Chapter 34: To Lamacus (Part-2)

Getting the gist of the situation immediately, I quickly stand up and stride towards Arya.   

“Let’s go. Fill me in on the way,” I say.  

Looking a bit relieved from my instant response, the exhausted-looking Arya turns around and starts moving along with me towards the other end of the corridor— to mother’s room.   

“I’ve never seen the curse getting so out of hand, brother. We somehow managed to restrain mother to the bed, but she’s trying to break free so fiercely that we fear she might accidentally hurt herself. Even her body is reacting much more weirdly than usual,” Arya tells me.   

“Damn… I was fearing this might happen. But still, why are you taking me there? Her condition will definitely get worse if I go near her,” I say with a frown.   

“I don’t know, Ivy asked me to bring you. She said that you can help,” she replies with a shrug.   

Ivy asked her? That’s a bit unexpected…   

Walking a little further, we reach the end of the corridor where mother’s room is. Sienna and the twins are standing outside, looking as exhausted as and tense as Arya.   

“Lucas!” Sienna, who is the first one to notice me, calls out.   

Reacting to her voice, the twins also looks up.   

“You called for me, Ivy?” I ask, moving close to them.   

“Yes. Go inside mother’s room,” Ivy replies expressionlessly.   


For a few seconds, everyone looks at her silently.   

“What!?” Sienna shouts.   

“This is why you wanted to call Lucas!? Do you even understand what you’re saying!?”  

Ivy turns towards Sienna calmly; her face didn’t even flinch from her sister’s loud voice.   

“Yes, I do. Brother can help mother, he has done it before,” she says in a flat tone.   

“… done what?”   

“Yes, I remember it as well!” Iris chime in.   

“Mother’s condition got very bad after meeting brother for the first time. But he still barged inside her room, locking me and Ivy outside. I still don’t understand how, but when he came out, mother was much calmer than ever before— even after being in such close proximity to a man for so long.”  


“How did you calm mother down, Lucas?” Sienna asks, suspicion in her eyes.   

Are you really asking me this, sister? It’s it obvious what I did?   

Oh, well…   

“I just rubbed her—”  

“There is no need for us to know that, sister Sienna,” Ivy interrupts before I could answer.   

“Why? I need to how Lucas did it,” Sienna says defiantly.   

“Do you? Really?” Ivy asks, raising her eyebrows.   


Sienna opens her mouth to speak but for some reason, she falters— looking down awkwardly instead.   

“Let’s not ask questions we don’t want to know the answers to. And anyway, our main priority is mother right now. The situation is already really frightening because the sleeping drug isn’t working on her, we don’t know what will happen if she doesn’t calm down soon,” Ivy says seriously.   


Isn’t Ivy being quite vocal today?   

“You’re… right. I’m sorry,” Sienna says, shaking her head.   

“Lucas, please do whatever you did to mother the last time and calm her down. We cannot let her be in this state any longer,” She requests me.   

“Sure, leave it to me,” I say with a confident nod, moving towards mother’s room without wasting any more time.   


The moment I open the door, a sweet musky scent enters my nostrils— along with mother’s loud voice.   

“Get these off! Get these off right now! I want to touch myself! Free me please! Anyone!”   


Just like the last time, mother is restrained on the bed, her limbs tied to the four corners. The top part of her white dress is pulled down and a magical milking machine is attached to her bare tits, sucking out milk and storing it in a small tank underneath the bed. There’s also a thick black cloth covering her crotch area (soaking wet most probably).  

What’s different from last time is that she’s struggling and shouting way too much. Arya wasn’t exaggerating when she said that mother might hurt herself. Even currently, she’s pulling so hard on the ropes restraining her that I think either her hand will break or the cuff. Meanwhile, she’s wriggling her body as well, especially her thighs (to produce friction maybe?), trying to free herself.   

The situation is indeed really bad, but I think I can handle it…  

Turning around, I give an assuring smile to my anxious-looking sisters before closing the door shut. As the room is already sound-proof (I couldn’t hear mother’s voice outside), I don’t have to use one of my gadgets like last time.   

Okay then, let’s start…   

“Amelia,” I say softly.   

Instantly, mother’s head turns sideways with a jerk and her beautiful purple eyes focus on me— specifically, on my crotch. And then, as expected, she starts to struggle even more violently, pulling on the ropes with all her might.   

“Haa… Haa… Give that to me! Please! I need it! Put it inside me! Let me suck it!” she screams, her eyes drowning in extreme lust.   

Hmm… I guess I will have to take things even further than I did last time. Otherwise, I don’t think I will be able to quench my mother’s sexual thirst.   

Though well, fucking her is out of the question— I won’t do that without proper consent. But I cannot back away from doing everything other than that.   

“Oh, so you want… this, huh?” I say, unbuckling my pants and lowering it along with my underwear.   

Instantly, mother’s eyes get fixed on the flaccid cock that emerges out.   

“Y-Yes! Give it to me! L-Let me touch it! I beg you!” she shouts.   

“Sure, I will give you my cock, Amelia. But only if you stop struggling and wait for a minute. Can you do that?” I ask calmly.   

She nods her head vigorously, stopping to pull on the ropes immediately (though her body is still shaking involuntarily).  

“Good job!” I compliment her, walking close to the bed.   

Slowly, making sure that I don’t touch her skin directly, I remove the wet black cloth from her crotch and throw it away. Then, one by one, I also take off the cylindrical milk suction devices from her tits and keep them away (though her tits still keep spewing out milk).   

“Okay, I’m done. Here’s your reward for listening to me, Amelia,” I say, moving on top of the bed and hanging my cock right above my mother’s face.   

At once, like a fish jumping out of the water, she raises her head in a flash and takes the head of my cock inside her mouth— sucking it with everything she got.   

“Mmmhm… Hhnmm…”  

The next moment, being hypersensitive to a man’s touch, her body starts to convulse intensely and she receives the first of her many orgasms to come.   

Fuck… This actually feels quite good. Not because mother has any exceptional skills or anything, but due to this wild and unrestrained state of hers. Adding to this, she’s salivating so crazily that this blowjob is becoming even more pleasurable.   

Having nothing else to do while my cock is getting erect, I start playing with my mother’s milk-spouting tits in the meanwhile. Thick and creamy milk is already flowing out without anyone’s help, but when I grab them (even gently), a fountain of milk gushes out, dirtying everything in the surrounding area.   

Man, I have to admit, these funbags are truly wonderful. I cannot wait to suck on them and drink my mother’s milk again.   

In just a few minutes, my cock finally gets fully erect, popping out of mother’s mouth as it towers up above her. She desperately tries to raise her head in my cock’s direction but the ropes stop her.   

“Don’t worry, Amelia. We just have to change our position. This time, I will make you feel even better,” I quickly say before she could lose her sense again.  

“E-Even better? Yes, I want to feel even better! Please, ravage me with your thing! Fuck me as hard as you can!” Mother says, breathing heavily.   

“Sure, I will fuck… your throat,” I say, placing my right leg to the other side of mother’s head and bending forward such that my face gets directly above her steamy crotch.   

Being erect, my cock is so huge right now that the moment I get in this position, it gets way below mother’s mouth, easily reaching the bed. It takes me a few seconds just to raise my waist some more and carefully adjust it against her mouth (she immediately swallows it again).  

As mother thirstily continues her blowjob, I casually lift up her white dress and lower her soaking wet panties (navy blue).  


Her pussy is absolutely beautiful. It’s freshly shaved (the twins take better care of her than I expected) and has a pretty pink color. Being so tightly closed shut, it looks like the pussy of a virgin to me.   

Well, mother is physically a virgin due to Hera’s curse so…  

Anyway, thanks for this delicious-looking meal! 

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