Chapter 5: Nemesis (Part-2)

“I am a Goddess! I AM A FREAKING GODDESS! I CANNOT BE ANYONE’S SLAVE!” Nemesis bellows.  

I don’t say anything more and just start to rub my cock up and down her slit. In just a matter of seconds, it gets completely covered by her love juices, making it slimy enough to penetrate.   

Stopping the rubbing motion, I press the head of my rock-hard cock against her meat-hole, ready to plunge it in.   

Nemesis’s expressions are fluctuating between extreme anger and fear so drastically now that it almost looks as if she is going mad.   

“Anything else! Just released me and I will give you anything you want!” She says desperately.   

Oh, time to bribe me?   

“You want to have sex with me, right? There is no need to enslave me for that! I will do it with you any number of times you want! I will even give birth to loads of your children!   

“I will give you so much riches! So many beautiful girls will warm your bed including myself! Just release me and all the things you desire will be yours!” She says, trying to allure me.  

“Yeah, like I don’t know that you will kill me the moment I set you free,” I say will putting force into my waist.   

The tip of my cock slightly penetrates inside Nemesis’s soft vagina.   


Nemesis starts thrashing so hard now that the golden chains dig into her wrists and ankles, making the ethereal golden blood of the gods, Ichor, leak out.   

“Oh man…” I say with a sigh.   

I pull back my slightly digging cock from inside of her vagina and rest it on top is her stomach again.  

“Y-Yes, now you are acting like a sensible human. Release me! Release me now if you know what’s better for you!” Nemesis says, gaining some confidence from me backing away.   


I hear Lucy call out my name in confusion.   

She must be wondering why didn’t I start fucking Nemesis.   

“Ah, sister. Even if she is a goddess, you know I cannot watch a woman getting injured and all. So, I have decided to do things a bit differently,” I say while looking up with a smile.   

“Differently? Lucas, you know that if anything goes wrong—”  

“I know, sister. Don’t worry. I am just doing something I was going to do anyway after conquering her,” I say in a serious tone.  

Even though I haven’t told my sister what I was going to do after enslaving Nemesis her either, she believes in me enough to not ask anything right now.   

“What are you both talking about!? No one will do anything! I order you to unshackle these chains right now!” Nemesis says in a commanding but fear-mixed tone.  

“Oh, I will unshackle them…” I whisper while moving my body a bit forward.   

Closing in my face to Nemesis’s, I give her a light peck on the right cheek.   

“What are you doing, mortal!?” Nemesis asks in anger.   

Without replying, I wrap both my arms around her body and enclose her into a hug, such that my raging cock press tightly against her soft stomach. I also start kissing and sucking on her neck passionately.  

Damn! Don’t throw daggers at me with your eyes, sister…  

“Aaaahn… I get it. As I already told you, I will have as much sex as you want once you release me. Now, come one, I let you taste the most pleasurable sex you will ever have. You just have to remove these chains…” Nemesis says in a seductive voice.   

Well, you cannot lure me by saying that. Not even your best techniques can compete against just simple cuddling with my sister.  

Anyway, time for my attack…  

With a feather-like touch, I start caressing Nemesis’s body before opening my mouth to speak…  

“I know… you hate them so much… these voices in your head…” I whisper lightly in Nemesis’s ears.  

Her whole body stiffens beneath me.   

“W-What voices?” she asks in a small voice.   

“…these voices filled with hate… with anger…with pain… with resentment…” I continue the whisper while lightly kissing her cheeks again.   

“R-Resentment? P-Pain? What are you saying? I am the goddess of—”  

“And the one you hate the most… the thing which all these voices ask of you in the end… to get revenge.”  

I kiss Nemesis’s soft lips.   

She does not even resist when I invade my tongue inside her mouth. I enjoy the slipperiness of her mouth, the sweetest of her saliva, and the light pulsation of her own tongue before separating my mouth again.   

“W-What are you talking about? I am the goddess of revenge. I-I exist to… I don’t… hate,” Nemesis says in a low voice.  

“Really? Are you telling me that after thousands of years since you first came to be, you aren’t tired of the constant voice of those who seek you?” I ask.   

“That… That is…”   

Nemesis is looking really uneasy now. Now it’s time for the final push.  

“And what if I tell you… that I can make all these voices go away… that I can make them stop… forever,” I whisper.  

“Stop? Y-You can stop… No, y-you are nothing but just a mortal… You cannot…” She says in a strange sort of voice.  

For a spilt second, I felt as if I saw her eons-long life flash inside her eyes.  

“Yes, I can. All you have to do is give me all your burdens, give me all your pains and depend on me…” I say in a soothing voice.   

“D-Depend on you?” She asks.   

“Yes. Once you become my slave, you can completely depend upon me. Even your Godly duties won’t come above the command of your true eternal master. With just a snap of my fingers, I can shut all the voices and take all the burdens away. You just have to become mine…” I say while kissing her lips again.  

“Become… yours?” She says with her eyes becoming strangely unfocused.   

“Yes, mine. And as proof that you can believe me…”  

“Sister, release her from the chains!” I say to Lucy.   

“What? Lucas but—”  

Lucy starts saying in extreme bewilderment but I stop her with a meaningful glare. I can tell that she is really reluctant but I know, she believes in me more than herself.   

Slowly, she takes out a small golden remote out of her pocket and presses the button on top of it.   


Instantly, the chains unravel themselves from Nemesis’s body and roll back into the projectiles fixed on the ground.  

I wait a few seconds anticipating for some attack but to my relief, Nemesis neither throw me away nor kills me instantly, instead, she just keeps staring at my face in a trance-like state.   

Damn! I need to act really fast now.   

The reason why she was listening and processing what I was telling her was due to her powers being restricted, which incidentally also makes the voices inside her lessen.   

But now that the chains are gone, she will revert back in a matter of seconds. Even her virgin body will vanish and all the work we have done till now will be for naught.  

But it like this can prove really useful as well…   

I quickly back away from the hugging position and grabs my cock to place it against her vagina again.   

“So, will you become mine?” I ask, trying to indicate that I only push forward with her permission.  

Well, it’s not that I can do it forcibly now anyway…  

Come on, say yes…   

After staring at my face for a few more seconds, Nemesis moves her head up and down… giving me a nod of approval.   


Without wasting any time at all, I put force into my waist, making my huge penis start going inside her pussy.   

Nemesis does not resist in the slightest and to my surprise, even wraps her arm and legs around me.   

It is good that she is really wet from before because my penis is so thick that it wouldn’t have gone in without proper lubrication.   


As my cock penetrates further, its head gets surrounded by soft, warm and tight walls of her pussy, eventually meeting a small membranous obstruction in its way.   

This is it. My first step towards my goal… towards my revenge against my father.  

I put some more force into my waist and with the faintest tearing sound, my cock plunges inside Nemesis’s pussy.  



Nemesis’s painful voice of losing her virginity gets drowned by my agonizing scream… as my mind explodes.   

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  1. So it seems that this wont have rape (On whatshisface’s part anyway), or rather, it wont have unwilling rape. This specification is important, because unknowing rape does not fall into the category of unwilling rape, as unknowing still doesn’t express unwillingness. That means that fucking a sleeping person isn’t necessarily out of the cards.

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