Chapter 57: The Beastkin Representative

 The clothes disintegrate and the figure of a tremendously beautiful woman emerges from within.   

Her neck-length hairs are straight and are pure white in color. Her sea-blue eyes are big and have depth to them. In fact, they look even more wonderful along with her heavily lidded eyelashes. Her face also contains sharp, defined and slightly wild features, complimented by her flawlessly smooth and white skin.   

Because of her rather small blue-colored blouse, the deep cleavage of her amazingly huge and bountiful tits is completely visible. Fortunately, it even fails to properly cover her smooth and flat stomach, showing her white skin and cute navel to all.   

Matching with her blouse, her skirt is also blue in color and similarly short, revealing her plump white thigh completely and making it easier to trace the curviness of her juicy ass.  

But sadly, no one present in the auditorium is focusing on her tits or ass, neither her beautiful face or striking eyes…. including myself.   

All of us are transfixed at the waving nine tails behind her back and the fox-like ears protruding on her head, both of which are covered with pure white fur similar to the color of her hairs and are also strangely glowing with white light.   

Slowly, while looking at all of us with an unreadable face, the woman raises her fist in the air…  

I can actually feel the tense atmosphere of the auditorium inside my skin, as everyone fearfully looks at her raised hand.   

Suddenly, two fingers shot up from her fist, making everyone flinch, and a wide grin appears on the woman’s face, showing her slightly elongated and extremely sharp canines.   

“Yo, humans! I am the great white fox, Naomi! Nice to see you all again!” she shouts cheerfully.   


There is pin-drop silence in the auditorium.   

“Ara? Did I make some mistake?” Naomi says wonderingly.   

“Oh! It must be my entry! It was too boring, right? Wait a second!” she says, again turning excited.   

The next instant, she clicks her fingers and every single light in the auditorium goes off… and darkness fell.   

Wasn’t she glowing just now? Why can’t I—  


Just a second later, another great rumble went through the auditorium, shaking everyone, and a bright light erupts from the stage.   

After being momentarily blinded, as my eyes start to focus again, I see the figure of Naomi standing there with her arms folded and a smug look on her face.  

Somehow, her tails are greatly expanded and are now almost twice the size of a normal person. And also, instead of just randomly being here and there like before, the tails have majestically arranged themselves into a circular concave fashion.  

They are also glowing way stronger than before and are giving off heat which I can feel even sitting at the back of the auditorium.   

“Okay, now, what do all of you say? Impressive, right?” she says smugly.   

“Then, let’s start again, shall we? I am Naomi, the great white fox! Nice to see you all again, humans!” she shouts.   


No response.   

“Okay, now I am angry. Is it really about my entrance or you all actually don’t know who I am!?” she asks exasperatedly.   


Suddenly, a single clap resounds in the room and instantly after, the lights return.   

Standing behind Naomi is Principal Winde with a light smile on his face, clearly indicating that he is the one who turned on the lights.   

“I think, Miss Naomi, that everyone is a little too speechless to appreciate your spectacle,” He says calmly.   

“Ehh? What? Speechless?” She asks, confused.   

It is as principal Winde says. It is not because no one knows who Naomi is, that we are silent. It’s because we know a bit too well about her…  

Naomi, also known as the great white fox, is considered to be one of the ten most powerful magical beings on the planet. No one exactly knows on what level she is in her system, but it is, for sure, very high.   

In fact, in the beastkin countries, especially among the fox clans, she is revered as their goddess.   

And not just the beastkins, even we, humans, read about her at some point in our studies. Though mostly because of her great contribution in the previous world wars and stuff.   

Personally saying, I have even watched many documentaries on her (Though I agree, it’s mostly to ogle at her tits).   

But damn… This is the first time I have seen magic of this scale live. It was really fucking amazing. Enough to make even me look away from her milky tits.   

Though still, unlike most of the people present here, half of the reason for me being speechless was not just the magic but also her bombshell figure.  

“Yes, I am sure that is the case, miss Naomi. You know, no one present here has ever seen a magical performance like that before, especially live. So, we all got a little overwhelmed,” Principal Winde says, continuing his smile.   

“Fufufu… I guess you are right. Then, I guess I don’t need to remain in this form anymore!” Naomi says happily.   

And the next moment, the bright glow of her body starts to lessen. Her tails also start to shrink back.   

And just when I thought that she has returned to her normal form, one by one, her tails start to shrink even further till they vanish completely and finally, only a single one remains.   

What the actual fuck!?   

This is the first time I am seeing her with a single tail! In all the photos and videos, she was with nine tails!  

After Naomi is done, principal Winde respectfully gestures her to sit on the chairs placed behind the lectern, to which she happily obliged.   

Then, he starts to speak again…   

“I am really grateful to Miss Naomi for coming here in our school, agreeing to teach her exceptional skills and also grant her valuable experience in the field of magic to you all. You all should consider yourselves really lucky that the great white fox will teach you, even if it’s for a month.  

“Now, as some of you were asking, the princesses are here as well…” he announces.   

And the next moment, Ilyrana, Leena, and Zakira enters the stage along with their bodyguards. And after waving at us who are applauding for them, they settle down on the chairs next to Naomi as well.   

Damn, I thought that for once, even the princess will be really excited to see Naomi being here, but all of them look mostly unperturbed by her. They are not even trying to make small talks.   

Only Zakira is looking a little uneasy.   

Suddenly, our eyes meet and after giving me a little nod, she looks at Naomi meaningfully and then back at me again. She repeats this once more before looking away in another direction so that it doesn’t look much suspicious.   

I know what she is trying to say, or rather, what she is trying to remind me of…   

Beware of the leader of the beastkin representatives…  

She told me that day.   

And it’s not like I have forgotten about it. But even though I know how scarily powerful Naomi is, something about her personality is keeping me from being really intimidated.   

“Now, that everyone is here and settled, I am not going to keep you all waiting any longer for the thing you are the most excited about,” Principal Winde again starts to speak…  

“Okay, so, we will be calling you all here on the stage and give you your own Core Stone. After that, we will also be explaining how to use so please be….”  

Principal Winde’s voice gets drowned by the cheers and applauds from the students. Everyone is too excited to contain themselves anymore.  

Damn… It will be really nice to have a Core Stone. We have studied so much about it as well…   


Oh, you are back again? Anyway, listen to what?   

[Don’t take that Stone…] 

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 57: The Beastkin Representative

  1. What will our brainless, easy manipulated hero do? He really will have faith in 9 tailed fox because her personality APPEARS to be friendly and bubbly? Doesn’t he know that people fake their personalities, wear masks to fool others to lower their guards? Ah I forgot he doesn’t think. When he does it is only with his dick and the results are not good to say the least. He leaves thinking to others because it is too bothersome and it takes time from his ogling and image fucking.
    Well the MC reached the newest all time low in this chapter.

    BUT story is good, erotica is also good and other characters are also enjoyable to read (although almost everyone isn’t smart to say the least)

    Thanks for chapter Roeselawik


    1. I agree on not to trust this fox chick.
      I mean.
      Zakira already warned Jacob about her.
      And since she’s his slave, she’s probably obliged watch over her master’s safety.
      Meaning, something is not good about her.


      1. Yeah and don’t forget that she is so famous that there are lessons about her in human schools. It means two things at least: she is rather old so she had time to work on her mask and public personality and second id that she has brain to solve difficult cases.


  2. Those core stones are rigged.
    I’m sure.
    I had been suspicious all this time about the sudden gave away of such revolutionary device, for a single school.
    But with the system suddenly telling Jacob off.
    It finally settled.

    I dont know how they are rigged.
    But they definitely aren’t all what the principle made them sound “makes you a mage just by using it”
    It probably reads through it’s user system, analysis it.
    Heck maybe even acts as monitoring device that keeps track on all users activities.


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