Chapter 97: Scent And Awakening (Part-3)

What is this thing I am touching?   

It’s so soft, smooth, and warm… Almost like… Like…   

My eyes flutter open, only find Evelyn’s deep blue eyes studying my face closely. She’s hugging me from the right side in a complete naked form, her head is resting on my hand, and her warm breaths are pleasantly hitting my skin.   

Oh, and the soft sensation I was feeling— it’s because my left hand is groping her bare tits, something she doesn’t seem to mind at all.   

“You slept well?” She asks with a soft smile.   

“Yes… How long have I been asleep?” I ask, taking a small yawn.   

“For nearly 5 hours. It’s around 12:00 AM,” she answers, snuggling up even close to me.   

“Damn… It’s late. And wait, where Aurora? The woman who came with me,” I ask, looking around in confusion.   

“She was really reluctant, but it was getting really late so she had to leave. I had her escorted out of the red-light district safely,” Evelyn assures me.   

“Oh, that’s great, it would have been dangerous for her to—”  

Suddenly, memories hit my brain like a bullet, and I realize the situation I am in.  


Black system’s theory… Did it work!?  

I look back at Evelyn who’s still staring at me fondly. One thing is for sure, there is no way that Beast’s scent is still in effect.   

If this theory holds true, Evelyn should be in love— no, as Black worded it, she should be extremely infatuated with me right now.   

According to the theory, if Beast’s Scent and Beast Awakening are activated together, the targeted women— or, to put it bluntly, the women I will fuck— will develop a deep, but temporary infatuation towards me.   


As Black told me; skills, poisons, life points— everything in the system is nothing but properly organized set of instructions to perform and draw magic in its purest form. Though undoubtedly, this magic is much more domineering and powerful than the magic we perform.   

Now, knowing that this holds true, like normal magic, skills and even some types of poisons (like the beast awakening) could be combined to form a new type of magic.   

But of course, it’s highly dangerous to combine skills— or, as a matter of fact, any two spells unless one can deduce the exact outcome of such a combination beforehand.   

But Black did just that…   

Beast’s Scent is a skill which, using magic, induces two different types of feelings inside women— strong sexual arousal and imitated love (again, infatuation).   

While, obviously, the arousal is self-explanatory, Beast’s Scent induces this imitated love to give a specific direction to the sexual arousal. For example, if I activate the skill inside a packed movie theatre, all women will come only towards me to satiate their sexual desires, ignoring other men.   

Now, these two different feelings— or magic— depletes at the same rate through the interaction women have with me, and eventually, the effects of Beast’s Scent wear off.  

But this changes when Beast Awakening is added to the equation…   

When in the Beast Awakening mode, I only feel uncontrollable, unrestrainable, and unending lust. There are no feelings for the woman herself. No love, no nothing— just an urge to basically fuck her.   

Now, this lust-inducing magic is basically the same used in the Beast’s Scent, just in a much, much greater magnitude. And if Beast’s Scent and Beast Awakening are activated together, both of these magic starts canceling each other out— because of being in different bodies.   

While the effect of this is practically negligible in the case of Beast Awakening due to the sheer amount of magic it produces, in the case of Beast’s scent, this creates a major imbalance between infatuation magic and lust magic.   

And thus, because of this imbalance, the effects of the Beast’s Scent become unstable and the infatuation magic— which should have been depleted— remains inside the body for a prolonged period of time. Say, a few weeks at least.   

This is the theory Black System proposed, and the one I followed to achieve my goal.   

And now, what’s left is finding out if it worked…   

“Eh… Evelyn, I want to get up, can you move a little?” I ask, turning a little.   

Instantly, Evelyn unravels her arms and legs, freeing my body from her hug.   

“There you go,” she says with a bright smile, giving me a full and unobstructed view of her frontal nakedness.   

Damn… She’s really sexy.   

Slowly, I raise my upper body and leans back on the headboard.    

“Thanks for your service, I really enjoyed it,” I compliment her.   

“Service…” she mutters, looking crestfallen.   

“Yes, it was great! And you even gave me your virginity. For that, I promise to never tell anyone about the incident with Nina,” I say with a nod.   

“O-Oh, thank you, I am grateful for that,” she says, not sounding much pleased.  

“Anyway, I should be leaving now, bye!” I say, starting to get up from the bed.   

“No, wait!” she stops me desperately.   


“It’s… It’s really late. Y-You can stay here tonight,” she says nervously.   

“No, no, I am fine being late, but I cannot stay out the entire night,” I answer.   

“O-Oh, I guess… Will you visit again?” she asks hopefully.   

“Eh… Sure, in a year or two. You see, I lost all of my money a few weeks ago, and it would take me at least that much time to afford your brothel again,” I answer truthfully.   

Evelyn stares at me for a few seconds in silence, biting her quivering lips. But when I start to get off the bed again, she bursts out.   

“No! No, I cannot wait for that long! I love you! I love you so much! You have to come back and see me!” she shouts, tackling me into a hug again.   

Fufufu… it worked! Yes!  

Black system, brilliant! Great job!   

{It’s my pleasure to be useful, master.}  

“You love me? Wow… honestly, I find you really attractive and I think I like you as well,” I answer, actually telling the truth.   

“R-Really?” she asks.   


Evelyn sighs with great relief before hugging me even tighter.   

“By the way, Evelyn, I wanted to ask for a small favor…” I say, a small smile forming on my face.   

“Hey! Where are you taking me!? I told you I am busy!” Riley says angrily as I continue to drag her along with me, holding her hand.   

“Just come with me, or I will show the sex photos you clicked to Alex,” I threaten.   

This shuts her up.   

It’s the next day after my brothel visit and currently, I am at the school, on my way to place set a piece which will initiate my plan tomorrow.   

“You just want to fuck me, don’t you?” Riley asks, sounding mad.   

I don’t reply.   

“Let’s just find an empty classroom, you can have a quickie, alright? I need to meet Alex,” she says, sounding annoyed.   

“Oh, really? Fuck! I need to hurry then,” I say sarcastically.   


We climb down a set of stairs, reach the third floor, turn left, and continue straight.   

“Wait, don’t tell me…” Riley mutters after a few seconds, realizing where I am taking her.   

“Yes, the boy’s washroom,” I say, opening the door washroom and dragging Riley inside.   

“Is this your weird fetishes or something!? Sex inside this smelly boy’s washroom!?” she asks, looking at me with disdain.   

“Shut up!” I snap, reaching the nearest cubicle, opening the door, and getting inside with Riley.   

“Now what!? Should I bend over the toilet seat!?” she asks, disgusted.   

“Nope,” I say while lowering the lid of the toilet and sitting down.   

“Sit here.”  

I say patting my lap.   


Riley gives a sigh before reaching under her skirt and pulling down her panties.   

“What are you doing?” I ask, confused.   

“You want chair sex, right? But instead of the chair, we will be using… this toilet seat,” she says in contempt.   

“No, idiot. Wear your— I mean, just sit down on my lap. I don’t want to have sex with you,” I say.   

Giving me a frown, the panty-less Riley reluctantly lowers her booty on my lap.   

Damn… Heaven.   

“And now, we wait. Be silent no matter what, okay?” I tell her.   

“Can you tell just me what we are supposed to do!?” She asks, irritated.   

“Didn’t I just told you to be silent!? *Sigh* Well, we will be listening to something— something that you will find really interesting,” I say, pulling out my phone from the front pocket of my shirt.   

Unlocking it, I open the new messaging app which I downloaded just yesterday and open up the chat with the only saved contact I have on my new sim-card— Alex’s.   

Then finally, I select the cropped photos of me and Riley having sex in the P.E. storage room, and press the send button.   

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Author’s note: Writing this one took some extra time… 😬

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