Chapter 146: Bringing All The Women?

“Another effortless victory for Princess Zakira! She’s going straight to the quarter-finals!”   

The student doing the commentary shouts gleefully, using his extra passionate voice. Just like many others, it seems like this guy is also infatuated with Zakira.  

It’s the second day of the main tournament, and we’re nearly halfway through the whole thing. Due to my victory against Ilyrana yesterday (who, by the way, was one of the main contenders in the tournament), I don’t have to participate in any match today. So, I am simply sitting in the stands along with Kate and Riley— just chilling and enjoying the show.  

Well… not exactly enjoying, to be honest.   

As Zakira walks back to her seat, only her die-hard fans in the crowd clap for her (plus me and my women)— but that too, rather halfheartedly. Though well, Zakira seems used to it and doesn’t mind this at all.   

If anyone enters the stadium right now, they would be extremely surprised to see how dull the audience is today. And well, there’s a good reason for it— the matches are boring. And I mean, really boring.   

It’s like everything is already fixed; two people enter the arena, do some repetitive magic, and then, within seconds, one of the sides loses uneventfully. What makes it even worse is that the losers don’t even try to properly defend themselves— or well, do anything much, as a matter of fact— and the match gets over.   

And mind, we’re not talking about newbie humans versus high-level individuals like yesterday. All of them are very powerful beings— which makes this kind of suspicious as well.   


It’s not even been a couple of hours since the tournament started. At this rate, we’ll be finished before lunch today.   

Man, I just hope they’re don’t prepone tomorrow’s matches.   

[Obviously, they are doing this intentionally. And honestly, after everything that happened yesterday, I will be pissed if you don’t even know why.]  

Yeah, yeah… they want the tournament to get over quickly so that we can leave for the Elf kingdom as fast as possible.   

Of course, the white elves are on it because I going to their country. The dark elves are cooperating as well because Leena couldn’t wait to see Ilyrana’s humiliation-filled fate. And as for the Beastkins, well, I still don’t know what Naomi is trying to do here.   

Anyway, with these three races working together to end the tournament, there’s no way only Zakira and her small number of vampires can do anything to delay things. So, unwillingly, they’re rolling with it as well.   

[Precisely. And as you may have guessed already, you cannot do anything about it, either. So, why don’t we use this time to think over a really troublesome issue.]  

…? What troublesome issue?   

[Your Poison— The Beast Awakening. What will you do if it activated while you’re in the White Elf kingdom? There must be so many insanely powerful beings there. If your poison activates at the wrong time and at the wrong place— things could get really bad. That kind of thing won’t be overlooked even if you’re their guest.]  

… true. I guess they will easily be able to subdue me in the beast awakening mode.  

[Well, subdue is a rather tamed word for what they might do to you. But anyway, what are you planning to do about it?]  

I… eh… I don’t know?   

[Good, because I do. You’re allowed to bring your family, right?]  

Yeah, but if I want, I can take someone else as well.   

[That’s even better. Then just bring all your women along with you. Layla and Maya will come with you by default. We will invite Rebecca and Kate as well. And yes, we cannot forget about the new girls— Evelyn, Anna, and Arora.]  

[Oh, and just to be safe, let’s add a couple of your temporary women as well— Riley and, Arora’s mom, Rose Kremer.]  

Hey, just wait a second now. You want me to bring all of them!?   

[Yup! This is the main part of my solution. As you already know, I can alert you a few minutes before the Beast Awakening gets activated— basically giving you some breathing room to prepare.]  

[Using this time, you can grab a few of your women, rush to your room, or the nearest secluded place available, and fuck them without worry. We will even inform all the women in advance that something like this may happen (indirectly, of course), so that they are always prepared for it as well!]  


So, the more women I bring with me, the better will be the chances of having at least one of them around at all time, right?   

[Exactly. With this, you might be able to survive this trip without any trouble!]  

Eh… well, I am not so sure about that. I mean, the plan is good and everything, but is it actually possible?   

Apart from Maya and Layla, I am not even sure if anyone else will come with me— even if they want to.   

Rebecca’s poison won’t allow her to go near anyone. Kate’s gorilla-dad will never allow her to go with me on a foreign trip (I don’t know about Riley’s parents, though). Anna and Evelyn, both of them are working women— I don’t think they can just take that many days off of work and come with me.   

And as for the last two, Arora and Mrs. Kremer— well, I haven’t talked to them after putting their son/brother into hospital (and jail, afterward). What would I even say to them?   

[Hmm… I see where you’re coming from. But well, this is your best bet. I suggest you should just try asking them and see what happens. If the plan fails, it fails. We cannot do anything about that.]  

[Oh, and about Rebecca’s Poison— why don’t you try asking Naomi for help? With her being so magically powerful and everything, maybe she can help?]  

Asking Naomi, huh? Well, although I don’t have a very good impression of her, if she can help with Rebecca’s problem— I don’t mind asking her.   

I just hope she doesn’t ask anything absurd in return though…   


Nah, she definitely will. Oh, well…   

Suddenly, something diverts my attention back to the arena. Principal Winde has taken the microphone from the commentator and is addressing the crowd himself. From the looks of it, I guess the matches are already over.   


“Good afternoon, everyone. I have an announcement to make. As you can see in the schedule, we’re done with all the duels today. But after looking at the time we’ve left— and also receiving a request from our VIPs— we’ve decided to prepone tomorrow’s duels to today!” He speaks.  

There is some light booing from the crowd, but Principle Winde ignores it.  

“So, I request the participants of the first four matches to assemble in the waiting area. We will be starting soon.”  

Fuck! As I feared…   

“Haa~ and here I was thinking they will finally let us go— wait, why are you standing up, Jacob?” Kate asks in surprise, seeing me get up from my seat.   


“Check tomorrow’s schedule. I have the first duel— against Princess Zakira, no less,” I answer, shaking my head in resignation.   

“Oh! Best of luck, then!” she says cheerfully.   

Best of luck!? You know that I am going against the Vampire princess, right? I just got lucky (or, you can say, unlucky) with Ilyrana yesterday!  

“Yeah, best of luck!” Riley wishes me as well.   


“… thanks.”  

[Hey, don’t even try to shoot Chaos-ball this time. Unlike Ilyrana, Zakira will definitely dodge it. You will just empty your mana reserve.]  

I know…   

[And you’re going to lose.]  

I know that as well…   

[Oh, I take that back. You can win. Just pull down your pants and dangle your dick in front of her. She will get incapacitated by laughing too much. Hehehe.]  


Fuck you.   


Let’s get this over with.   

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 146: Bringing All The Women?

  1. Suggestion – The chapters for all your novels come after a long time which leads to forgetting a few characters. So please make a section in your website or discord about the main characters related to each novel with short description. Btw your novels are awesome

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    1. No, it’s not postpone. Prepone is correct, to move something to an earlier time. But it is used widely by India’s English speakers, the word is largely unheard outside the subcontinent


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