Chapter 75: Blood Vs Cloak

The moment Zakira’s name escapes from my lips, her gaze falls down on me lying on the floor.   

“Why are you barging into my—”  

Before the Blue Cloak could finish her confused question, Zakira comes running towards her with a bizarre speed and lands a kick square on her chest.   


To my surprise and awe, her kick is packed with so much power, that Blue Cloak is sent flying straight to the other end of the room, where her body gets slammed brutally against the wall.   

“Are you okay, Master— I-I mean, Jacob?” Zakira asks, immediately crouching down next to me.   

“Y-Yeah… Anyway, that Blue Hood got a knife that can paralyze your legs. Look out for it!” I warn her.   

“Okay…” Zakira gives me a nod.   

“Don’t… Don’t interrupt me, you damned vampire princess,” Blue Hood says, getting up from the floor while painfully holding her chest.   

Without replying, Zakira takes a battle stance again.   

“If that’s what you wish to do…” Blue Hood mutters while raising her fists as well.   

Now that I notice, she is wearing black leather gloves in her hands as well, basically covering her entire body.  

Hmm… weird.  

The next instant, Blue Hood jumps forward so fast that her motion actually gets blurry. Her left fist also protrudes forward, ready to punch Zakira directly in the face.   

“Metal Snake!” Zakira shouts while raising her hand.   

Suddenly, the iron rod, on which the window curtains are hanging, shoots forward and coils around Blue Hood’s legs like an actual snake.   


Instantly losing her balance mid-air, she falls down on the ground while raising a small scream… though the momentum of her body isn’t lost, resulting in a direct collision with Zakira.  


I close my eyes shut, expecting both of them to fall on top of me hard… but even after waiting for a few seconds, no such thing happens.   

Zakira remains standing upright, totally unaffected by the collision, while Blue Hood slowly slides down on the ground, apparently unconscious.   

Damn… so, this is the real strength of a Vampire…  

But wait a second, did Zakira used her skill to move that iron rod? That seems to be the case…   

I wonder what her system is…  

“She is much weaker than I expected… Anyway, can you move now, Jacob?” Zakira asks, looking towards me.   

“Yeah, I think my legs are working— Watch out!” I yell.   

Blue Hood, whom I thought to be unconscious, suddenly takes out the silver knife from her robes and swings it at Zakira’s legs with a flash…   

Fuck! She was feigning to faint!   

But to my even greater surprise, Zakira has already jumped up high in the air, making the knife slash nothing but empty space.   

“Aaargh! You are gone now!” Blue Cloak says in a frustrated voice, before starting to swing the knife wildly at the falling figure of Zakira.   

Damn it! She will really get… No!   

Just when I thought that Zakira will finally get hit by the knife, she surprises me yet again by showing agility beyond my imagination. Evading every single slash made by Blue Cloak in mid-air, she drops down knee-first on her back.   


All the air gets knocked out of Blue Cloak’s lungs, and her grip on the knife loosens automatically. Immediately taking advantage of this, Zakira grabs her wrists and jerks them hard to unarm her. She even twists both her arms backward and holds them in place, restraining her movement completely.   

“Okay! Okay! I give up! But please listen to me!” Blue cloak says desperately.   

“I think that this guy here got an abnormal system! I saw him producing fireballs with magic on his first try!”   

“I know that that was an accident. And there was another guy who actually did it in his first try as well. Don’t think that you can escape by giving false justification for your actions,” Zakira says angrily.  

“No, believe me, that was no accident! I suspect him of performing magic successfully even after that! You are here to find the abnormal system as well, right!? Then help me question him!” Blue Cloak says.   

“Jacob, is that true? Can you perform magic?” Zakira asks me with a frown.   

{You can lie, master. I have completely dispelled the foreign magic from your body.}  

“No, what she is saying is completely false,” I lie.   

Even though I cannot see Blue Hood’s face, I can tell that she is extremely shocked by hearing my answer. From the way she asked me those questions earlier, it’s easy to guess that she was just waiting for my confirmation on her doubts.   

“You heard him…” Zakira says.   

“B-But how is this possible… He shouldn’t be able to lie after being slashed by my knife…” Blue Hood says in a low voice.   

“Then isn’t it clear that I am not lying!?” I say while standing up.   

Man, it feels really good to be able to move my legs again…  

“Anyway, Zakira, remove that annoying hood first, I want to see her face,” I say.   

“N-No, please don’t do that! I cannot reveal my identity— Kyaaaa!”   

Before Blue Hood can even finish her sentence, Zakira follows my order and pulls back her Hood with a jerk.   

What the…?   

With long white hairs, deep blue eyes, and really cute features, the girl’s face which gets revealed from under the hood is amazingly pretty. In fact, she can be considered on par with the other beauties I have met in the past few weeks.   

Though one thing about her is coming to me as a shock…   

There is a pair of large, white, and fluffy ears atop her head.   

“You are from the bunny clan!” I exclaim immediately.  

“N-N-No! I am not! It’s a disguise!” she says, clearly lying.   

“Yeah, sure…”  

I pick up the silver knife lying nearby, and slash is across her face.   

“Kyaaaa!” she screams in a painful voice.   

“Okay, you are not hurt…” I say while looking at her pathetically.   

“I-I know…” she says, looking a bit embarrassed.   

“Anyway, you cannot lie to me anymore, right? Then tell me, are you from the bunny clan?” I ask her again.   

“Yes, I am,” she answers mechanically.   

The next instant, she shakes her head as if coming out of a trance.   

“Wait, no, I am not… Aaahhh! Damn it! How dare you use my own weapon against me!” she says angrily.   

“I never thought that someone from the bunny clan will be allowed to come here…” Zakira says, sounding a little surprised.   

It is indeed a surprising thing. Among all the Beastkin races, the bunny clan is considered to be the weakest in terms of collective system strength of clan individuals.   

And from what I have read on the internet, this even results in severe discrimination against them.   

So, it goes without saying that no one expects someone from the bunny clan to participate in the international magic tournament. No, in fact, they wouldn’t be even allowed to participate…   

Though, on a completely different note, I personally wanted the bunny clan to come. Especially the bunny chicks. Almost all of them are hot as fuck…   

“So, what’s your name?” I ask.   

“Mia,” she mechanically answers again.   

“Cute name,” I compliment just to fuck with her.   

“NOOO!!! You cannot know my name as well!” she says in vexation.   

“Fufufu… You cannot do anything now. So, Mia, you like to kidnap people and ask them questions against their will, huh? Then let me do the same thing with you…” I say.   

“As you are already restrained, let’s directly get to asking you some questions. So, answer me, how come someone from the bunny clan is allowed to participate in the tournament? And why are you trying to hide your identity? Also, why are you dressed similarly to Miss Naomi?” I ask all the questions I have in my mind at once.   

Immediately, Mia’s face turns scared— no, utterly terrified.   

It looks like I have asked her the exact questions, she doesn’t want to answer. Similar to what she did to me earlier.   

And yet again, like me, she is forced to answer as well…   

“I am… I am… No!— I am here because Teacher—”  

“What are you doing to my cute Mia?”  

Suddenly, a calm feminine voice interrupts us and Mia stops speaking as if a spell has broken.   


Already recognizing the voice, I slowly turn around to find Miss Naomi standing on the doorway, with her right hand outstretched towards us.   

And for the first time in my life, I see an expression on her face which was never there in any of her photos, shows, documentaries, or even when I directly met her a few days ago…   

An expression of cold, cold rage…   

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Author’s Note: See Mia’s photo on my Discord.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 75: Blood Vs Cloak

  1. Rage my ass.
    Her “Cute Naomi” kidnapped someone, they have all the right to restrain her and question her.
    But I doubt she’s gonna be listening to reason.
    This foxy girl was obviously up to something from the moment she appeared with Jacob in the infirmary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She came after the whole affair and she saw her pupil restrained on the floor by vampire princess and human male, who is also holding a knife and asking questions so of course she is enraged especially if this whole abduction was Mia idea to score points in her teacher eyes and improved her position among Naomi’s pupils and in beastmen nation. Or Naomi is a good actor and she pretends she is enraged and unknowing. Or Naomi doesn’t give a fuck what Mia did because Mia is more important to Naomi no matter what she did, maybe even Naomi eats her pupil, if you know what I mean?
      I do wonder if Naomi is just Mia teacher or also lover.

      And Mia isn’t bright, is she? If Jacob can use his legs that means that the magic from the dagger isn’t working. Not only paralisis is dispelled but also truth serum. Jacob should pretend that his legs aren’t working to fool them on but if Mia is so stupid then… Really is there no smart character in Jacob’s world. Only Black system is an exception. I still don’t trust it but it turn up to be my favourite character.

      Thanks for chapter


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