Chapter 126: The Fish Bites Back (Part-4)

Immediately, I realize two very major things that leave me utterly stunned. First, and the less important one, is that I not feeling aroused at all— like, not even a little bit. Beast Awakening is currently activate, I am not feeling sick anymore— still, I cannot sense the burning lust that usually makes my mind go crazy or the raging boner that wants to fuck every woman in sight.  

But well, this is not even the most surprising thing. What makes me literally shake from excitement is the fact that I am in full control of my body right now. Even with the immense power coursing through my body, I am not going berserk.   

As far as I know, with Beast Awakening, I get horny enough to fuck non-stop and get powerful enough to subdue a Vampire like Zakira. But there’s one big shortcoming: everything I do is out of my control until the Poison remains active.   

Though now, for some reason, the “horny” and “out-of-control” parts are not there. The only thing I can feel is pure raw strength filling every cell of my body.   

And this is very, very bad news for the little pieces of shit standing in front of me…   

“So, what were you saying just now?” I ask, glowering down on Alex.   

“T-The chair…? How the fuck…?”  

He looks shocked beyond words, his eyes moving between me and demolished chair in quick successions— a shadow of fear and confusion on his face.  

“Yes, I remember, you told me that you will rape Maya and her friends and stuff a dildo down my ass,” I say, casually taking a step forward.  

Alex staggers back again while flinching, lifting up his hands in defense.   

“H-Hey! Stop!” he shouts. “Don’t get ahead of yourself, bastard! Y-You just broke a shit-quality chair! Move back or I will kill the girls!”   

He threatens. The flames around Maya which were dying out, bursts back to life again. But still, I don’t move back. Something tells me that I don’t have to. There’s a strange sort of calmness inside me— I know that the situation is already under my control.   

“O-Oh, so you don’t care if I burn her alive, huh? Then what if I do it to you as well!? I just want you to see me raping this bitch, I don’t care if you’re half-burnt while doing so!” he says, pointing his hand at me now.  

“Back off or I will really do it!”  


Again, I ignore him. Honestly, I don’t even understand why this cock-sucker is getting so scared. I haven’t done anything… yet.   


Seeing that I am still not moving, Alex curses in a low voice before willing the fire to erupt out of the palm of his hands, shooting it straight at me.   

In response, I thrust out my hand as well and use my own bit of magic. Nothing special happens, only the fire Alex launched disappears halfway through.   

“What the fuck!?”   

Looking confused, Alex tries throwing the flames once again. But this time, nothing comes out from his hand.   

“The fuck did you do!?” he shouts in frustration, jerking his hand frantically as if trying to force out the fire. He looks quite funny.   

Though well, I don’t stop to laugh at him. Quickly moving my hand towards Maya and her friends, I vanish the fire around them as well. Thankfully, they are still not hurt.   

“H-Hey! Hey! How the fuck are you controlling my fire!?” Alex asks, baffled, and in panic. He’s still moving his hands wildly, but nothing is happening anymore.   

To be honest, even I am not sure how I am doing this. According to what Leena taught me, it’s actually pretty difficult to take control over someone else’s magic. And even though I’ve never successfully done it before, I was confident that I’d be able to do it now.   

Maybe it’s because of the strangely acting Beast Awakening?  

“I don’t have to answer you, cunt,” I spat back.   

“You bastard… Guys, grab this motherfucker! Pin him down so that I kick his— AAHGH!”  

Before Alex could finish speaking, I close the distance between us in a flash and raise my leg to kick him square in the chest. The moment my leg makes contact, Alex’s body gets lift off the ground entirely and flies back at an astonishing speed— painfully slamming against the wall behind and crumbling down, unconscious.   


Fuck! I wanted to slowly beat the shit out of this bastard! Not just knock him with just a single hit!   

I guess I need to try and control my power some more. I didn’t even go all out just now and this is the result.   

“Y-You… You killed him!”   

The goon who was grabbing my hair earlier shouts, looking horror-struck at the sight of Alex’s unconscious body. Others have somewhat similar expressions as well.   

“No, idiot. I didn’t—”  


I start to deny but the goon isn’t listening anymore. He breaks into a run while scream madly, clearly intending to ram his huge body into me.   

As you wish, dim-wit…   

Anyone in my place would’ve been scared seeing this scary-looking guy rushing towards them, but for some reason, I am not. Leaking out a small chuckle, I stand my ground without even flinching or preparing to dodge.   


The goon crashes into me, the top of his boulder-like head hitting my chest directly. Though unfortunately for him, this was not enough to even budge me from my place, much less make me feel any sort of pain.   



On the other hand, the goon falls down like a puppet whose strings have been cut. With a loud thud, he hits the floor and lies there motionlessly with blood leaking out from his head.   

“Damn… Seems like my skin is quite solid,” I mutter, lightly hitting my own chest to feel the difference.   

Seeing two of their friends brutally taken down by me, the rest of the goons loses their cool as well. But they are not as stupid as I thought. Learning from their friend’s mistake, all of them charges towards me at once instead of coming one by one. Two of them even pick up weapons— a kitchen-knife and a… and a…  

What the fuck!? Is that huge spikey thing a dildo!? It’s almost as big as my arm! Probably even thicker! Were you guys seriously planning to use this monstrous thing on me!?  

These bastards… Now I am even more pissed.   

The first goon swings his arm to punch me while the one behind him aims a kick at my legs. Of course, I don’t need to avoid getting hit by them, but in order to get used to this new body of mine, I move anyway.   


I dodge them so fast and so effortlessly that the goons lose their balance. Before they could recover, my fists land on their faces, making both of them collapse on the floor with their broken noses spluttering out blood.   

Four down, two more to go…   

The fucker with the knife tries to actually stab my neck, but I manage to grab his hand in time. He starts struggling to get away, but all his efforts are in vain against my strength.   



I sharply twist and pull his arm, dislocating his shoulder with a pop. The resulting scream is so loud that the goon’s voice breaks up. He falls down like the others, cradling his arm while wailing like a baby.   

To be honest, I don’t even feel bad doing this to him…   

Probably realizing that there no winning against me, the last goon decides to run away. He’s probably the wisest of them all. To cause a distraction, he throws the huge dildo at me before dashing towards the door of the basement.  

“Tch… Tch… Tch…”  

Clicking my tongue, I swat aside the dildo and run towards him at full speed. Due to the insane amount of power in my legs, I catch up to him in a fraction of a second. Then, with my right hand, I grab him by the neck to make stop him before lift up his body off the ground. Immediately, he starts swinging his limbs wildly, continuously hitting my hand and torso— but it doesn’t achieve anything. In just a few seconds, he stops moving as his face turns red and he begins choking.   

“You motherfuckers shouldn’t have messed with me,” I snarl before slamming his body to the flood, head-first. Needless to say, blood splatters on the floor again and he became unconscious.   

With this, I finally take a deep breath of relief. I admit, it feels quite good beating these fucktards, but I am not done yet. I want to punch that prick Alex some more. He clearly didn’t get punished enough for what he did.   


“… what?”  

Turning around to back, I see that Alex is not lying where I left him. Getting confused, I look around, only you find the little cunt crawling towards Maya like a filthy worm. He’s trying not to make much noise so that I don’t notice him— which is quite difficult considering that his ribs are probably broken.   

Surely, this stupid fuck will threaten me again once he reaches Maya. There’s already a nasty smile on his twisted face and a mad glint in his evil eyes. He seems pretty assured that he will succeed.    


As I look at the pathetic state of this shitty asshole, the urge to beat him to pulp disappears completely. I just feel disgusted by him.  

Well, I guess I know what to do with him now…   

I walk towards Alex, grabbing the fearsome dildo on the way. With one of the goons screaming (dislocated shoulder), he doesn’t even notice me coming.   

“I am sure your ass can take this,” I say, standing next to him.   


Reacting to my voice, Alex turns around with a flash— but it’s already too late. I mercilessly stab the dildo between his legs. His pants get torn, his asshole gets destroyed (again), and he couldn’t even raise a scream before becoming limp once again.   

“This is the best punishment for you,” I mutter in revulsion.   

Now, let’s take Maya and her friends and get out of—  

Suddenly, pink light bursts in front of my eyes.   

[Beast Awakening: Mode 2 End]

All the strength leaves my body instantly, the adrenaline rush I’ve been feeling all along disappears, and I start falling down. The last thing I see before losing consciousness is the door of the Basement bursting open, and a ton of people flooding inside.   

One of them looks a bit familiar…   

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