Chapter 32: Date With Lily (Part-2)

“Holy fucking hell!” I swear loudly.   

There is literally chaos in front of my eyes. There are pieces of smashed plates on the floor as well as the food they contained. A few flower vases are also shattered brutally and a chair is lying flat on the floor.   

What the fuck happened here?   

I did hear some noises of something breaking and the likes when I was in the bathroom with Emily but I thought that someone accidentally dropped plates or something. Not that someone has purposely done this…   

And amidst this chaos, three people are standing: Lily, the waitress who served us earlier, and the manager. The waitress is shouting, the manager is trying to calm her down, and to my surprise, Lily is standing coolly there just listening to both of them.   

“I never said anything about her boyfriend! Neither did I do anything to her food! This bitch is lying!” The waitress exclaims loudly.   

“C-Calm down, Susan. Please don’t yell…” the manager says desperately.   

“I mean, seriously, you don’t get any other complaints about her from costumers?” Lily asks the manager with a sigh.   

“I-I… yes, I do…” he says in a defeated sort of way.   

“What are you talking about!? No one has ever complained about me before this bitch! All of them loved me!” Susan, the waitress, says loudly.   

“W-Well, they have… many times. I-It’s just that I didn’t tell you before because you are my cousin and I can’t fire you anyway…” the manager says while shaking his head.   

“Oh, just shut the fuck up, will you? You are shitty! And your costumers are shitty! It’s not my fault!” the waitress says while jeering.  

Oh, so, the customers loved you before and now they are shitty?  

How nice…  

The manager himself is turning a little red now.   

“I am the boss here. You cannot talk to me like this!” He says loudly.  

“I will talk to you like I want, ugly!” Susan retorts back.  

“You… You ungrateful little bitch! No one will ever hire you! Even I wouldn’t have hired you if my mum wouldn’t have forced me to!” he yells angrily.   

“Fuck off! People will beg to hire me. I am just working here because I thought you need some help!” Susan says while showing her middle finger to the manager.   

I see Lily give out another huge sigh, moments before she notices me standing outside the washroom.   

And instantly, leaving the fighting cousins alone, she comes to my side.   

“Let’s leave…” she simply says.   

“Wait, what happened—”  

“Let’s get out of this place first. I will tell you later. I don’t want to stay…”  

Lily lightly grabs my wrist and starts walking towards the door. And just as we left the restaurant, I hear the sound of something heavy fall on the ground… though I couldn’t see what it is.  

“What happened there so suddenly? Did you complain about her to the manager?” I ask with a slight frown as we continue to walk further away from the restaurant.   

I thought we will go to the manager and talk to him together as I know already know him a little.   

“Well, I didn’t want to but she forced me…” Lily says with a shrug.   

“She forced you!?” I ask, confused.   

“Yeah. After you went to the washroom, she brought me a cake as a complimentary dessert. And obviously, I got suspicious over this because she already got our bill, so I looked at it closely… only to discover clear signs of her spit on top of it…” Lily tells me.   

“Wait, she spat on it!” I ask in shock.   

“Yeah…and when I confronted her, she denied doing it. So, well, I couldn’t take it anymore and compliant to the manager… resulting in all of this,” she says while shaking her head a little.   


“Don’t you think we should see through if she is getting fired or not? I mean, what she did deserves some sort of punishment…” I say.   

“You know, I also argued a bit there but she turned crazy after a while and started throwing things around and stuff. Like, I seriously think she is mentally ill. And well, as you heard, there were many complaints about her before and she didn’t get fired anyway…” she says.   

“But I think—”  

“Caiden, I don’t want to waste any more of the precious time of our date on someone like her,” Lily says while cutting in-between.   

“…you are right. I don’t want that either,” I say while with a little smile.   

“Then, let’s go to the movies. We are getting late!” Lily says, a little cheerfully.  


Note: The Movies part of the date will be covered in side-chapters.

Me and Lily are walking on the street while holding hands together. Our faces are flushed, breathing is rough, and bodies are hot as well.   

The movie ended around ten minutes ago and right now we are on our way to the market where Lily wanted to do some shopping.   

But damn… that was amazing.   

I never thought that something that started with such an unfortunate way could turn into one of the most exciting events of my life.   

We were already a little late and in a hurry, we bought the tickets for the wrong movie and didn’t realize it before it was too late. The unfortunate part was that the plot was completely shitty and the fortunate part was, that there were many quality explicit scenes which we didn’t expect at all.   

And well, what can I say?   

We couldn’t go to the movie we wanted to watch and thought that it would be fun to watch a shitty movie once for a change…  

And yeah, it’s “change” that we got… 

After a while, me and Lily both got really bored from the movie, the Hall was almost empty, and there was literally porn playing in front of both us, so well, we got a little bit flirty and touchy… at first.   

But after almost half the movie got finished, we both became so horny that we couldn’t stop ourselves and started doing stuff we really shouldn’t have done in public. In fact, the only thing, which I can safely say that didn’t happen between us, was blatant intercourse.   

And I should also mention this as well… neither of us came out fully satisfied. Especially Lily.   

I told you that we are holding hands right now, didn’t I?   

Well, not exactly. While our hands are intertwined, Lily is also sticking closely to my whole arm, making it bury between her huge and soft tits. I can also tell that she is purposely moving at an irregular pace so that my arm rubs against her body.   

Well, it’s not that I am not enjoying this so…  

After walking like this for a few more minutes, we reach the market where Lily reluctantly separates from me a little because of the bustling atmosphere of the place.   

“So, what do you want to buy?” I ask.   

“Just come with me…” Lily says, sounding a little impatient for some reason.   

As we continue to go further into the market, the jealous glares of many people hit us. Men are looking at me hatefully because I am with Lily and women at Lily because of her beauty.   

Though I am enjoying this a lot, to be honest. In fact, I have a permanent sort of smile on my face which I couldn’t hide.  

Obviously, me and Lily have gone shopping many times before but we were not in a relationship then. And this fact makes all the difference.   

“Here…” Lily says while stopping suddenly and pointing forward with her fingers.   

“What the…”  

Lily is pointing at a shop which seems really expensive to me just from one glance at it. The signboard is large and pure black in color with the name of the shop written in pure gold letters: Rosserra.   

But I am not concerned about the shop being luxurious and expensive. The reason why I am lost for words is that it is a women’s clothing shop. More specifically… a lingerie shop.   

“L-Lily?” I say while looking at Lily nervously.   

There is a mysterious bold smile on her face and her cheeks are still flushed. She slowly moves forward and whispers into my ears.   

“I want to buy some underwear. Will you help me decide?” she asks sweetly.  

“H-Help you d-decide?” I ask while stuttering.   

“Yes. You don’t want to?” Lily asks.   

“No, I want to!” I say quickly. I bit too quickly.   


Lily just giggles a little before taking my hand again and pulling me inside the shop.   

I don’t know why but I have a really good feeling about this… 

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 32: Date With Lily (Part-2)

  1. Good feeling?
    Don’t you mean, Bad feeling dude.
    Sure you’d get to enjoy the sight and see many enlightening things.
    But the atmosphere and the glares you’d get are barely worth all that shit.
    And damn that shitty waitress crazy, if she’s not mentally Ill, then she probably one mean spoiled bitch.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. When you’ve got it good, the hate and discontent generated in other people is just par for the course. he is going into a buffet of appealing sites. He may not get to sample all of them, but until she settles on one she likes he make it a smorgasbord of eye candy. It’s a very good thing.


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