Chapter 64: Learning Basic Magic (Part-2)


I start screaming on top of my lungs while shaking my hands wildly.   

The blue-colored ball of fire remains attached to my hand for a few more seconds before dying out completely.   

“What happened!?” Miss Laura asks while running back towards me.   

Behind her, Leena and a few other people are also walking towards me with a rather serious expression on their faces.   

“Ma’am! He did it! I saw him do it! He produced a fireball!”   

The boy standing diagonally to me says excitedly.   

“He… He did?” Miss Laura asks, shocked.  

“Yes, mam! I saw it with my own eyes!” the boy answers.   

“Wait, he produced a fireball!?” Leena asks in a surprised tone, “But after how many tries?”   

“How many tries? I just brought him here!” Miss Laura says.   

“You are saying that he did it in his first try!? Without any experience in magic before!? Even among the Elves, it’s a feat unknown…” Leena says, looking highly interested.   

What… the fuck?   

I am still staring at my hand in shock. That sudden burst of fire really scared the shit out of me and I instinctively started shouting. I have no idea in hell how the fuck I did it.   

“Hey, can you do it again?” Leena asks.   


“Yes, can make a fireball again?” she repeats.   

“I… I mean, I can try?” I answer while shaking my head lightly.   

“Go on, try then,” she says while looking intensely at my hand.  

Damn… Don’t stare like that…   

For a second, I look around and found that everyone else is looking at my direction curiously as well. I even find Ryan and Leo sending me murderous glares for talking to Leena directly.  


I take a deep breath and try to focus my concentration on creating the fireball again, but no matter how hard I look at my palm or try to imagine the magic inside my core, no blue fireball gets formed.   

In fact, the most I get after almost popping the vein on my head is a single flare.   

“Hmm… There is a chance it might be accidental,” Miss Laura says with a calm smile.   

Sigh… I think that’s the case as well. I mean, there is no way someone like me can do magic in his first try… right?   

I lower my hand…   

“Try again,” Princess Leena says in a low voice.   

“Sorry?” I ask, confused.   

“I said, try again,” she repeats in a rather commanding tone.   

“Oh… Okay,” I say with a frown.   

I try to produce the fireball again but fail.   

“Again,” Leena says strictly.   

Well…. okay.  

I try and fail again.   

“Again!” Leena repeats with a scary glint in her eyes.   

The fuck? You are being a bit too pushy now.   

“I won’t do it—”  

“I really think he really did it by accident, Leena. We should go back,” Miss Laura politely says while cutting in-between me.  

“I am just trying to… Fine,” Leena says while giving me an extremely disappointed look before turning around and moving back to the front along with Miss Laura and others.   

What the fuck was all that about?   

Anyway, it kinda sucks that it was just an accident. I would have loved to be able to do it again voluntarily. Everyone would have been—  

Suddenly, black miasma forms in front of my eyes.   

{M-Master… that wasn’t an accident.}  

…what!? It wasn’t!?   

{No. The reason why you couldn’t form the fireball is because of nervousness. If the situation wouldn’t have been so sudden and so many people weren’t looking at you, the spell would have probably worked exactly like it did before.}  

Really? I should try again then…  

{Wait, master! I don’t think you should do it right now.}  

Hmm? Why?   

{W-Well… to be honest, it is near impossible for anyone to perform magic in the first try, even accidentally. People can grow suspicious about you, master.}  

Oh… well, damn.   

{I recommend you to not make a fireball at least until Miss Leena stops looking in our direction.}  


I look forward and see Leena staring at me as if waiting for a fireball to pop up in front of my face.   

Shit… Is something wrong with her?   

Suddenly, a hand shoots up from the crowd.   

“Ma’am, I have a question!” Aria asks in a loud voice.   

And something is wrong with this girl as well. Will her questions ever end?   

“Yes, Arya?” Miss Laura says.   

“Is there any difference in skills we use through our system and magic?” Arya asks.   

“Oh, yes. There are some big differences between them as well as many similarities. Well, let me explain to you through an example: Consider a lump of clay. You can mold it into any shape you want with your hands, right? But what happens when it’s heated up and solidified into a brick? It gets a define shape and structure. It’s strength also increases many folds.   

“The same is the case with magic and system skills. Skills are nothing but faster, stronger and easier to use versions of magic, but they have a major shortcoming as well.   

“Skills can only perform specific tasks according to their description, while magic is incredibly versatile and can be used in many ways,” Miss Laura answers.   

“Oh, and one more thing, ma’am. It is an unnecessary question as all of us are in level 1, but are system skills better or magic?” Aria asks wonderingly.   

“Hmm… Well, skills are better in terms of being easier to use and are also more powerful but because of their specificity according to a particular system and their need to level up, most people don’t have that many skills to make much difference. So, overall, I think magic is better as it’s far more useful…” Miss Laura answer.   

Arya nods, agreeing to Miss Laura’s words.   

Hmm… Magic is versatile and skills are stronger and faster to use, huh?   

“Well, if no one else has any more questions, I would like you all to start practicing the fireball—”  

Suddenly, numerous loud and excited cheers drown Miss Laura’s voice. All of us turn around to look at the cause of the commotion.   

“What the fuck!?” I swear loudly.   

Standing a few meters in front of me is Alex with two huge fireballs in his hands. Surrounding him are students from his class who are heavily applauding for him.   

“In your first try mate! Way to go!” one of his hoodlum yells.   

“Amazing, truly amazing…” another guy says.   

“You are so cool! And hot!” a girl yells from the crowd.   

“Hahaha… I know, baby!” Alex says while laughing.  

I can also see Zakira standing a few feet away from him with an impressed look on her face. His class teacher and the students from other races assigned to that class also have a similar expression.   

Wait… This bastard did it in his first try as well!? Talk about life being fucking fair!   

I cannot believe…   

Suddenly, Alex looks at my direction and our eyes meet. And in the next instant, a really wide grin forms on his face.  

Fuck… No, don’t…  

He raises his hand in the air… and throw both the fireballs at me.  

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 64: Learning Basic Magic (Part-2)

    1. With how brain dead MC is and also other characters aren’t so smart too I say Alex has a high chance of getting off lightly from attempted murrder, maybe a little scolding and that is all. Unless Zakira decides to protect her Master then it is 50/50 of it turning into bloodbath. Alex also isn’t smart he could do it when he were not a center of attention. He could wait till others turn away and then “accidently” throw fireball on MC, especially when MC wouldn’t look.

      I have other question: how much did the black system help with first casting? And why it didn’t help again to score points by impressing dark elf princess.

      Thanks for chapter

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Dude is a complete douch.
    But big mistake, with Zakira next time, with this one stunt, he’d instantly get into her “I Hate you” list.
    Forgetting about attempting to flirt with her, she’d beat the shit out of him if he got close to her, or at least I hope.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You should beat the hell out of Alex and implant fear so deep in him that he would be scared shitless every time he sees you, MC.


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