Chapter 91: Learning About The Family (Part-2)

“Along with your mother? What?” I ask, frowning heavily.   

“Well, not exactly along with her. I mean, both of us will be having sex with you, but not together. So, you should forget about a threesome, if you were dreaming about it,” She answers with a chuckle.   


What is she saying…?   

{Ask her, master. Obviously, if she is serious about this, then our work will be much easier.}  


“And how do we having sex relates to punishing your mother?” I ask, confused.   

“You cannot tell? Well, we are not going to tell my mother about our relationship, do we? We are going to keep it a secret. You will be cheating on her with me,” she says, her voice quivering with excitement.   

“What!? Seriously!?” I ask incredulously.   

“Yup, this is what I came up with to punish my mother. You see, I have given this a lot of thought, after trying out a lot of things,” She tells me.  

“At first, I thought about stealing the money she gets from dad regularly, but it was only going to increase the trouble for my dad and Police would have been involved as well, so I decided against it.   

“Then I thought about becoming a trouble-child and making her mentally suffer. But then again, it was not really an easy thing to do. My mother remained indifferent to the small annoying things I did. And I don’t really have what it takes to do something that will cause real havoc.   

“Like this, many of my other plans failed miserably as well. I even started to lose all my hope. But then, one day, late at night, everything changed. I woke up in the middle of my sleep, my throat parched. I went to the kitchen to get water when I heard some strange moaning voices coming from my mother’s room.   

“And you know what I saw when I peeked inside? My beloved mother masturbating her wits out using a vibrator; moaning how she needs a man in her life. And this was not the first or the last time. After this, I visited her room quite a few times, investigating, only to find her in this similar state each and every time.   

“To my surprise, even after being so sexually frustrated, never once did she bought a male prostitute to relieve herself. And thus, I figured that she’s probably looking for a lover. And obviously, beautiful as she is, it was just a matter of time before she finds one.  

“But instead of being sad that my mother will cheat on my father, I became extremely happy. This had given me a really great idea for her punishment. An idea to make her feel the same pain she had given to my father…   

Aurora pauses. I can tell that she’s doing this for the dramatic effect.   

“She loves money more than my father. She cheated on him with money, so I will make her lover cheat on her with me,” She finishes.   


That’s some weird-ass logic, not going to lie.   

I mean, her mother cheated on her father with money? Like, seriously?  


Anyway, nothing for me to be concerned about.  

“Okay, I think I get what you are trying to say… somewhat. But still, are you fine sleeping with a guy you don’t even know?” I ask.   

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Honestly, I am really glad that it’s you I have to sleep with,” she says, sounding genuinely happy.   

“You are glad to sleep with me… why?” I ask suspiciously.   

I am aware that I don’t look that bad, but I am also not hot enough for girls to rip off their panties seeing me…   

“Simply because I never imagined that my mother would be able to get a man as young as you to become her lover. I was preparing myself to sleep with some rich and old uncle with an extremely ugly face who could rain even more money on my greedy mother,” she answers with a giggle.   

“Oh, well, that would have been bad,” I say, laughing along with her.   

“I know right? So, will you agree to my request? Will you sleep with me?” she asks, getting serious again.   

“Eh… Sure, I guess. But you are obviously not planning to do this forever, right? I mean, when will you tell Mrs. Kremer that I cheated on her?” I ask.  

“Well, yes, there is no point in doing all this if my mother never finds out. But I won’t be telling her about this for a considerable amount of time.   

“As you said, you met my mother just yesterday. So, I need her to grow a lot more attached to you before I do anything,” Aurora answer.   

“Though mind, she’s already behaving like she found her soul mate. I think she’s just trying to show off,” she adds.   

“Hmm… So, when do you think we should meet?” I ask.   

“Oh, you can come to my house whenever you like after 5:00 PM. Mother will be here, like always, but it’s really easy to sneak past her. Fortunately, she never cares to check what I do in my room, so we will be fine,” she answers.   

“Okay then, I will be coming tomorrow—  

Suddenly, an idea comes into my mind.  

“Oh, and yes, I have a really interesting thing to tell you. You will be delighted. Bye, then,” I say with a grin before ending the call.  

“Ah, fuck it! I am really bad at this!” Leo says while stomping his feet on the floor angrily.   

He has been trying to magically fill up his bottle with water for a while, but nothing is happening.   

“And I am really bad at making fireballs!” Ryan says, glaring at the palm of his hand, without any success either.   

Right now, I am in my classroom, sitting together with my best friends: Ryan and Leo. The class is already bustling with students, waiting for Miss Laura to show up and take us to the grounds as usual to practice magic.   

“I thought you guys could easily do the basic stuff by now,” I say, frowning at my friends who are failing to perform these simple spells.   

“Nah, that was pure luck,” Leo answers quickly.   

“Yes, just like you formed that fireball in our first lesson!” Ryan chimes in.   

“Really? You guys sure got lucky a lot of time if that’s the case,” I say suspiciously.   

“Well, it’s not our fault that Lady luck is in love with us,” Ryan says.   

“Yeah, like any lady can ever love you. Dream on,” I laugh.   

“Bastard! I can make any girl fall for me—”  

“Now, now, calm down, Ryan. Jacob is our best friend. You shouldn’t raise your voice when talking to him,” Leo says solemnly.   

“Oh… Oh, yes, you are right. I am sorry, my best friend, Jacob,” Ryan apologizes, his tone suddenly turning polite.   


What are these fucktards trying to do!?   

“Oh, that reminds me! You were having some trouble with magic as well, didn’t you?” Leo asks.   

“No— I mean, yeah, a little,” I answer with a frown, remembering the excuse Leena gave to teach me privately.   

“Then a teacher must have helped you, right? Or maybe, some volunteer from the other races?” he asks with a wide smile.   

“What are you guys playing at? You already know that Princess Leena is giving me private lessons,” I say exasperatedly.   

“Oh, my stupid memory! I totally forgot!” Leo exclaims dramatically.   


“But that’s great, isn’t it, Ryan?” he turns towards Ryan now.  

“Our best friend already knows someone who could help us improve our magical skills!”  

“Yes, that’s really great,” Ryan repeats.   


“So, will you please ask Princess Leena to teach us as well, dead friend Jacob?” Leo asks me.   


“W-What!? Please reconsider, my dear, dear friend,” Leo asks.   


“The fuck is your problem, man!? Why are you hogging the Princess all to yourself!? We all should have an equal chance to win her heart!” Leo says angrily, reverting back to his usual way of speaking.   

“Hahaha… Not happening. And anyway, everyone knows that you guys are not that bad in magic. There is no way anyone would give you extra lessons, let alone Princess Leena,” I say with a shrug.   

“You could at least try asking her, mate! Maybe she will agree?” Ryan asks hopefully.   

“Nope,” I answer.   

“Fucker… Enjoying private time with the woman who loves me,” Leo mutters hatefully.   

“Wait, the woman who loves you!? Are you serious!? She didn’t even notice that you are in our class, remember?”   

“She was just being shy, idiot. You don’t understand how a maiden in love thinks and acts… Hmph,” Leo says, giving me a high and mighty look.   

“Yeah, like you that really well, right?” I ask while raising my eyebrows.   

“Oh, shut up. Trying to take away my lover… You are even worse than that Alex— wait, no, you not worse than him. Well, at least not after what he recently did,” Leo says, his voice turning genuinely hateful this time.   

“Why? What did he do to you now?” I say, getting serious myself.   

“Not to me, to his girlfriend. You remember that Kate from section A, right?” he asks.   


“Y-Yes, what about her?” I ask, my heart starting to pound really hard all of a sudden.   

Leo looks sideways, making sure that no one else is listening.   

“Derek Robbins from her class told me yesterday evening,” he says, lowering his voice such that only me and Ryan could hear him now.   

“He forced her… He forced her into having sex with him.” 

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 91: Learning About The Family (Part-2)

  1. Thanks for the chapter. Man that really sucks, so I guess it’s time to speed up the revenge plan and really make Alex suffer


  2. I think there’s a typo: “You don’t understand how a maiden in lover thinks and acts… Hmph.”

    I think it should be “maiden in love”


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