Chapter 77: Questioning

“Go on. We’re not going anywhere until you finish this,” Reagan says, crossing her arms while staring at me with a smile.   

Feeling extremely nauseous, I force myself to look up again. Even now, Reagan seems totally at east— ordering me to kill like a sick psychopath.   

Fuck it… Fuck it…  

Due to all the puking, my mouth feels burnt and tears are continuously rolling down my eyes. Having no energy left, I don’t even want to get up from the ground— let alone kill someone once again.   

But I have to do it… Or this nightmare won’t be over… There’s no other option…  

My chest heaving, I slowly stand up and pull out my pistol. My hands are tremoring even worse than before and it feels like someone’s hammering my head.    

Filled with dread, I look up at the young naked woman tied up above and find her looking back with pleading eyes. Obviously, she’s sobbing hard as well while trying to break free from the restraints, but that’s not it. For some reason, unlike the two men earlier, I think she’s trying to say something.   

No, it’s as if she’s begging me to let her speak…  

“Good. Now, put the barrel inside her cunt and shoot,” Reagan repeats her order.   


“Take out the gag…”   

Somehow finding my voice back, I speak out.   

“What did you say? Your sound all raspy and parched, I couldn’t catch that.”   

“Take out her gag first. I will shoot after that,” I repeat a bit louder, turning to look at Reagan.   


I even drag myself forward and put the gun under the woman’s crotch, trying to show Reagan that I will do it.   

“Why, you want to hear her screams? Or do you want to watch her beg for her life before you mercilessly kill her? Hahaha… You’re more evil than I thought. I like it,” Regan says with a chuckle.   

But I don’t reply to this, continuing to stare at her silently. Laughing once again, Reagan moves back and picks up the wooden stool behind her. She then places it next to the naked woman before climbing on top of it.   

The moment she rips off the tape and pulls out the gag cloth, the naked woman starts shouting desperately.   

“WAIT… W-Wait, don’t shoot… Please… I-I will tell you everything I know… My little sister… I beg you… Don’t kill me…”    

She speaks out as she can in-between her heavy breathing— her beautiful yet terror-filled eyes fixed on me.  


“…don’t shoot just yet,” Reagan says with a deep frown, jumping down from the stool and grabbing my shoulder.   

“So, you’re saying that you will give me information about your gang?” she asks the woman.   

“Yes— Yes, I will.” The woman replies instantly.   

Reagan thinks for a few seconds before reaching out and grabbing the gun from my hand. Feeling as if a huge boulder has been lifted off my chest, my hands fall down limply and I stumble back.   

“Alright, let’s give you a chance. I will ask you some questions and you will give direct answers to them. Once we’re done, I will spare your life. But if you try to lie to me or give any unsatisfactory answers, I will personally make sure to give you the most painful death possible. Understand?” Reagan says in her threatening tone.   

The woman shivers from head to toe before nodding fearfully.   

“Okay, what’s your name then?” Reagan asks.   

“Hazel… Hazel Rosten.”  

“So, Hazel, from which gang do you belong to?”   

“T-The Street Snakes.”  

“Oh? That’s a fairly large and well-known gang. Why would they send such an unreliable and loose-lipped bitch like you to spy on us?” Reagan says, raising her eyebrows.   

“You are not lying to me, are you…?”  

“No! No, I am not lying! I am just a new recruit there. I-I came with the guy you killed first. He was supposed to train me. Our leader believed that this would be quite an easy mission considering your gang is just newly formed,” Hazel replies quickly.  

“I see… Well, tell me then, why did you join a gang? Was it for Money? Power? Or just for the fun of it?” Regan continues seriously.   

“M-Money. My sister got into a severe road accident a few weeks ago and I was in a desperate need of cash to pay the hospital bills. At that time, a few men from the Street Snakes approached me and said that they could pay all the bills if I agree to join their gang. Their only other condition was that I should be a virgin,” Hazel says.  

“Oh? That’s unexpected. Why would they care if you’re a virgin or not? What has that got to do with anything?” Reagan asks, frowning.   

“I was told that it’s because their gang is going to be promoted in a few days. I don’t know what that means, but for the celebration party, the Leader of the Street Snakes wants to have three virgins warming his bed and become his woman afterward. I am one of them,” Hazel answers.   

“Ohoho, that guy’s quite a pervert. Good to know. But if what you’re saying is true, then why would he send you to train at all? You would’ve served a totally different purpose in their gang. At the very least, he could’ve waited until after the party,” Reagan says.   

“I-I am telling the truth. Please, believe me. This is all that I know,” Hazel pleads.   

“You know, I am quite proficient in telling when a person lying— especially when they are in a life and death situation. And you’re quite a sensible girl. I can tell that you’re not lying,” Reagan says.   

“As promised, I will spare your life. But as you might’ve already guessed; I am not going to free you. From today onwards, you’re a member of our gang instead. Of course, we are going to pay your sister’s hospital bill and make sure that she’s safe and everything, but I demand your full loyalty in return. Can you do that?” Reagan asks in a stern tone.   

“Yes, I will be loyal. I promise,” Hazel answers without hesitation, looking somewhat relieved.   

“Good. Then I will send someone to untie you from up there. Wait until then,” Reagan says with a nod.   

“Okay, we’re done here, boy. Let’s leave,” Reagan says, handing me back my gun. And without waiting any further, she turns around and starts moving away.   

“Thank you. Thank you so much. I am forever in debt to you,” Hazel thanks me in a small and emotion-filled voice, tears flowing down her eyes.   

I can only nod at her right now. Still feeling a bit light-headed (but much better than before), I turn around as well and follow behind Reagan— leaving the shooting range.    

“Harden your heart and mind, boy. Because you need to get over this quickly and be prepared,” Reagan tells me the moment I reach her, still looking quite serious.   

“I know about the promotion thing that Hazel talked about. Earlier today, we received a message from King. He has called a meeting at his hotel, three days from now. All the gang Leaders in Yreles, including you, are required to be present there.   

“From the information we just got, I believe that the Street Snakes will be promoted from being a third-grade gang to a second-grade gang in that meeting itself. And as I see it, this is going to be a great opportunity for us. I have a plan through which we can quickly raise the position of our gang in this city,” She says, a grin slowly spreading across her face.   

“It’s a plan that will lead us to war, but will also give us the fruits of victory.” 

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