Chapter 71: The Photo Shoot (Part-2)

“Beast’s scent, activate,” I murmur to myself.   

Instantly, my body starts getting hotter and a strange sort of smell starts leaking out from my skin.   

The effect of this smell is shown immediately, as Kate and Riley, who are standing close to me become motionless. Slowly, their faces start to get flushed and their breathing also gets roughened.   

Similar to all those women in train the other day, I guess both of them are now entering a state of trance, in which they will be feeling extremely horny towards me.   

But well, as this P.E. storage room is rather big, Beast’s scent cannot show its full effect due to excessive dilution. Basically, if I touch any of them by myself, their trance will break instantly.   

Though it’s a different matter that this is exactly what I want…   

{Master, they are closing in.}  


Kate and Riley have already started to move towards me with hungry eyes…   

Quickly heeding to Black’s warning, I stand up and grab both of their hands strongly, before lightly jerking them.    


Instantly, both of their eyes open up wide and they start looking around in confusion…   

“W-What happened, Jacob? I suddenly felt so weird and then I blanked out… and even now, I am feeling strange…” Kate asks while squirming lightly.   


As me and Black speculated, all the women retain their horniness even after the trance of Beast’s scent is forcibly broken. They only regain control of their bodies.   

“Nothing happened, Kate. Anyway, are you ready to take pictures?” I ask while suppressing my urge to grin.   

“Y-Yes, I guess…” Kate replies. Her face is still reflecting her highly aroused state.   

Man, I didn’t mean to drag Kate into this but seriously, I had no other choice. Black said that we need to make Riley show her true personality as a slut, and this was absolutely necessary to do so.  

“Hey, are we doing this or not?”   

Suddenly, Riley asks while closing the distance between me and her. The fearful expression she had since I threatened her earlier is completely gone now. Instead, a really lustful expression has taken its place.   

“Yes, we are…” I answer.   

“Then tell me what to do…” She says while licking her lips.   

{This is it, master. Riley’s horniness is making her proactive. To make this work, you need to be equally enthusiastic as well. You should let yourself loose on her…}  

Hmm? Let myself loose, huh?   

I look at Riley’s body from top to bottom…   

Being a proud pervert myself, I don’t think I need Black to tell me to let loose on a fuckable body like Riley’s.  

“Come here…” I say while putting my arm around her waist and dragging her to the foam mattress bed.   

Well, forget resisting me, on our way, she even starts rubbing my chest erotically.   

Damn… It looks like the plan is working a bit too well…   

“Okay, I want you to lie down on the bed…” I tell her while sitting down on the bed once again, “…  while resting your ass over my thighs.”  

“Ohoho… You want to spank me, huh?” Riley asks naughtily.   

“Well, you need to be punished…” I say while returning her naughty expression.   

She doesn’t say anything anymore but instead, gives me a wink before lying down exactly like I told her to. She even starts to wiggles her ass, which now rests above my thighs, suggestively.  

Without waiting any further, I excitedly lift up her small skirt to reveal her bountiful mounds of meat wrapped in a sexy red pantie.   

God damn…   

No kidding, this is one of the best asses I have ever seen in my life. It’s thick, shapely, and a perfect weapon to ignite the carnal desire of any man in an extreme way.   

“Touch it…” Riley says while lightly biting her lips.   

Oh, believe me, I so want to. But first…   

I grab the sides of her red panty and pull it down in flash.   

Fufufu… time to get to work…   

I grab her meaty ass-cheeks with both my hands and separate them to reveal her asshole and pussy. Even though infamous for being a slut, Riley’s pussy still looks really alluring and tight to me.   

Fuuuckk… I want to plow this cunt right now like there is no tomorrow…   

{You sure can master. But I request you to please follow the mission step-by-step.}  


To get Riley’s ass ready for the spanking, I start kneading them thoroughly.   


She leaks a coquettish voice.   

“Kate, get ready to take the photos…” I say.   

“O-O-Okay…” Kate replies stutteringly.   

After giving Riley’s wonderful meat mounds a final rub, I raise my right hand…   



Riley raises a small scream as my hand lands hard on her bottom. With just a single hit, a red hand-print appears on the dark skin of her ass.   

Damn… It felt as if my whole hand literally sank inside the soft flesh for a second…   



I spank her other ass-cheek this time.   

“A-Amazing… do it harder…” Riley says, getting even more aroused than before.   

Sure, with pleasure…   


“Aahaan! That’s it… Like that!”  

I put more power into my hand and start spanking her even harder.   

Continuing like this, I smack her ass for around 5 minutes straight, until Black informed me that the first part of my mission is complete.   

“M-More… hit… hit my ass mooar…” Riley begs in a broken sort of voice.   


Her ass is completely swollen red, but she is still asking to be spanked…   

Well, I would personally love to continue this, but both of my hands hurt like hell.   

And one more thing…   

“Just look at the mess you have made…” I say while putting my hand between her legs and starting to rub her drenched pussy.   

I don’t know if this is because of Beast’s scent or because she loves getting spanked, but her pussy is literally overflowing with love juices. So much that the portion of my pants beneath her ass is soaking wet now.   

“Let’s move on…” I tell her.   

“Ahh~ okay, but I want you to lie down now…” she says, calming down a little.  

“Me?” I ask, surprised.   

Yeah, forget it. There is no way in hell I am getting spanked…   

“Yes, you. I want my pussy to be filled with cum… and I will milk it out from your cock myself…” she lustfully says while getting up.   


“Okay…” I say while quickly laying down on the bed.   

Yeah, like any man can say no to that…   

Riley immediately moves closer to me and starts to unbuckle my pants…   

“Hey, Kate, you are taking the photos, right?” I say while looking sideways.   

“Ah… Eh? Y-Yes…” Kate replies while jumping up from my sudden question.  

She is breathing really hard and looking at me and Riley with cravingly eyes. One of her hands is in-between her legs, though I think she just put it there unconsciously without actually masturbating.  

Hmm… wait a second, she is not lying about taking the photos, is she?   

She seems really spaced out earlier—  


Suddenly, a loud grunt leaks out from my mouth as an exceptionally pleasurable feeling arises from my crotch.   

I instantly look down and find Riley’s mouth wrapped around my exposed cock and moving up and down furiously.   

Holy fuck… what is this!??   

The way she is sucking my cock right now is so dangerous, that I already feel like cumming. Her technique is shockingly comparable to that of the prostitutes from the top brothel.   

D-Damn it… I am—  

“Ahh~ nice and wet with my saliva. Perfect for penetration…” Riley says while removing her mouth from my cock.   

“Why did you stop!!??” I ask angrily.   

“Oh, as I said, I was just making your cock ready… now the real fun will begin…” she says with a dirty smile while stretching her legs over my crotch.   

Then, she grabs my cock and places it against her cunt.   

“Let the sweet ride begins…” she says in a coquettish voice, before dropping down her waist.   


She doesn’t even let me get used to the highly developed meat folds of her pussy and starts riding my cock in earnest from the start.   

“Even though… It’s not big… this cock feels… amazing…” Riley says while moaning, “Even better than… his…”  

It is clear that she is enjoying this too much. In just a couple of minutes, her waist starts moving in different ways, as if trying to trace shapes of different things.   

And honestly, it’s getting too much for me already. She is just too good…   

“I am… I am cumming!” I say loudly.   

“Yess… Inside… fill my pussy….” Riley says while moaning in pleasure.   

The next moment, cum starts squirting out from the tip of my cock and begins to dirty the insides of Riley’s wet cunt. I continue like this for a minute or so before I release the last drops.   

“H-Hey, wait for a second!” I say desperately.   

Even though I just came, Riley is not lowering the speed of her waist at all.  

“I am…not stopping… until I empty your balls…” she says while increasing her speed again.   

Daaamn it!!!   

Due to being hypersensitive after releasing my load, the pleasure in my cock reaches its peak again way sooner than I expected, and cum starts to shoot out again.  

“This warm feeling… is the best….” Riley moans while touching her belly.   

Though this time as well, she doesn’t stop after I finish cumming inside her…   


{Master, stop her forcibly right now! The system is close to recognizing this as an act of dominating you! This situation will turn really dangerous if Beast Awakening gets activated—}  


Suddenly, a female voice shrieks my name, forcing everyone to freeze. A voice that I recognize a bit too well…   


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5 thoughts on “Chapter 71: The Photo Shoot (Part-2)

  1. I am sure that Kate forgot to take pictures. One thing is good that the Beast Awakening didn’t start. Funny as again MC is thinking with his balls and his (okey Black System) well crafted plan went out the window. I can’t wait to see how MC will slavage situation with Maya.

    Black System is a lot better than Pink one but I still don’t trust it. It is to slick and crafty and MC too stupid to earn any loyalty from Black.

    Thanks for chapter Roeselawik

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