Chapter 6: Nemesis (Part-3)

I have lost all the sensations of my body and only pure whiteness surrounds my vision now.   

I can also hear a small and unrecognizable buzzing sound inside my head which is growing into differentiable voices. And in just a matter of seconds, I can also understand them a little now. 

… betrayed me… tricked me…cheated on me… abused me… beat me… lied to me…   

These voices are of all sorts irrespective of the gender, age or species.   

But the one thing which is common in all of them is that they are telling me about something bad which was done to them by someone and also, all of them are sounding extremely angry.   

The number of these voices are continuously increasing as well as the loudness of the individual ones. And after just a few more seconds, before I can realize, these voices grow so much that my head starts to hurt painfully because of them.   

I feel like screaming loudly but I don’t seem to have any voice here.  

Suddenly, all the voices stop as if someone has turned off a switch and accordingly, the pain in my head lessens as well.  


Instantly after that, the voice of a male says this in a low voice… and the buzzing starts again.   

This time, all these different voices do not tell me the causes which infused anger into them like before but like a chant, they all repeat the same word… revenge.   

Their voices grow again until it crosses the previous intensity and reaches a thunderous loudness. And a pain thousand times worse than before explodes into my brain.   


This time, a loud scream escapes my mouth as the whiteness fades away and color returns to my eyes. I can also feel my body again.   

But unfortunately, the voices don’t fade away with the whiteness.  

Revenge… Revenge… Revenge… REVENGE…   

“AAAAARRRGHH……NOOOOOO….. STOP….. STOP THISSS!!!!” I scream in exceptional pain.   

Even though unwanted tears are accumulating in my eyes, I can still faintly see my surroundings.   

Below me, the naked figure of Nemesis is lying down on the ground. Her whole body is glowing lightly including her hairs. Unlike before, her eyes are closed and she looks extremely calm as if she is sleeping.   

I can also feel my cock, which is deeply buried inside her pussy, getting tightly clenched by her soft, warm and wet walls.   

I am sure that this would have felt really great but the pain I am experiencing is really out of this world and it is overshadowing my every other feeling.  

And unfortunately, it is increasing in strength with every passing second as more voices keep adding themselves inside my mind.   

The chanting of revenge has now become so loud and so frequent that is almost like a single continuous note.  

Though many people describe extreme headaches as a feeling of their brain being sliced into two. Compared to headaches, this feels like someone is chopping my brain into pieces and frying it into a pan.   

“FUUUCCKK….. STOP THIS….. I WILL DIEEEE…” I scream again as the voices again grow louder and the pain increases even further.   

Though I hate to show a pathetic face anywhere, especially in front of my sister, I am already way beyond caring for that now right now.   

Shit! I thought I could handle this! But even I underestimated the burdens of a god-like many other foolish people do…   

At this rate, I will really—  

Suddenly, my vision turns dark as I feel something really soft warm, and comforting wrap around my head. And a sweet scent which is really familiar to me also enters my nose.   


Lucy has hugged my head tightly. I can tell that she has become topless and that these are her bare breasts which have my head buried between them.   

One of her hands also rests on top of my head, lightly ruffling my hairs while the other one is on my naked back, caressing it.   

Suddenly, a strange sort of relief and calmness spread inside my mind.   

I am not alone… I have my sister with me… And for her, I have to be strong… I have to fight…  

So that the never suffers again because of me…   


With a loud yell, I begin to focus my mind again. I put all my concentration on just a single thing… to suppress these voices in my head.   

And slowly, really slowly, the intensity of the voices starts decreasing and fortunately, the pain also starts lessening.   

Getting my mind a bit free and also gaining some more confidence, I continue to suppress these voices till finally, even the slight buzzing of them stops.   

Seeing me calm down a bit, Lucy also moves back to take a look at my face.   

“Haaaa… Haaaa… Haaaa…”  

I breathe very roughly. Even my whole body is drenched with sweat right now.   

“Lucas! Hurry up! You need to finish fast! Or…” Lucy says desperately.  

I open my eyes again slightly from her voice… but I get momentarily blinded by the brightness. Nemesis’s body is glowing brightly out now.   

Lucy is right. Even though my whole body is feeling really weak from the earlier predicament, if I don’t finish this fast, all our efforts till now will be wasted…  

Gathering all my remains strength, I grab Nemesis’s shoulder and start thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy as fast as I could.   

Even though she is lying motionlessly beneath me, the folds of her vagina are rubbing all the weak spots on my cock so tightly that the pleasure I am feeling is increasing even further. But still…  

Fuck! I won’t make it at this rate!   

I need to finish cumming inside Nemesis’s pussy once before her transition finishes. This is done to seal the magic which will forever bound her to me.   

The reason why I am trying to do this really fast is that because Nemesis’s whole body is glowing. This is not because of the transition processes of me claiming her.   

In fact, the real reason for this is actually really dangerous and scary…  

Someone is summoning Nemesis back and I know who are doing this… the gods.  

After I broke Nemesis virginity, a great invisible wave full of her godly powers had burst out from her body which was strong enough to come under the notice of the other gods.  

And as it is really rare for a god to use this much amount of power, the other gods must have surely gotten curious of why Nemesis has done so.   

Usually, summoning is an instant process on the summoned one side but because of the sealing I am doing, we have a little bit of time.  

So, I need to finish cumming before the summoning finishes and she vanishes… Or things will become really bad, really fast…   

I quickly grab Nemesis’s tits and start massaging them while pinching her nipples as well. I also move my face down and kiss on her soft lips.   

Even though it is a big turn off for me to get no reaction from a woman, but I need to do my best to make this work somehow…   


Suddenly, I feel a small and soft hand grab my balls.   

“Sister!?” I speak in surprise.   

Lucy has also come beside me and with one hand she is massaging my balls while with the other one she is rubbing my navel. I can also feel her huge bare tits touching my back as I continuously thrust into Nemesis’s wet cunt.   

And finally, I can feel pressure building at the base of my cock.   

“You want to cum, right Lucas? Leave it to your big sister. I will make you cum loads into this goddess’s tight pussy. I want you to make her womb swell with your semen. I want you to impregnate her…” Lucy says in a soothing yet sexy voice.   

Fuck! My sister knows exactly how much I love dirty talking…   

I can already tell that Nemesis will be transported any second now but the pleasure has also reached its peak inside me, cumulating in my cock.   


As I swear loudly, semen shoots out from my cock as I continue to thrust inside Nemesis’s vagina. Even though I cannot put my whole length in due to its hugeness, I still forcibly push in as far inside as I can.   

Just a few seconds more…   


With a loud sound and a flash of bright light, Nemesis’s body vanishes from below me making me and Lucy fall down… with my cock still squirting out the semen.   

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  1. Did she become his servant or not? Can’t tell if he finished or not since he was still bursting after she vanished.


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