass starts slamming against my crotch. A loud and steady sound resounds in the otherwise silent classroom.   

Wearing expressions of shock and amazement, everyone turns around to look at me and Ava. Then, they look at Neustadt, who by the way, is also staring at us— waiting for the bomb to explode.   

But well, they don’t know that the poor bomb is already defused. Neustadt just glares at me for a few seconds— his knuckles turning white from holding the pen too strongly— before focusing on the register again and continuing with the attendance.   

“Gordon Oliver!” He barks.   

“P-Present, sir!” Gordon replies timidly.   


Ava doesn’t seem to care that everyone is staring at her. She’s too focused on making me cum as fast as possible. As for me, I don’t mind the gazes either. Though there’s some guilt of doing this in front of Lily.   

But well, even she understands that things like these are going to happen from now on…   

By the time Neustadt finishes up with more than half of the class attendance, semen starts to rise up my cock as well. Ava’s wet pussy is pleasuring me so hard that I just cannot handle it anymore.   

“F-Fuck!” I swear, grabbing Ava’s waist to make her stop moving before starting to empty my balls in her womb.   

“Yes! Yes! That’s one!” Ava says triumphantly, breathing hard.   

“Now for the second shot!”   

She forcibly removes my hand from her waist and starts riding my cock again— trying to milk me even though my first ejaculation is still ongoing.   

“Okay, I am jealous now. She’s enjoying this too much,” Emily grumbles, folding her hands.   

“Oh my, you look so cute, Caiden. That expression, I wonder if I could ever…” Abigale mutters, her voice trailing off.   


A circuit in Chloe’s mind seems to have blown off.   

Oh, well…   

“Professor Neustadt?”   

Suddenly the door of the classroom opens up and a familiar voice reaches my ears. Principal Steele is standing at the doorway, politely looking at Neustadt.   

“Y-Yes, ma’am?”   

Neustadt stands up with a jerk, his knees hitting his desk.  

“AHHAH!” he cries out in pain before dropping back on his chair.  

Ignoring this, Principal Steele speaks.   

“I am here to make a small announcement about the upcoming school elections. But before that, can I please borrow Caiden Black for a moment?”   

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