Chapter 8: Buying and Using The First Skill

Train number 37 will arrive at platform two in 5 minutes,” a mechanical voice of a woman says.  

Right now, I am at the train station which is the nearest one to Rebecca’s house. I had to walk up to here because I couldn’t find a taxi and thus, wasting 30 minutes of my time.  

Fuck! It still sorts of hurts my brain when I think about the insane amount of points I am losing.   

You can see it like this: it almost took me a month to reach the station…. This is so fucked up?  

[Don’t worry, buddy! We will be earning some more in a few minutes…fufufu 

Ahh~ and this system…  

I don’t want to speak to it loudly in public places. Thankfully, it can hear my thoughts too.  

Hey, if I am not wrong, you were talking about buying that first skill, right?  

[Yup, Beast’s Scent]  

Isn’t it the one which costs 1000 life points?  

[Yup, that’s the one!]  

So, you are making me spent around 3 years’ worth of points which, even in my case, will give around three-quarters of a day. You know how hard it is for me to gain points, right?   


It better be fucking amazing…  

[Ara, think of it as an investment. But in your case, you will get the returns almost immediately. “Good” returns, that is *WINK*]  

Yeah-yeah, well, I can see the train coming…  

Hey, you still haven’t given me the skill yet!  

[Oh, yeah… lemme do this the official way.]  

[Do you want to unlock “The Beast’s Scent” Skill? Answer in yes or no.]  


[Congratulation! You have unlocked a new skill: The Beast’s Scent.]  

Are we done now? The train is stopping.  

[Yup, all done! Fufufu, this is going to be fun…]  

The train is a bit crowded as people usually go to work at this time.   

All the normal public trains in our country have specific coaches. They are mainly separated for Men and Women. Further subdivisions include special coaches for the elderly and parents with children below the age of 17.  

I am planning to go inside the general women’s coach.   

Fuck! If this system is lying then I will be in a huge mess. But still, if things go right… it might become really interesting for me too.   

The train stops, and people start getting in and out of it, but I don’t move. I need to wait some more.  

It takes around 10 more minutes for everyone to get inside. The train is even more crowded now.  

Then the doors start to close…  

[Get in!]  

I start running and jump inside the train as the door closes and a second later, the train starts to move.  


Right now, I am standing in the general coach of women where everyone from the age of 17 to 50 travels.   

I can see a few girls my age, some university students, mainly working women in their later twenties or early thirties and even a few that look like they are in their forties. And every one of them is staring at me.  

My heartbeat is getting faster under their gaze and I am starting to sweat all over.  

“Hey, you!” suddenly, a voice comes.  

From between the crowd, the figure of a woman emerges.  

Shit! There is a police officer?  

This woman is tall, with black colored straight hair and brown eyes. She has plump lips that look really soft and a beautiful straight nose. She is wearing a plain short black skirt and black stockings. Her white thighs are slightly visible where her skirt ends and the stocking starts. Though she is wearing the police’s uniform above her bulging huge tits are clearly declaring their existence.  

Fuck! What a sexy woman.  

The only thing which is lessening her beauty is her face which though beautiful, is distorted in anger right now.  

“What are you doing here?” she asks me angrily.  

“I-I just entered the wrong coach,” I answer.  

“You lying bastard! I saw you standing outside waiting for the doors to start closing. You just wait, fucker, I will drag you to the police station on the next stop.”  

Fuck! This is getting bad. I need to activate the skill.  

“Activate!” I yell.  


Nothing happens.  

“Beast’s Scent Activate!”  


“Scent, secrete!”  


“Shoot the scent!”  


Fuck! Everyone is staring at me as if I am an idiot.  

Why is this shitty skill not activating? Do I have to fart or something to make the scent come out?  

“Hey, what are you doing?” the policewoman asks me angrily.  

Man, I am going to get fucked up now… not in a good meaning. 

Suddenly pink colored words start to appear before my eyes again.  

[Oh, sorry! I forgot that I have to activate the skills for you.]  

Are you fucking serious right now? And how does a freaking system forget to do something, huh?  

[Shut up… Beast’s Scent Activate!]  

Suddenly, my body starts to feel a bit strange. It feels like there is something warm leaking out from my skin all of the body.  

In the next moment, a strange smell hits my nose. It’s sort of a musky and salty scent. My nose wrinkles a bit due to this weird smell.  

But to my surprise, the grip around my collar loosens. I look at the policewoman’s face and see her looking at me with watery eyes. Her cheeks are red and I can feel her hot uneven breathing on my face.   

I look around and see that one-by-one, the same thing is happening to all women in this coach. They all are still staring at me clearly in arousal now.  

Shit! It worked! My skill freaking worked! 

My mouth curls up as a big smile appears on my face.  

“Fufufu, let’s gain some points, shall we?”  

I move towards the women around me. 


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