Chapter 25: Cry of a Strange Woman

Author’s Note: You might get a little bit confused after reading this chapter but everything will get cleared in the next one.

Damn…this is heaven!  

Right now, I am again standing inside the women’s coach on the train.   

Numerous beautiful women are here with their eyes filled with lust and their expressions full of horniness… and all of it is directed towards me.  

To my joy, among these beauties, there are some familiar faces mixed in-between as well.   

Rebecca, Layla, Maya, Anna, and even the prostitutes along with the Nina are here.   

Wait, now that I look carefully, there is also my favorite female singer here and my favorite actress as well.  

“Jacob… I love you!”  

Suddenly, Layla her love while looking at me passionately. Her face is extremely red with shyness and wait, why is she pointing at her tits? 

“Me too!  I love you as well!” Maya, who is standing beside her confesses as well while giving me a gesture of intercourse by putting her index finger in and out of a ring made out of the fingers of her other hands.  

Why are these two acting so lewdly? 

Fufufu, who cares? I like it!   

“Love is overrated? I just want you to fuck my pussy good!” Pipers tell me.   

“And my tight little asshole as well!” Alexa chimes in.   

“Don’t worry, ladies!  I am here for you guys! Everyone will get some” I yell loudly into the coach.  


Every woman in the coach cheers.   

“But can your little willy take it?”  

Suddenly, a strange voice comes from the sky.   

Wait, how is the voice coming from the sky?   

Ahh~ who cares!   

“Little willy?”  

I look outside the window and ask the sky in a loud voice.   

Instantly, I unbuckle my pants and take my penis outside.   

“You mean this?”  

I say while shaking my rock-hard member with my hand. The size of my cock is 30 inches now and it is as thick as a log.   

“This thing can last for days and can impregnate 10 women at once!” I yell.  

“10 women at once? No way… I cannot call this mighty thing a willy anymore!  I shall name this thing which is revered by women… The Gigacock!”  

The voice in the sky exclaims loudly.   

“Hahaha, Gigacock! I like it! My cock deserves this name!” I tell the sky before looking back at the women again.  

Somehow, all of them are already naked and lined up on the seats with their asses shaking in the air.   

“Whom will you fuck first?” Lydia asks me while giving her brown ass a spank herself.   

“I will come later to fuck that pussy, baby. And that asshole is fine as hell too… But first…”  

I look at the figure of Layla who is shyly looking at me with her naked meaty ass in the air like other women.   

I move towards her and grab her soft butt and place my cock in front of her sweet pink pussy.   

It will look a bit weird seeing a cock bigger than her thigh to penetrate her pussy but who cares…   

“Ahh… Jacob!  Take my virginity! And take my anal virginity as well! Make me your woman! Fuck me! Impregnate me! Ravish me!” Layla tells me lewdly.   

Hahaha… Finally, Lyla and her body will be mine!   

Here I go to the path of enlightenment!  

But before my cock could enter Layla, suddenly, the train, Layla, and everyone else vanishes away into thin air.   

In the next moment, I find myself standing in a strange place.  

I cannot tell where I am as the visibility is so low that I couldn’t see past even just a few feet in front of me.   

What is this place? Where am I and how did I get here?  


Suddenly, I hear the faint voice of a woman sobbing.  

“I… don’t want to… Please… don’t make me…”  

The woman’s voice says in-between her sobs.  

I move around a bit while trying to find the source of this noise but to no success.  

Where is this voice coming?  

“I am not… like her… I cannot do this… Please…”  

The woman’s voice comes again but this time her sobs have turned into loud wails.  

What is this? I can already tell that I was looking at a dream just a few moments ago… But why do this place and this voice seem so realistic?   

It should be a dream but even if it isn’t, I don’t remember coming to a place like this…  

“Just leave me alone!” The woman screeches again.  

Suddenly, in front of my eyes, light emerges from somewhere above and concentrates on a single spot on the floor.   

The next moment, a figure of a person emerges in front of my eyes. Though it is really difficult to tell the gender of the person as its body is entirely covered in a really loose and long white cloth. Even the face is behind a veil.  

But well, from the wails earlier, my guess is that it’s a woman.  

But still… what the fuck is happening here?  

This woman is lying on the ground with her hands and legs tied up with a chain which is made up of a strangely shining metal. A similar chain like this is also wrapped around her neck over the white clothing.   


The woman’s wails are now converted into shrieks of terror. She has also started thrashing and pulling on the chains.  

It looks like she is really desperate now for some reason…  

As if something she fears is going to happen…  

Even though I know this is another dream, but I am still starting to getting Goosebumps all over my body.   

“Let me—”  


In the middle of the scream, her voice stops and a sound of someone puking comes.   

Immediately after that, the white veil in front of her mouth turns red. Similarly, other red spots start appearing on different parts of the white cloth as well.  

Wait… She is bleeding all over her body…   

I desperately try to move forward to help her but it seems like my whole body has frozen in place for some reason.   

“Someone… please…just this one…”   

The woman’s voice comes again but it is really weak and distorted now. So much blood is leaking out, that small pools of it are forming on the ground below.   

Damn! I need to help or she will…  

“Help… me…” she whispers.  

Suddenly, the woman’s head flops sideways.  Her thrashing completely stops as well and she does not speak anymore.   

This woman is… dead.   

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