Chapter 12: Family and News (Part-1) (Alternate)

Author’s Note: This Chapter is now unrelated to the main story, but I planned to make it like this…

…my mother.



[FufufuHahahaha… ohohohoho… I can’t…no more… I can’t stop laughing…hahaha 

Aren’t you overreacting for a system?  

[This hot babe? Your mother? Hahaha… have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror before? Hahaha…]  


Layla is still looking at me with concern in her beautiful eyes.  

“You must be hungry right, Jacob? You were out all night… Wait in the living room for a bit, I will get you something to eat,” she says before turning her back to me and quickly moving to the kitchen.  

[Are you even freaking seeing that shaking ass? And those thighs? And nope! I refuse to believe that someone like you can come out from between those sexy legs.]  


[To tell you the truth, she does not even look old enough to have a kid of your age and even if she did, he won’t be like you at all. Her kid would have just taken out his dick in the train today and without using any skill, all the women there would have lined up in front of him; begging to let them suck on it.]  


[I bet that her kid’s cock would have been huge as well and I can also bet that he would have never prematurely ejaculated… Like your little willy did before.]  

Hey! Now you are going too far!  

[If she is your mother, then you can just crack me in half and stomp on my broken pieces. I won’t even complain. Now, tell me, she isn’t, is she?]  

W-Well… she is… and isn’t at the same time.  

[What? Don’t tell me…. you are a bastard child?]  

No, you fucking asshole! I am her child… in written but, well… I am adopted.  


Yeah, she adopted me when I was 12.  

[When you were 12? Hmm… that’s a bit unusual. I thought people like to adopt when they are little. By the way, how old is this Layla?]  

She is 23…  

[What? She adopted you when she was like…17? … oh, never mind… I see…]  

Yeah, she adopted me after her system ceremony. If my guess is true, which I am sure is, it had something to do with her system.  

[But this makes it simple for us, right? You can bang that ass!]  

It’s not like I don’t have a crush on—  

[That’s more like it! I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me.]  

Will you just listen to me? It is true that I like her. She is even my first crush and the girl I want to have sex with the most. But that’s not all…  

I need to know if she likes me as well before doing that…  

[Come on, man! This is bullshit! You will die if you start thinking about consent and all. I know it’s not a good thing but what are you going to do if all the women refuse to have sex with you, huh? Because let me tell you this, you are not hot enough to let them come to you by themselves. And about the prostitute thing, you were saying. It’s a good plan but do you have enough money to buy them daily?]  

I think Rebecca would let me do it…  

[Don’t misunderstand, you only got these many points because she was a virgin. Remember that Anna? The points she gave you are almost negligible.]  

I get it but still, I am in debt of Layla, okay? She took me out of that orphanage and has taken great care of me since then. I won’t force myself on her even if I have to die.  


I am going to make her mine one day but now is not the time. I will win her heart first.  

[Do you really think you have that much time to win her heart first?]  

I will get the time to do that…  

[And what if, after she does become yours, she tells you not to have sex with others?]  

No, but I am sure Layla will understand…  

[Well, I appreciate the positive thinking but I seriously doubt if you are not already too late. She is 23, you know? It’s obvious for a woman like her to have a boyfriend at this age.]  

Don’t jinx by saying things like that! I know she doesn’t. She is still single.  

[Well, I find it hard to believe but still, women like her don’t remain single for long. Act fast, or you will lose her.]  

I know, I am working on it.   

[Well, I am going to trust you on that. Just remember to fuck other girls or you will die before you get your hands on Layla.]  

I know, I know.  

[I will be going then. See you later when it’s the “fuck time”.]  

Words stop appearing before my eyes.  

“Why is wrong with this shitty system? It is not like any of the systems I have read about before…” I mutter with a sigh.  


Suddenly, my nose catches a delicious smell coming out from the kitchen and my stomach gives a growl of protest. 

Man, I need to eat something…  

I haven’t eaten since yesterday and my energy is thoroughly depleted from all the sexual stuff I have been doing.   

Should I go to the kitchen and eat something?   

Nah, let’s wait for whatever Layla is cooking for me.  

I move to the living room and sit down on the sofa there to wait. Our living room is small but beautiful. Layla herself decorated it with many things which include small showpieces, a few of her own handmade paintings and also different flowers in a fancy looking small flowerpots.  

To pass time, I pick up the remote lying on the table in front of the sofa and switch on the television.  

Let’s see if there are any more updates on that WST incident…  

The same reporter from the morning appears on the television screen. Unlike then, when he was excitedly talking about the incident and even had a heated discussion with the expert, he is now looking a bit agitated.   

[…it is indeed very frightening. None of us would have expected that even the Elves couldn’t get past that pink lightning around the WST…]  

“What?” I speak out unconsciously.  

[Though there is no official statement yet, according to the information we got from our trustable and highly confidential source, the top magicians send to Ieproalia from all around the globe failed to even step inside the barrier like lightning around the WST.  

[What’s even more shocking is that some of those magicians are from Elves which are said to have some of the most powerful magicians who directly gained their powers from leveling up high in their systems.  

[Obviously, magicians from the other system using countries like us humans and beastkins haven’t had any success as well. Some are speculating that something much bigger than we had anticipated is happening to the WST.  

[On these incidents, there is still no official response from the system indepen—]  

Suddenly, the reporter stops speaking and press his earpiece tightly on his ears.  


The reports speak out in surprise.  

[A-Are you sure?]  

The reporter asks someone in a shaking voice.  

[O-Okay, I get it.]  

The reporter removes his hand from his ears and looks at the camera. His face is looking really troubled.  

[A-An official statement has just come from the prime minister…]  

The reporter speaks in a fearful and grave tone.  

[… an emergency SDC conference has been called by the Elves.]  

“No way in hell” 

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