Chapter 155: To The Elf Kingdom

[Unnamed 01]    

Skill description: Forcefully activates Beast Awakening: Mode 2 for the duration of 5 minutes. (Maximum usage: 2/week)  

I read the description of my newly bought skill again and again, barely able to contain my excitement.  

This is it. I can vividly remember the feeling when Mode 2 got activated last time. The power it induced into me was so strong that it was practically overwhelming, helping me trash Alex and his goons effortlessly. And now, with this new skill, I can activate it whenever I want (albeit only twice per week), without having to meet all the required conditions.  

[Yeah, the fact that your permanent women need to be in danger for it to get activated is really off-putting. It’s nice to have a different way to get it started.]  

Oh… so, that’s the special condition mentioned in the system. It was kind of obvious, but you never specifically told me about it.  

[My bad. Anyway, let’s talk later, alright? You need to get ready and leave.]  

Yeah, yeah… bye.  

Finishing up with the bath and getting dressed, I head downstairs. And well, the first thing I notice are the huge bags lined up next to the front door.  

Damn, did Layla and Maya pack their whole wardrobe?  

“Good morning!” Maya greets me brightly, looking back from the sofa.  

It looks like she already had her breakfast.  

“Good morning. By the way, why do we have so much luggage?” I ask, grabbing a couple of sandwiches from the dining table and munching on them.  

“Because I have a feeling that this trip might be longer than we are expecting. Nothing wrong with taking some extra clothes as a precaution,” Layla answers before Maya could, coming out of the kitchen.  

Hmm… now that I think about it, no one has actually told me about how long we’re going to stay in the Elf kingdom.  

“Good thinking, I guess,” I say with a shrug.  

“Anyway, hurry up. I’ve booked the taxi. We’ll leave as soon as you finish eating,” Layla tells me, checking the time on her phone.  

“Is that so?” I immediately pick up the rest of the sandwiches.  

“Then let’s get going!”  



The ride was not too long, we made it to the hotel a few minutes before the designated time. Though well, it looks like we’re still the last ones to arrive.  

“Wow, they’re crowding the front of the hotel,” Maya says as she looks out of the window, amused.  

And she’s not exaggerating at all. For some reason, there are a lot more people here than I thought. And what’s more, all of them are standing outside the hotel— as if waiting for someone.  

Well, they’re probably waiting for me… no?  



We get out of the taxi, unloading our luggage and paying the driver before starting to walk towards everyone else. As we get closer, I get a better look at everyone’s faces.   

Unsurprisingly, the three princesses and their bodyguards make up for more than half of the crowd, though they are standing a bit detached from the rest. Then there are my women; Rebecca, Anna, Evelyn, Kate, Riley, Arora, and Rose— everyone except Zakira. They are standing in a close circle, talking to each other.   

… Hmm?  

I squint my eyes.   

Wait, there’s another group standing beside them. There’s Aria, and even my class teacher, Miss Laura. And hold on, who’s that bulky guy next to them?   

And what the hell!? Why is he wearing a mini skirt—? No, that’s Debbie. Never mind. Oh, and I can see Leo and Ryan lurking behind her as well.  

I see… so, Ilyrana wasn’t lying.   

She really did invite the second and third ranker of the mock duels to the Elf kingdom. And Debbie probably invited Leo and Ryan to come with her as guests. Well, I would’ve invited them as well, but I was kind of busy and Debbie wasn’t letting us meet anyway.   

Oh, and as for Miss Laura, she’s coming with us as the representative of our school. She informed me about this yesterday.  


Suddenly, my eyes meet with Zakira’s. She gives me a solemn nod, and following her line of sight, Leena cheerful waves at me as well. Only Ilyrana looks away rudely— it doesn’t look like she’s over her defeat yet.  

“Oh, they are here!” Rebecca sees us next, exclaiming loudly.  

Everyone turns their head to look at us. A moment later, Ryan and Leo suddenly jump forward and rushes towards me. Without saying anything, they grab my arm and start dragging me away.   

“Hey, let me put down the bags first!” I protest.   

But they don’t listen at all, continuing to drag me away from everyone.  


“It’s alright, I will be back in a few minutes!” I shout out to my women with a smile.  

A few of them were about to come to my rescue, but it’s not necessary. I can easily break free from their grip— but well, it’s fine because I think I know why these guys are behaving like this. I was actually expecting something similar the moment I saw them here.  

“So…” Leo speaks as we reach a considerable distance from others.  

Releasing my hands, both he and Ryan fold their arms, staring at me with dark expressions.  

“So what?” I ask nonchalantly.  

“… what’s that?” He asks, pointing in the direction where Rebecca and others are standing.  

“They’re women. Never seen them before?” I ask with a chuckle.  

“You know what I am talking about, bastard!” He spats angrily.  

“We overheard them a bit. You invited all of them, didn’t you?” Ryan asks.  

“Yes, I did. And?” I raise my eyebrows.  

“This fucker… How the heck do you know so many beautiful women!? There’s even a freaking MILF— you know I love them! And yeah, why did Kate and Riley agree to go on a trip with you!? That should be impossible!” Leo asks menacingly.  


I can understand Ryan, but why is this Leo getting so jealous? He should just focus on his girlfriend.   

Anyway, should I finally tell them about my polyamorous life?   

[Don’t do it. I think it’s going to be more fun if they don’t find out now.]  

Hehe, true.  

“Oh, come on, guys. All the older girls are Layla’s friends, not mine. She asked me to invite them and you know I cannot refuse her,” I tell them with a grin.   

“As for Kate and Riley, we became friends during the tournament. I am sure you guys must have seen us sitting together, right? What’s wrong with inviting my friends? I would’ve invited you guys as well if not for Debbie.”  


Both of my best friends stare at me suspiciously.  

“Really? Miss Layla’s friends? They were talking about you quite a lot, though… but well…” Ryan says, looking back at the group of women.  

“Just your friends, huh? Even Riley…” Leo mutters, thinking hard.  



“Pfff-hahaha!” “Hehehe!”  

Suddenly, both of them throw back their heads and start laughing like idiots.   

“We’re so stupid, Ryan,” Leo says, grabbing his stomach.  

“Seriously, we’re dumb as hell,” Ryan says, wiping the tears from his eyes.  

“Well, I agree wholeheartedly, but why do you guys think so?” I ask curiously.  

“Oh, nothing… we just thought that one of those women might be your secret girlfriend. Hehe, I don’t even know how we came to that conclusion,” Ryan answers, shaking his head.  

“Yeah, there’s no way a guy like you can score beauties like them. They are way out of your league (if your league even exists)— you can only be friend-zoned for life,” Leo says, putting his hand on my shoulder.  

Yeah… right…  

“I should apologize for getting mad at you, buddy. I just got pissed thinking that you won’t be able to join us anymore. And I admit, I was a little jealous as well,” Leo continues brightly.  


“Join you guys in what?” I ask with a frown.  

For some reason, Ryan’s smile vanishes instantly and his face darkens. Though Leo keeps smiling.  

“Out little sex group! Currently, only me, Debbie, and Ryan are in it, but Debbie really wishes for you to join as well— so, it will be the four of us now!” he says happily.  



Seeing my stunned and unresponsive face, Leo speaks again.  

“Ah, I see that you’re a little confused. Let me explain. You already know that my system is of that type, right? Well, I can’t tell you everything, but my system requires either me or my girlfriend to have multiple sexual partners of the opposite sex.   

“And as I failed to find another woman… well, Debbie somehow convinced Ryan to help us…” he says, laughing awkwardly.   

“Anyway, congratulations! You will soon be able to get rid of your virginity! Ryan, congratulate him as well!”   

“C-Congratulations…” Ryan says in a small voice, looking away.  

He looks so regretful…  



“Just imagine, we can even have a foursome now. It will be so fun! I usually reserve Debbie’s pussy, and Ryan likes to put it in her mouth, so I guess you can take her ass, Jacob—”  

“STOP!” I shout, raising my hand.  

“J-Just stop… don’t say anything. I-I’ve heard enough…” I say, my entire body shuddering strongly.   

How… How can my best friends fall down into that hole…?  

[Seriously… sigh.]  

[But don’t forget that it’s because of his system, buddy. He probably can’t help it.]  

Ugh… you’re right. Maybe Leo is being all cheerful so that he can cope up with this. Thank god I didn’t tell him about my girlfriends.   

But still… imagining both of them going down on Debbie— no, Debbie going down on both of them is just…   

I need to get this image out of my mind and calm down before I could talk to these guys again.  


“I will speak to you guys later. I need to go,” I say, starting to quickly walk away.  

“O-Okay, but you will be joining us…right?” Ryan asks, looking very desperate.  

“Yeah, it’s a no from me, man.”  

“W-Wait, you have to join us, Jacob! You cannot leave me alone with them!” Ryan says, trying to grab me again but I dodge his hand.  

“Sorry. I am really sorry.”  

“B-But you don’t want to keep being a virgin, right!? Please, just consider it…”  

Ryan’s begging voice fades away as I rush towards my women. Though, before I could reach them, a loud popping noise forces me to stop and a feminine voice reaching my ears.  

“Hey, guys! The preparations are done!”  

I turn around, only to find Naomi and Mia standing a few feet away from me. Naomi immediately notices my gaze, winking while waving her hand energetically.   

“We’ll be leaving in around five minutes! Everyone’s here, right?” She continues.  


“I will take that as a yes! Anyway, let’s move to the parking lot behind the hotel!”   

Saying this, she and Mia immediately start walking away. After a second of idleness, everyone quickly grabs their luggage as well and starts following them.   

“Hey! Sorry, my friends wanted to tell me something… important,” I say, finally catching up to my women.  

“Oh, it’s alright. We were getting along just fine,” Rebecca says brightly. The silver ring on her finger gleams, catching my eye. She seems especially happy to be here with everyone.   

“Jacob…” Anna speaks up next, her cheeks slightly red.   

I smile at her.  

Although I’ve talked to Anna on phone quite a lot, this is the first time we’re meeting after I was discharged from the hospital. Needless to say, I need to spend some quality time with her once we reach the Elf kingdom.   

“Oh, by the way, are we going to take a flight or…”  

My voice fades away as we reach the parking lot. Looking at the spectacle in front of me, my jaws drop. And it’s not just me, every human has a similar reaction.  

Well, you can’t blame us, it’s a sight to behold…  

There are no vehicles in the parking lot, but at its center, there’s a large eye-shaped rift formed— as if someone has ripped apart the air itself. Its edges are distorted, and a dark purplish fluid seems to be rippling inside of it. I can see a few army men surrounding this rift, guarding it.  

“Alright, get in line, everyone! This teleportation gate will only take one person at a time!” Naomi shouts.  



[Teleportation gate… it uses the element of space, a Primordial element.]  


————3rd Person POV————  

People continue to pass through the teleportation gate until only the guards are left in the parking lot. Now that their work is almost done, even they find it difficult to look away from this fascinating yet mildly scary thing called the ‘Teleportation Gate’.   

“So, how long until the gate closes?” One of the guards asks.  

“A couple of minutes. That’s what the White Fox told us, at least,” the guard positioned next to him answers.  

“Huh… but man, those kids are lucky. I want to try using this thing as well,” the first guards say with a sigh.  

“Me, too. What do you say, should we just jump in and claim that it was an accident?” The second guard says with a laugh.  

The first guard laughs with him, knowing quite well that the second guard is just joking. There’s no way accidents like that will be tolerated.  

“By the way, I was quite surprised. There were a lot of hot women in—”  


Suddenly, before anyone could react, something huge flies past the guards in a gust of wind.   

And panic unfolds…  

“Hey! What was that thing!? It flew inside the gate!” The leader of the team asks, shouting angrily while hurrying towards the teleportation gate.  

“It… It was a Harpy, sir.”  

—————End Of Volume 3————— 

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