Chapter 16: Misunderstandings


Fuck! I know Lily is heartbroken now. I am having sex with another girl, that too this bitch Ava whom she doesn’t like.  

Hearing Lily’s voice, Ava, who was lying limp on top of me with my erect dick still inside her butt-hole, raises her head hopefully. There is also a slight smile forming on her crying face.  

Yeah, you must be happy, Ava. Even though you are in so much pain due to your asshole being broken but your plan is a success, right? …you filthy bitch.  

I have a sudden urge to grab hold of her tightly and start fucking her broken asshole roughly for revenge but sadly, my hands are tied.  

[… I never thought you would do this…]  

Lily starts to speak again.  

I am sorry Lily, but this bitch would have leaked your nudes out if I wouldn’t have done this.  

[… I never knew you like things like this…]  

No, Lily, I don’t like cheating at all! I love only you.  

[…if you would have just told me before…]  

Told you before? About the cheating? Maybe she is telling me that she wouldn’t have told me that she loves me if she knew I would cheat on her?  

[…I would have said yes… even though I don’t like this.]  

… WHAT? You would have okay with me cheating?  

Even Ava’s half crying and half laughing face looks at the phone in a jerk. Her broken asshole tightens a little around my slowly limping cock which is still inside her.  

[While I cannot say that I am entirely comfortable hearing you watch… this and that, as you… you know, “relieve yourself” …]  

What the fuck are you saying, Lily?  

[…but as your girlfriend, I think of it as my responsibility to look after your… fetishes…]  

Fetishes? Wait, what?  

[And please remember, I will always love you… no matter how weird these fetishes of yours get…but you will also need to understand that I won’t be able to follow through all of them with you every time… I have some limits as well…]  

No, Lily, I think you are highly misunderstanding something here.  

[… and yes, if you ever feel the need to… ahh…“relieve yourself” again… normally, that is, just give me a call and I will come over to your house. And even if you want to do things like today… please tell me… I will prepare myself beforehand… Okay, bye, Caiden. See you…later.]  

Me and Ava are staring at the phone in shock as the call ends, unable to believe what just happened.  

I can feel Ava’s whole body shaking. Well, I not that I am much well either.  

What is Lily thinking that I am doing right now? Well, I ask the wrong question. It’s clear as day…  

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!  

Lily now thinks that I am some perverted guy who makes his girlfriend hear him fapping to porn!  

It feels like my reputation just got way downhill in just a matter of minutes in front of Lily’s eyes.  

And all of this because of this fucking Ava!  

I look at her face in rage, but it cools off a bit seeing her expressions.   

Ava’s face is completely red. Her eyebrows are furrowed and she is breathing really hard in anger.  

Suddenly, her hand shoots out and grab my phone.   

“No, wait!” I say while trying to move, but the ropes restrain me.  

Fuck these ropes!  

Ava furiously starts to dial to Lily again.  

[The number you are trying to reach is currently switched off. Please try again later.]  

She instantly tries again but the same recorded message is repeated.  


She tries again with the same failed result.  

“GO DIE!” Ava yells again and throws my phone on the ground; breaking it to pieces.  

“Hey! That was expensive!” I protest.  

Ava looks at me with a jerk. She is looking almost mad with anger now.   

“Shut…the fuck…up!” she mutters.  

What? It’s all because of your own mistake. If I see it in Lily’s perspective it does look like I was watching porn as, though there are a few things which indicated the sex we had yesterday, Ava never once actually mentioned my name, she was only addressing me with “baby”.  

But still, if I think about it, I am still better off than this Ava. If Lily would have guessed that I am cheating on her as Ava wanted, then this would have turned into an even bigger problem than her thinking of me as a pervert.  

Suddenly, Ava’s body starts to move. She is slowly starting to raise her naked body from on top of mine.   

“Ouch!” Ava raises a painful voice as my limp dick plops out and semen starts to flow from Ava’s asshole with a little of her own blood mixed in it.  

With some effort, she somehow down from the bed and picks up her clothes lying on the ground. Then, while still being naked, she starts to walk towards the infirmary’s door with staggering footsteps.  

I can see her plum butt jiggling slightly while still continuing to leak out semen and blood.  

Finally, reaching the door, she turns back to look at me. Her face is still crying and looking angry.   

“I won’t upload the photos…yet. I am still not done with either you or… her,” Ava says while almost spitting out the last word before getting out of the door.  

So, you are going to go out naked, huh? Hahaha…haha..ha…  



I get no answer from anyone.  

Shit! She left me! What am I gonna do? Will I be here till tomorrow? And what will happen if someone finds me like this?  

I look down at my body. I am completely naked and bound to the bed, my limp cock is covered in blood and semen.   

I look around and see that Ava hadn’t picked up her ruined black panty.  

Fuck! It totally looks like some kinky play was going on here.   

Wait, tomorrow is Sunday…. Goddamn it! No one will come to school for two fucking days! What am I going to do?  


With a jerk, I look up at the direction of the sudden metallic sound which came to me. At the door of the Infirmary, the school nurse is standing with her eyes wide open and both of her hands covering her mouth. It looks like she has dropped the metal tray she was holding.  

I am such a goner…   

“Ahh~” I sigh.  

Currently, I am lying on the bed, not the infirmary one but mine, and looking at the ceiling of my room.  

It’s the day after the one when the whole hell was broken loose.  

Yesterday, after the nurse untied me, which took a really long time because she was looking away the entire time, she immediately, without hearing anything I had to say, called my mother.  

Then after waiting for a while in awkward silence, the biggest and most fearful demon arrived and asked the nurse about what happened.  

Even then, it was all going fine, the nurse told exactly everything she saw, to counter which I even though of saying that some bully (Pig) did this to me and I am not at fault… Before the nurse decided to add her own opinions in it…  

She told my mom that she saw a ruined panty and that I must be having some sort of weird sexual experiment with my girlfriend or something.  

I could see my mom literally shaking from anger when the nurse finished but she just thanked the nurse for telling her all of this and after letting her know that I will be thoroughly punished, she asked me to come home with her.  

I thought that this might not get as bad as I am thinking because she didn’t say anything to me the entire way to our house…  

But oh boy, could I have been more wrong…  

The moment she closed the front door of our house, my mother started yelling at me so loudly that I feared the nurse in our school we just took our leave from might have heard her.  

She even went above my expectations this time and, instead of what the nurse told her, she accused me of blackmailing a girl into having sex with me. She even heavily indicated who might the girl be (Emily or Lily). She also told me that my lust filled mind is finally broken and that I should now be branded as an official sex offender.  

Well, as you might have guessed, she didn’t listen to anything I said.  

Though she yelled even louder when she remembered about the nurse telling her that there was blood on my “privates” and then started telling me about the importance of a girl’s first time and how I did the worst thing by making a girl’s first time a forceful and traumatic experience.  

The only thing I could think of that time is that I did one thing (or, it was done to me), the nurse told my mom another thing and I was getting scold for a different reason than both the things.  

Finally, after telling me that I am grounded for a month, she let me go to bed.  

Man, my life is getting more fucked up day by day. I don’t know how long I can take it before I actually break.   

And I also have this really weird feeling that it’s just the starting. Things are going to get much worse this…  

Well, at least my sleep wasn’t deprived. Even though my mom thinks of me as a sex criminal now but at least things didn’t go as bad as they might have been with Lily.   

She just thinks of me as a pervert and I will clear that misunderstanding later too. I still haven’t called her because my phone is broken but I hope that everything is fine… I hope.  

Suddenly, another thing pops into my mind.  

Holy shit! I forgot about that too! I will have to meet that so-called “king” too…  

So many things had been happening for the past two days that I didn’t even get the chance to think about that properly. And it might probably be the most important thing as of yet.  

Wait… today is Sunday, right?  

I have to meet that Mafia king today!  

Fuck! I totally forgot! I still haven’t thought of anything I am going to do at that meeting. My plan to make plans is totally ruined now…  

With a jerk, I look at the wall-clock.  

Shit! They told me that they will come to pick me up in the morning! They will be here any minute now!  


I start to get up from my bed when suddenly, with a clicking sound, the windows of my bedroom open.  

“Who is it?” I say alarmingly.  

I quickly form a weird fighting pose while still half lying on the bed.  

Suddenly, a body jumps inside the room from the window and lands on the floor.   

It is a woman in dark green jeans and a white cami-top. She is beautiful looking with dark skin, short blond hairs, blue eyes, a little muscular body along with her wonderful big tits.  

“Nora?” I say, remembering the name of the woman.  

“You remember me? Good, this saves the time for the introductions.” She says, her expressions not changing even a bit.  

“You will be coming along with me.” 

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