Chapter 73: Meeting Lily’s Mother Again (Part-1)

The school is over and currently, the gang women and I are on our way to Lily’s house in order to pick up Mrs. Storm. I already called her an hour ago, and we decided to meet up near her house.   

“Why do you look so nervous, boy? I heard you had quite a bit of fun today at school,” Reagan says with a smirk.  


Like most of my interactions with Reagan these days, I remain silent. It’s plainly clear that Reagan knows why I am nervous. She just wants to bully me— though I am not going to give her the chance.   

“You fucked a girl, kicked some ass— wasn’t that enough to get you in a good mood?” Reagan continues seeing that I am not replying.   

“I see, I see… So, it wasn’t enough. Well, don’t worry, the fun isn’t over yet. We’re just a few miles away from your girlfriend’s house. Once we pick up her mother, I will let you rape her to your heart’s content. That will surely cheer you up,” she says.   

This bitch…   

“How about this, we can invite Lily to watch her mother getting raped as well! Who knows, with that girl’s mental state these days, she might even request to join in. You can have a mother-daughter threesome then,” Reagan says with a laugh.   

A wave of fury erupts inside my chest. I clench my fists so hard that my nails dig inside my skin.   

No, this is what she wants. I need to calm myself…   

I take a few deep breaths to suppress my anger. Surprisingly, not only I get more composed, but I get a brilliant idea as well. I don’t know how; it just pops into my mind out of nowhere.   


“Well, I don’t mind doing Lily and her mother at the same time, but are you sure you want me to do it?” I ask.   

“Why wouldn’t I be sure?” Reagan asks with a snort, looking greatly triumphant now that I am speaking.   

“I thought you’re smart, Reagan. Don’t you remember that Mrs. Storm agreed to my demands only because I assured her that I will break up with Lily? Once she sees that Lily is being used as well, there’s no way she will continue to cooperate,” I remind her.   

Reagan starts to laugh at this.   

“Stupid boy, do you really think we need Adeline’s cooperation once we successfully take her out of that house? If the need arises, we can just tie her up as we did with her daughter, drug her, and have you fuck her silly,” She says with a shrug.   

“I see… Well, never mind then. I thought your gang wanted revenge against Harrison Storm, I didn’t know that Mrs. Storm wronged you guys as well,” I say casually.   

“Oh, she didn’t wrong us or anything. No, she’s just going to face the consequences of being married to that filthy guy. That’s it. This is a sacrifice she must make — even if she doesn’t want to,” Reagan says.   


Yeah, like being married to him was her choice, bitch. That fucker raped and impregnated her, forcing her into this.  

“I don’t see how you will get revenge against Harrison by doing this. You think he will give a rat’s shit about wife and daughter getting raped? No. You heard what that bastard did to Mrs. Storm— what he plans to do to Lily. He just sees them as mediums to fulfill his sexual fetishes. He doesn’t care about them as long as they meet their purpose,” I say, maintaining the calmness in my voice.   

Regan raises her eyebrows, looking a bit surprised.   

“Then what do you propose we should do?” she asks.   


I didn’t expect her to ask me directly. I was planning to leave subtle hints, indicating that I could help her with this.   


I don’t reply immediately. Once again, I go through my idea, making sure that I sound a bit plausible, at least.   

“You can do it like this…”  

I tell her about my plan. It’s quite simple in theory, but actually, it will require a lot of work on my part. Though if Reagan agrees to do this, then maybe, just maybe, I might be able to save both Lily and her mother— even Lily’s elder sister.   

“Hahaha… Now, come on, boy. I agree that now we’ve more background knowledge about the relationship between Harrison Storm and his family, raping his daughters and wife don’t make sense. The main objective of striking a blow to Harrison Storm won’t be fulfilled.  

“And I also agree that your plan is quite good in that regard. But are you sure you can do it? It seems impossible to me, given our past actions,” Regan says with a small laugh.  

“It’s up to you whether you want to give it a try or not. I am perfectly sure that I can do it,” I say with a shrug, looking away as if I don’t care.   

Actually, I am not sure at all. But if I don’t show confidence here or, well, show too much desperation, Reagan will never agree to my plan.   


“You’re not trying to trick me into anything, right? You saw what I did to your girlfriend when she tried to mess with me. I can fuck you up much worse than that if I want to,” she says in a stern voice.   

“Why would I try to trick you? As you can see, this plan is mutually beneficial to both of us,” I say immediately.   

With a frown on her face, Reagan thinks over my words for a few minutes.   

“Hmm… Alright then, my organization has waited this long for our revenge, we can wait a bit more. I will talk to the higher-ups about this,” she finally says with a nod.   

Yes! She is actually agreeing!  

“That would be good,” I say, returning her nod without showing my excitement.   

“Though mind, you don’t have all the time in the world to do this, alright? I can get you a month, at most. If you fail to show any results, I will have to follow plan B,” Reagan tells me.   

“Plan B? What’s that?” I ask, confused.   

“Believe me, you don’t want to know,” she says, giving me an evil sort of smirk.   


“Tell me,” I insist.   

Reagan gives me a snort and looks away, indicating that the conversation is over.   


Whatever this Plan B is, I hope it never comes to actually following it.   

After a few minutes of riding silently, we reach Lily’s house. Though instead of stopping in front of the gates, we move a few meters ahead, near an alley. I can see Mrs. Storm standing there, dressed in her full-body white clothes and wearing her huge black glasses, waiting for me.   

“Stop the car,” Reagan commands as soon as we reach her.   

She opens the door, gets out of the car, and move towards Mrs. Storm. Both of them exchange a few words (Mrs. Storm looks back at the car in surprise), before coming back together.   

Reagan makes her way to the front seat this time, whereas Mrs. Storm bends down to look at me through the open door.   

“Why isn’t Lily home yet?” Mrs. Storm asks in a rather rude tone.   

“She went to the mall with her friends,” I answer instantly.   

Actually, Lily went to Abigale’s base, but I cannot tell that to Mrs. Storm.  

“And what about our promise? You haven’t broken up with my daughter yet. Why should I go with you?” she asks.   

“Your husband will get suspicious if I broke up with her all of a sudden. Don’t worry, I am slowly distancing myself from Lily. We will break up soon,” I assure her.   


“Hmph, alright then,” Mrs. Storm mutters, finally entering the car and closing the door behind.   

That’s it?   

I thought she’s going to ask what I am doing inside a luxurious car like this, or inquire about Reagan.   

Oh, well…  

“How are your bruises? Did the cream and medicine I sent work?” I ask casually as the car starts moving again.   

“Yes, they worked. My bruises are almost gone. Like you asked, I also made sure to avoid my husband as much as I could, so there are no new injuries either,” she informs me in a flat tone.  

“Good, good… Then show me,” I ask.   

“Show you what?” she asks, frowning.   

“Show me your body, of course. I want to see how you look without all those bruises. Start stripping.” 

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