Chapter 35: To Lamacus (Part-3)

Mother’s body shivers as my tongue traces down the length of her leaking slit— in an instant, achieving the most intense orgasm yet.  

“Mmhmm! Mfmmh! Mhaammh!”  

While her moans get muffled due to my dick being stuffed down her throat, the violent reaction of her body couldn’t be restrained.   

Fresh steam of sweet love juice leaks out from her pussy, which I start drinking directly by attaching my mouth. Her waist also gets raised up from the bed, beginning to jolt, while her gigantic tits squirt out so much milk that I could even feel the pressure of it getting sprayed all over my stomach.   

Not letting mother calm down, I place my fingers against the sides of tightly shut pussy and spread its petals apart to reveal her tiny ruby-like clit. Then slowly, I start playing with this glistening wet jewel— licking it, rolling my tongue around it, and even gently putting it between my teeth.   


This time, I can tell that mother is literally screaming in pleasure. Her body reacts so violently that I actually have to lay on top of her, pressing down her soft body with my weight to minimize the tremors she’s experiencing— but well, this also results in my cock penetrating even deeper inside her throat (I could see it bulging up).   

Immediately, her voice cuts off and she starts tapping my thighs urgently.   

Shit… She’s choking.   

I hastily raise my waist, pulling my cock out, but mother still takes it back inside her mouth like a hungry animal once she’s done coughing. I can tell that the pleasure she’s receiving from her clit is way too strong for her. It’s obvious that she won’t be able to handle this pleasure for too long without fainting.   

Sigh… I guess I have no choice but to finish this quickly.   

Plunging my cock into the depths of her mouth again, I start moving my waist to fuck her throat. Simultaneously, I move my tongue even more vigorously around her clit, giving mother another dose of insane, mind-numbing pleasure.   

Like this, in just a few minutes, semen starts to rise in my cock, ready to erupt out. Mother, who seems to have gone in a traced state after getting throat-fucked, also continues to climax while giving out loud throaty moans.   


“Drink up…” I mutter, busting my huge load inside mother’s mouth.   

I could feel her throat desperately trying to contract and relax around my girthy cock, gulping down my semen as fast as it could. Down here, I keep working my tongue around her clit as well so that her heated orgasm doesn’t stop.   

And thus, as the final drops of semen leave my cock and reach down to my mother’s stomach, she finally faints from the pleasure her mind and body couldn’t handle anymore.   

“Well, that was fun.”   

It took us three days to reach Lamacus.  

Usually, even with a quality carriage and fast horses, it should take at least two weeks to get here from Asione. But well, as the automation pulling our carriage are much faster than any horse and doesn’t even require any rest, we can travel much swiftly.   

“So, the forest is in front of us. It’s much bigger than I anticipated. And no doubt, many dangerous monsters live inside. How are we going to find God Asclepius’s prison?” Sienna asks, nibbling on the cookie in her hand.   

Currently, my sisters and I are sitting around the dining table next to the kitchen, having a serious discussion on how to proceed now that we have reached Lamacus.   

Our carriage is parked outside the walls of the main city, close to the forest behind it. As all the basic necessities (well, much more than basis) are already inside our carriage, there is no special need for us to risk going inside the city itself.   

“Aren’t you forgetting that we have a goddess with us, Sister Sienna?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.   

“No, I’m not forgetting anything, but does goddess Nemesis know the exact location of God Asclepius’s prison?” she asks, doubt in her voice.  

“Summon Nemesis, Lucas. Why not ask her and find out?” Lucy suggest.   

“Good idea, sis. Nemesis, come here immediately,” I command in a slightly deeper voice.   

The next instant, the air next to me cracks open and Nemesis drops out. With a hateful look on her face, the goddess kneels down in front of me before opening her mouth to speak.   

“Yes, master?”  

“Do you know the location of Asclepius’s prison in the forest?” I ask.   

“Yes, I do,” Nemesis answers.   

“Great, be a good slave and lead us there,” I say with an approving nod.   

“Hmph… Fine, but you should know that a fully-grown Hydra lives in the forest,” She warns.   

“So? Don’t tell me that you don’t know a safe route to Asclepius’s prison. You’re a goddess,” I say, raising my eyebrows.   

“… I do,” Nemesis says grudgingly.   

“See? Problem solved,” I say, looking at my sisters with a smile.   

“I guess… So, when are we going to leave?” Sienna asks.   

“As soon as you finish your cookie,” I reply promptly.   


“What!? You’re not serious, are you? We just got here,” She says with a dumbfounded expression.   

My other sisters (except Lucy) are also looking equally surprised.   

“I am serious. It’s not like any of us is tired from the journey or anything,” I say with a shrug.   

“No, we aren’t, but still! We haven’t even made a plan yet!” She insists.   

“Sister, there’s not enough information to form a plan. We can only be cautious,” I say.   


For a few seconds, Sienna doesn’t say anything. She just looks down, thinking hard while pursing her lips.   

“Okay then, I guess we are leaving,” she says in defeat, eating the rest of the cookie in one bite.   

“Great, let’s dress up and grab our weapons. Any luck with the search, sis?” I ask Lucy.   

“Nope,” She answers, shaking her head.   


We still haven’t found the weapons Hephaestus promised.   

“Oh well, I guess we will have to take a more direct approach. Anyway, let’s get going, shall we?”  

“Wait, brother! What about mother?” Iris asks timidly.   

“What about her?” I ask with a frown.  

“Are we going to take her with us? God Asclepius might want to see her in person,” she says.   

“No, she won’t come with us— and neither will you or Ivy. If we manage to get to Asclepius successfully, I will send Nemesis to bring the three of you to the prison,” I tell her.   

“I see. Okay, brother. Ivy and I will wait for goddess Nemesis and make sure that mother gets ready by then,” Iris says solemnly.   

“Good girl,” I say, standing up from my seat and patting Iris’s head.   

“Now, let’s go and meet the God of Medicine.” 

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