Chapter 15: Blackmailer’s Play


The moment my mouth opens to speak, Ava lowers her crotch to block it with her pussy.   


Her pussy lips are now covering my actual lips, muffling my voice. I can also feel the plumpness and softness of her thighs again as they wrap around the sides of my head.  

Suddenly, Ava grabs my hair with both of her hands and with slow motion, she starts to move her waist to and fro, tracing the whole length of my face with her wet pussy. My nose, mouth, and chin are continuously hitting her erect and ruby colored clit, making her moan.  

“Aaahaan… your face, baby… It feels so good on my pussy! Ahaaan… It’s like it was made for me to sit upon,” Ava says in a loud voice.  


Lily’s voice again comes out of the phone. She sounds a bit strange.  

What the fuck are you doing, you bitch? And why are you calling me baby? Lily is hearing your shit!  

As if given more incentive from Lily’s voice, Ava starts moving her waist even harder.   

“Ahhaann… Fuck yes! Does it taste good, baby? Does the pussy of a girl other than your girlfriend’s tastes good?” Ava asks while moaning.  

Shit! So, this is this bitch’s purpose for calling Lily, huh?   

You are going to make it seem like I am cheating on her.  

Her pussy is now heavily leaking out love juices, smearing my whole face in it. I can even taste her slight citrus, but sweet love fluids inside my mouth.  

“Aaahn…I know you like my taste better, baby.  You like to suck on it so much. I love when you tell me that my pussy is way better than your girlfriend,” Ava says again with a moan.  

You lying cunt!  

“Aahaan… your face feels great. Baby, you are making me cum…. Ahhaan, I am cumming,”  

I can feel Ava’s body shaking above my face as she reaches an orgasm whit was earlier denied to her. It also makes my face dripping wet from nectar which gushes out from her hole.  

Shit! Lily is hearing all of this moaning of Ava. She will burst any moment now.  


But no voice comes out of the phone this time.  

Ava notices this as well because suddenly, she lifts her crotch away from my face. I can closely see her swollen red pussy and her little clit which is bright red and erect from the pulsating blood.   

Ava then rotates her whole body 180 degrees while still being above my face and bending her body forward towards my crotch.  

Before I can speak, she slams her pussy against my mouth again, but thankfully my vision is unobstructed now and I can see her butthole in between her white and meaty ass cheeks. It is small and cute looking with light pink colored wrinkled skin around it.  

“Ah? What do you say? You want me to suck your cock? You really want me to suck this monster while you lick my cunt? Ahh~ you are so naughty, baby. Even though you have a girlfriend already, you want to try different positions with me every time,” Ava says while laughing.  

Every time?  

Suddenly, something incredibly soft and warm envelops the head of my throbbing hard dick.  Ava’s mouth slowly starts to move down her mouth on my cock.  

T-This Ava… she’s actually sucking my cock!  

“W-What is this thing? It’s not even going in inside properly,” Ava says in a low voice only I can hear.  

She cannot even take half of it inside her mouth as it’s really long. I can tell that her mouth is also stretched to the limit as my cock is really thick too.  

“Owfu,” I raise a painful voice as Ava’s teeth hit the head of my cock but it gets muffled due to her tightly pressed crotch.   

I have had an extremely pleasurable but unwanted blowjob from Emily the day before yesterday and unlike it, the one Ava is giving me right now is really sloppy. 

She is constantly hitting my dick with her teeth. I can tell she is trying hard to do it properly but the only thing she actually is doing to my dick is rolling it inside her mouth with her tongue like a rotating fan.  

Thought the pleasure from her mouth itself is not that great but still, a really hot naked woman is sitting on your face and trying to suck on your cock. What kind of man wouldn’t feel good just from that?  

Ava looks at the phone while still sucking on my cock.  


Still, no voice is coming from the phone but I can at least tell that the call is still on.  

Suddenly, Ava separates her mouth from my cock and instead, grabs it with both of her hands.  

“It feels really good, right? My mouth? Oh, so you want a hand-job now, baby,” She says while slowly starting to stoke my saliva covered cock with both of her hands.  

Just say that you can’t do it anymore, bitch.  

Ava also starts to move her waist again to rub her pussy against my face.   

I don’t know how, but my mouth unconsciously opens itself and my tongue comes out to lick her pussy.  

“Aahhaan,” Ava moans from the movement of my tongue while continuing her hand-job, which is at least more pleasurable than the blowjob earlier.  

“Aahhaaan… even though you have a girlfriend, you are enjoying my hands and even licking my pussy… she will become mad at you, you know?” Ava speaks happily while moaning.  

Fuck! I lost myself and even started to suck out her love juices by myself.  

Ava looks at the phone again.  


There is still no response coming from Lily’s end. I can actually feel Ava shaking above me from anger. I can also feel the suddenly tightened grip of her hands on my cock.  

“That cow is still not responding, huh? I-I will have to do that, I guess. That will make that bitch scream,” Ava mutters to herself.  

Suddenly, she separates her crotch from my face and moving forward, straddles on my crotch such that her dripping wet cunt is pressed against my throbbing hard cock.   

Is she going to do it in a cow-girl position?  

I notice that she has picked up her phone again and is threatening me to keep silent while tapping its screen.   

Oh yeah, I can speak again…  

“So, you want to go inside me, baby? You want to fuck another girl’s pussy even though you had fucked your girlfriend’s one just yesterday? You are such a bad, bad man,” Ava says loudly with her eyes still on my phone.  

“You will rub this monster cock inside my pussy, right? I can tell that it makes you much more excited than when you did it with your girlfriend.” Ava asks, her voice shaking from anger now.  

She grabs my cock and places its head against her dripping wet cunt.   

Fuck! She is really going to do this.  

“Listen to your boyfriends moans as I fuck the shit out of him,” Ava mutters again.  

Slowly she starts lowering her waist on my cock.  

F-Fuck! Her meat hole is too narrow.  

Both my cock and her pussy are covered in much sex fluids and saliva, so the insertion will be at least lubricated.  

I can tell Ava’s body still shaking as the head of my penis slowly gets inside her vagina, though I have a feeling that it’s not from anger anymore.   

Out of nowhere, her knees slip on the bedsheets, making her waist falls down hard.   


Ava screams in pain as more than three fourth of my cock buries itself inside her in less than a second.  

Fuck! That should be really painful.  

But for me at least, it feels really good inside her. The walls of her vagina are really squeezing my dick tightly, more so because of the forced entrance of it.  

But what was that? It felt as if my dick tore through something. It couldn’t be that, right?  

I look down and to my surprise, there was a single drop of blood traveling down the remaining length of my cock.  

Ava’s face is distorted in pain and tears are leaking out from her eyes. And yeah, she is staring at me angrily.  

“I-I am not a virgin, okay? A filthy bastard like you can’t take my virginity at all, you understand? I-It’s just that… it’s just that your cock is so big that it injured my insides,” Ava hisses to me.  

It sounds like she is totally lying but I am going to keep quiet.  

“Ah-ahahah, it feels so good, baby. Y-Your cock feels so good,” Ava says with a fake laugh-like moan.  

Really? It feels so good that you are actually crying?  

“M-My meat hole is better than your girlfriend’s, right? I know you like mine better,” she says towards the phone.  


Still nothing from there.  

“I-I am going to move now, okay? Enjoy my pussy which is way better than your girlfriend’s,” Ava says while starting to move her waist on my rock-hard cock.  

I try to hold my voice but it’s really difficult as Ava’s pussy feels really hot and wet. It is also squeezing really hard around my cock.  

I can tell that she is feeling really painful as she has just lost her virginity because of a slipped foot. What’s worse for her is that she herself has to move her waist on my cock because I am tied up.  

Fuck! Her pussy is really good.  

“I-I can feel your dick twitching. Y-You want to cum, baby? Inside me? Y-Your girlfriend will cry when she will know that your dick likes my pussy way better than hers and that you are going to release your semen inside of me exactly like you did with her,” Ava says with her shaking voice.  

From the tone of her voice, I can tell that she is really desperate to make Lily react, but still, no response is coming out of the phone.  

I unconsciously pull on the ropes tying my hands as I feel pressure building at the base of my cock  

Shit! If this keeps going I will cum inside Ava. She is not even stopping. I just hope she has taken some contraceptives before…  

But suddenly, the stimulation stops. Ava’s vagina is still tightly wrapped around my cock but she is not moving anymore. Her face is down and completely red.   

I see a menacing look on her face, which for some reason, scares me strongly.  

“So, she is not reacting even when another girl is fucking his boyfriend. I see… she won’t break like this. She has already done these things with him and doesn’t care how many other chicks he fucks with. I need to do something else,” Ava mutters to herself again.  

I don’t know why, but she looks like has gone crazy.  

Slowly, she takes my cock out of her vagina. I can see her blood and love juice coving my highly erect dick which was moments away from shooting out cum.  

“H-Hey, let’s do something you haven’t done with your girlfriend yet, okay baby? You know what? I will let you fuck where you have been begging me for a while… in my asshole,” Ava says with her smile returning a bit.  

What? What the actual fuck are you talking about?   

Without waiting a second, Ava moves my cock a little behind her pussy and rests it on her back-hole.  

“R-Ready to enjoy an asshole for the first time in your life, baby? Even before you taste your girlfriend’s,” Ava says with a nasty smile that doesn’t suit her still crying face.  

And I don’t know what gets into her suddenly and what the hell is she thinking but like her pussy fell on my cock… she makes her asshole falls too.  


Ava screams like mad. Unlike with her pussy, my whole cock, to its base, is inside her asshole right now. I can already tell that it has torn apart from my impaling cock.  

But still, it’s a bit too tight inside her butt-hole and my dick was way too much sensitive form the stimulation it received from her pussy before.  


With a grunt, I close my eyes and cum starts to shoot out. It feels really good inside Ava’s ass even though it’s probably broken now. It feels as if my balls want to thoroughly empty themselves inside her.  

Her eyes are closed in extreme pain and when I finally finish releasing all my load, though conscious, her body falls down on my chest limply such that her soft tits are now pressed a little above my stomach.  


Lily voice finally speaks.  

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