Chapter 66: The First Step

“My money…” I say in low voice toneless voice while looking down at the empty box in front of my eyes.   

What the heck!?   

I know I spend 3000 Yeux in the brothel the other day but still, there should be 2000 Yeux left.   

Well, I don’t particularly remember putting my remaining money back in here, but when I last checked the pants I wore that day and founded nothing, I automatically assumed that I must have put it here.   

But fuck…  

Did someone from the brothel stole my money!? I mean, my clothes were outside the room that day when I was fucking Nina and the prostitutes…   

No, this cannot be the case. Such a high-class brothel won’t resort to things like stealing or such.   

But then, the only possibility is either me dropping the money, or it getting pickpocketed somewhere. And the latter seems more plausible to me…   

Shit! It must have happened when I was passing through the crowd in the red-light area…   

{I think that this is a dire situation, master. Hiring prostitutes is the easiest way to do level-specific tasks with temporary women.}  

Fuck! Is today freaking cursed or something!?   

First, the school building burned down, then I fucking fainted from just seeing a fireball fly at me like a pathetic wimp, and finally, I find out that all my remaining savings are stolen.   

Talk about having shitty luck…   

{Please don’t call yourself that, master! You are not a wimp!}  

Yeah? Who fucking faints like that, huh!? A wimp…   

And that asshole Alex is going to ruin my life over this incident.   

{Master, I have something I want to confess to you.}  

What!? Don’t tell me another bad news. I don’t think I can take it…   

{Well, I don’t know if it’s bad or not, but you didn’t faint because of the fear of the fireballs, master. It was I who purposely shut down your body at that time.}  

… the fuck!? Why would you do that!?   

{I didn’t have any other choice, master. When that boy launched those fireballs, you instinctively tried to counter them by making your own fireball. In fact, you even managed to materialize them a little.}  

{If I hadn’t disabled you, I am sure that the fireball would have finished forming and that everyone would have seen it.}  

And how the fuck is that bad!? I would have looked so cool doing that!   

{Please try to understand, master. I already told you that it’s really rare for someone to perform magic this easily. We can pass it as an accident if done once, but twice? A lot of people would have gotten suspicious of you.}  

Oh, and what would have happened if those fireballs would have somehow hit me!? You don’t care about that, do you!?  

{Of course, I care, master. I knew about the magical safety field and its reliability beforehand. There is no way for you would have gotten injured.}  

Well, my body didn’t get injured, but my pride did. And anyway, why the fuck was Alex able to do it as well!?   

Even his fireballs were way bigger than mine. Is he that much of a bigshot!?   

{No. I didn’t get much time to observe but something was wrong there, master. Don’t you think he should have joined his class at the same time as you? If so, then from where did he even learn to make the fireball?}  

{You were able to do it because I taught you. Unless some teacher instantly did the same with him, which is unlikely, it should have been impossible for him to create a fireball.}  

Then, do you know how he did it?   

{I have my doubts, but I would like to confirm them before telling you, master. Because wrong information can be fatal as well. Especially when it’s about your enemies.}  

I-I guess… Anyway, now that I don’t have any money left, going to the prostitutes is out of the picture. What should I do now?   

{It is true that this poses as a rather bigger obstacle than one would imagine. With your current system-level and skills, it’s really hard for you to have sex with temporary women without any repercussions.}  

Can we not use beast’s scent?   

{Well, we can, but the woman we use it on will remember all the things afterward. There is a high chance that she might do complain. To be honest, beast’s scent becomes independently useful only after buying its upgrades at higher levels.}  

Shit… This is bad…   

{There is still no need for us to panic right now, master. Even though the difficulty is much higher than before, with proper planning and efficient use of the assets in our hand, we can still get temporary women successfully.}  

And how are you planning to do that?   

{Well, the first part is to select the women with whom you can meet regularly. As you are a high school student, this should pose no problem as there are plenty of girls choose from. But well, we might face a few problems because I plan to kill two birds with one stone, master.}  

Two birds with one stone?   

{Yes. This guy, Alex, who bullied you earlier. Is he popular in your school?}  

Well, that fucker looks good and is in the school’s basketball team, so of course, he is popular. But why do you want to know this?   

{Well, if he is as much popular as you are saying he is, then it goes without saying that he must have a girlfriend… right?}  

Obviously, he has got a hot girlfriend, but what do we have to do with—   

Oh… fufufu.   

“I-Is this fine, Jacob?” Rebecca asks with a red face.   

“Yes, this is good. Very good…” I say in a low voice.   

Right now, me and Rebecca are sitting in a public park, looking at the vivid and beautiful sky as the sun goes down the horizon.  

After finishing my discussion with the black system in the evening, I had some snacks which Layla bought from the supermarket while telling her about the incidents which happened at the school today (excluding the one with Alex). Then, I left the house for my “tuition classes” with Rebecca.   

Fortunately, Aria was gone out with her friends to study, giving me the opportunity to take Rebecca outside. And though she was reluctant at first, I somehow managed to convince her to come with me.   

But man… her poison is really fucking shitty…   

“Hey, mommy! That lady’s hand is moving weirdly!”   

A kid who is passing by our bench tells his mother while pointing at Rebecca.   

“What is she— Uwaaaaann…. Aaaaaaah…”  

Suddenly, he drops down on the ground and started crying on top of his lungs. His mother’s face also gets twisted in extreme disgust and repulsion and she gives Rebecca a look of pure loathing before picking up her son and running away from us.   

Sigh… I have lost count of how many times this has happened since we left the house…   

“Are you… fine, Rebecca?” I ask breathlessly.   

“Y-Yes. This is a daily occurrence for me, so, it doesn’t affect me that much. But more importantly, how are you feeling?” Rebecca asks shyly.   

“Amazing… You are doing it really well… It’s even a bit surprising— aargh”   

I bite down on my hand to muffle my grunt.    

Well, at least there is one advantage of her poison. No one is coming close enough to discover that Rebecca is giving me a handjob behind this huge carry bag placed on my thighs…   

“I was practicing a bit at home. I am happy that it’s working,” she says while looking extremely glad.  

“It’s working a bit too good. I-I am close…” I say while feeling the pressure build-up at the base of my cock.   

The indecent sound Rebecca’s hand is making with the saliva she spat on my cock earlier and my own pre-cum gets louder as the speed of her hand increases.  

Damn… Receiving a handjob like this in a public area is much more exciting than I thought it would be.  

The fear of getting caught in the act is really thrilling even though I know that such a thing won’t happen because of Rebecca’s poison.   

But still, the thing which surprised me the most is how easily Rebecca agreed to do this. I just asked her and she happily said yes.  

“Wait, don’t cum just yet…” Rebecca says hastily.   

She quickly looks around and confirms the no one is coming in our direction. Even the people already present in the park are at a considerable distance and are not noticing us.   

The next instant, she gives out a big smile before dropping down her face and taking my whole cock inside her mouth…   

“R-Rebecca…” I say while instinctively grabbing her hairs.   

Without wasting any time, Rebecca starting sucking on my cock really hard. Her soft tongue wriggles around its head, increasing the already build up pressure to its breaking point.   

“I… I am cumming!” I say loudly.   

My back arches on the bench and semen start exploding out from the tip of my cock. Rebecca instantly forces down her mouth hard and starts gulping down my cum as fast as she can.   

My ejaculation continues for around 30 seconds, and after completely emptying my load in Rebecca’s mouth, my balls feel considerably lighter. Rebecca also removes her face from my crotch after extracting out the last few drops of semen left in my urethra and straightens up on the bench.   

“Are you satisfied?” she asks cutely.  

“Extremely so…” I answer while breathing heavily.   

Her expression turns jubilant and she snuggles up close to me in relief.   

Damn… I think that she said yes because she really wanted to please me…   

Suddenly, black miasma explodes in front of my eyes.   

{Well done, master. With this, we have officially taken our first step in my plan.}  

Great. So, did I get the points?   

{Yes, here they are!}  


Life Points: [5000]  


Nice… I think I will buy some skills after getting home.   

{As you wish, master. Though on a different note, there are some preparations we must do for the thing we discussed earlier. Master seems really excited about it so I think we should initiate the plan from tomorrow.}  

Stealing Alex’s girlfriend, right?   

Yeah, let’s start from tomorrow…   

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One thought on “Chapter 66: The First Step

  1. I already hated Alex immediately after he’s introduced and now, I’m super happy he is introduced into the story.
    Get cucked bastard!!!

    But man, the combo of Jacob point earning method and Rebecca’s poison barrier is broken.
    Kinda feel sorry for the people, but alas, it’s an effective way.
    I just hope Rebecca doesnt develop a weird fetish from this.

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