Chapter 33: Date With Lily (Part-3)

“Good evening, Miss Lily. I am glad to have you back at Rosserra.”   

The moment me and Lily enter the shop, a middle-aged woman greets us courteously. She is dressed in formal clothes, fitting to a shop which is this high class.   

“Good evening, Margaret,” Lily greets back.   

Hmm, it looks like this Lily is a regular customer here.   

Well, seeing how rich she is, I am not much surprised…  

Anyway, I am feeling really nervous and awkward right now. I haven’t been to a lingerie shop since I was young and mother forcibly took me along.  

Instinctively, I take a quick look around the shop.  

It is relatively big and spacious. The walls are painted with light colors, making the atmosphere bright and calm. The shelves are also neatly arranged, on which, each and every piece of undergarment is displayed differently and with great care.   

Damn… I never thought that there is a shop where they put just 5 underwear in one freaking shelf. How expensive are those things?  

Well, as expected, the number of people here are also very less. In fact, apart from me and Lily, there are only three other customers. Though all of them are women.   

“Come on, Caiden. Let’s go…” Lily says while lightly pulling on my hand.  

Shit, I am standing here like an idiot…   

We move past Margareta, who looks totally unperturbed by the fact that I am the only male in this shop right now and also, how close Lily is sticking to my body.   

This one is professional to the core. As expected from a shop like this…   

The moment we move closer to the shelves, another woman appears in front of us. Though she looks young, her dress is exactly similar to that of Margareta’s before.   

So, she is another staff member, I guess…  

In fact, the costumers I mentioned before also have similarly clothed women with them, who are guiding them around and helping them choose their clothing.   

“Good evening, madam… and sir,” the young woman greets.   

Unlike Margreta, this one looks a little surprise seeing me here but well, she doesn’t voice it.   

“Good evening. You are new here? What is your name?” Lily asks curiously.   

“I am Molly and yes, I joined just last month, madam. So, which type of lingerie would you like to see?” she asks politely.   

“First, can you guide us to the changing room?” Lily asks.  

“The changing room?” Molly asks, confused.   

Ehh? I am confused as well. Why does Lily want to go to the changing room? She has not even selected anything yet…   

“Yes, the changing room. Will you lead us there?” Lily asks again, choosing not to say anything.   

“O-Of course, madam. This way, if you please,” Molly says while giving Lily a little strange look before turning around and gesturing us to follow.   

All three of us start moving towards the back of the shop. On the way, I decide to take another look around the shop. This time, at the shelves…   


What the actual fuck!?   

The thing which attracts my attention is not the underwear themselves, but their price tags…   

1,500 Yeux!? Is this for real!? I am not having a nightmare, am I?  

And that’s not even it. They are getting even more expensive as I look around further around.   

I have had it somewhere in my mind since we entered the shop, that I will gift Lily the underwear she likes but I don’t think I have enough money to pay for any of these…   

“In here…” Molly says after stopping in front of a wooden door, the first one in the series of five similar-looking doors.   

Lily does move but turns sideways to look at me.   

“Can you get inside and wait for me, Caiden?” she asks.   


“W-What are you saying, Lily? It’s a women’s changing room! I-I cannot get inside!” I say, shocked.   

“Oh, there is no problem with that regards… is it?” Lily says, directing the question at Molly.   

“E-Eh? N-No, madam,” Molly answers while blushing furiously.   

What!? Even the staff has no problem with a male entering a female’s changing room?   

What is going on!? And why does Lily even want me to wait in such a small place!?   

“But Lily—”  

“Please, Caiden? I want to surprise you…” Lily says pleadingly while also being a little shy.   


“Fine… But be fast, okay? I don’t want to stay inside for too long!” I tell her.   

“Thank you! You are the best!” Lily says while giving me a quick kiss on the cheeks.   

And with a small sigh, I leave Lily and Molly and open the wooden door to get inside the changing room…   

“Woah!” I instantly leak out a voice in surprise.   

Okay, this is NOT a changing room. It is easily the size of my bedroom at home!   

Large rectangular mirrors are attached on its walls giving me a 360-degree view of my body and there is even a leather sofa placed at the corner of the room. And to my great surprise, there is actually another door attached to this room, which, when I look inside, turned out to be the actual changing room.   

What the heck is this place!?   


I guess I will never understand the ways of these high-class people…   

I just simply sit down on the sofa and start waiting for Lily while thinking about many problems I have to face in the next few days to come.   

Ava, the supervisor, Chloe, Neustadt, Pig……  


It also makes me realize how much I should appreciate this free time with Lily. I just hope we can do something like this again…   

I wait like this, lost in my own thoughts, for around half an hour more when suddenly, the door of the room opens up again and Lily runs at full speed towards the “actual” changing room before disappearing inside and closing the door shut.   


I am just staring at the closed door with my jaw hanging open.  

“L-Lily, are you all right?” I ask, confused.   


Her cheerful voice comes from behind the door.   

“A-Are you done shopping?” I ask.   


Hmm? Didn’t she say she wants me to decide her underwear?   

And anyway, I saw loads of underwear in her hand when she was running. Did she really intend to buy all of them? Especially knowing how expensive all of them are?   

“Lily, I feel a bit awkward asking this, but do you have enough money to buy all of them right now?” I ask reluctantly.   

“Oh, I am just buying a single one. I think you will like it. Others are just for stalling time…” she answers.   

Stalling time?   

Suddenly, before I can ask anything else, the door of the changing room opens us slightly and Lily’s head peeks out from within…. which is as red as a cherry.   

“I-I am going to come out. C-Close your eyes…” she says stutteringly.   

“Hmm? You don’t want to show me? I thought—”  

“I want to show you! I-Its just that… I want you to close your eyes first…” she says pleadingly.   

Damn… I cannot refuse Lily if she asks anything like this…   

I close my eyes shut.   

“You cannot peak at all, okay?” she says.   


The next moment, I hear the echoes of Lily’s footsteps, indicating that she has come out of the room.   

“Should I open my eyes now?” I ask.   

“Nope…” she answers.   

I am still hearing her footsteps. Where is she going?   

“O-Okay, you can open your eyes now…”   


I am speechless looking at what’s in front of my eyes.   

Is… this heaven?   

Lily is standing probably just more than a meter away from me. Her hands are hanging in front of her body and her fingers are interlocked together. Her face is also completely red and she is fidgeting as well.   

And well, what can I say?  

I am more shocked than surprised by what she is wearing.   

I have seen Lily twice in her underwear before but both the time, it was just plain white ones. Obviously expensive, but just plain.   

And now…   

She is wearing a dark purple lingerie set with intricate designs. The bra is big enough to wrap her tremendously huge tits but it only covers up till the area just above her nipples, barely hiding them.   

And her panty is also really lacy and from the mirror behind, I can see it digging so deep inside her juicy ass that it looks as if she is wearing nothing at all.   

But that’s not all. The things which are making my carnal desire for Lily to rage inside are the stockings and the garter belt she is wearing.   

Fuck… That thing is digging into her plump and soft thighs like there is no tomorrow…   

“D-D-Do you like it?” she finally asks shyly after giving me a few minutes to properly gaze at her body like a pervert.   

Yeah, so much that I cannot stop myself anymore.   

Sorry, Lily. I think I have lost myself…   

I stand up and move towards her.   

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Note: Next is the last chapter of “Date with Lily”. And after a much deserved break for Caiden, we will be going back to more canon from then on.

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