Chapter 65: Image Revamping (Part-9)

“Hey, I said get out of the car!” Reagan says exasperatedly.   


Wordlessly, I open the door on my side and step out of the car, my eyes still set upon the building in front of me.   

There is no way I could forget this building— I was here just a few days ago with Ava. This is the base of the second largest gang in Yreles; The Royals.  

But why the fuck are we here!?   

I thought that we are going to kidnap Ava just like we kidnapped Pig and Neustadt yesterday. But to come to this place, where I don’t think anyone can even talk rudely to that bitch (except her father), is completely out of my expectations.   

What is Reagan planning to do here!?   

It’s really important for me to know this, but unfortunately, Reagan is in the mood to tell me anything today. Not even important things.  

“Let’s go,” Reagan says with a nod once all the gang women get out of the van that is parked behind our car (today, only Zoe, Abigale, Clara, Emily, Valerie, and Nora are with us).   

At once, all of us start to move towards the building with me and Reagan in front.   

“Wait, we are going in this garbage of a building?”   

I hear Emily whisper.   

“I guess so,” Nora whispers back.   

Hmm? So, they don’t even know that this place is?   

Damn, the women are even less informed than me. That’s really strange…  


Reaching the door, Reagan knocks twice before speaking.   

“I am Reagan Burling, here to meet your—”  

Before Reagan could even finish speaking, the door opens up hastily and a familiar man with spiky hairs and brown eyes appears from within.   

“Miss Burling? Sure, sure, please come inside all of you,” he greets us in an exceptionally polite tone, totally opposite to how he looks.   

“I was just waiting for you to arrive—”  

Suddenly, the man stops speaking. And the reason is clear, his gaze has fallen upon me.   

“Miss Ava’s boyfriend…?” he mutters, how eyebrows furrowed.   

Though the next moment, he wildly shakes his head, clearly thinking that that’s not possible.   

“So, where is he?” Reagan asks as the last one of us (Emily) enters the building.   

“Upstairs, the topmost floor. Allow me to lead the way,” he says.   

“There’s no need for that. We can go by ourselves,” Reagan replies.  

And without further ado, she starts moving towards the stairs with the rest of us on her tail. Unlike the last time, this place is almost empty today— only a few people here and there, all wearing a purple t-shirt.   

“Wow, this building is way better inside. I wonder if the run-down look outside is intentional,” Emily whispers again.   

“Of course, it is. Look at their clothes, no doubt this is the base of The Royals,” Abigale mutters.   

“Really!? Why are we in another gang’s base!?” Emily asks, surprised.   

“None of us knows that except Miss Reagan.”  

Abigale’s tone suggests that she would like to know. But well, Reagan chooses to ignore their conversation, starting to climb the stairs quietly.   

As the building is not too big, we reach the top floor in just a couple of minutes. We walk through the empty corridor and reach the only room on the entire floor— whose door is already wide open.   

“Welcome! Welcome, Miss Burling! I was waiting for you!” Mr. Leawitt, who’s standing beside his desk, greets Reagan enthusiastically.   

He even starts moving in her direction, thrusting his hands forward to shake her hand, but she raises her hand coldly, telling him to stop.   

Mr. Leawitt backs away awkwardly with a nervous smile on his face.   


What the fuck is this!??   

“Oh, so you have bought some companions as well, Miss Burling? I will be grateful if you introduce them—”  

Mr. Leawitt abruptly stops speaking just like the guy downstairs, his eyes stuck on my face.   

Both of us look at each other for a second before suddenly, Mr. Leawitt’s face turns red in anger and his eyes threaten to pop out their sockets.   

“What the fuck are you doing here, boy!?” he shouts, spit flying out of his mouth.   

“I am with these—  

“That Ava… How dare she bring her filthy boyfriend here!? I told her that my very important guests are going to arrive today!” he bellows over my voice.   

“Please, forgive me, Miss Burling. I will have this piece of shit thrown out of here this instant. Believe me, this idiot won’t see tomorrow morning. And I will severely punish my daughter as well. Just please don’t be mad—”  

“Mind your language, Regis Leawitt! He’s our leader!” Reagan barks at him, surpassing his anger.   


Immediately, like a small animal, Mr. Leawitt cowers away in fear.   

“If I hear another word of insult towards him, our organization will cancel the existing alliance with your gang this instant along with all the signed deals. And not only that, we will turn hostile against you as well,” Reagan threatens.   

Alliance? Deals? What is she talking about?   

“W-Wait, wait, Miss Burling! Please, calm down. I cannot understand what you’re saying,” Mr. Leawitt says, terrified out of his wits.   

“I am just telling you to be respectful to our leader. Is it that difficult to understand, you dim-wit!?” Reagan snaps.   

“T-This boy!? Your leader!? Surely, you are joking. If my knowledge isn’t betraying me, men are strictly not allowed to become a member of your organization, let alone lead a group,” he says timidly.   


Reagan gives out a sigh at this, though her anger doesn’t dissipate in the slightest.   

“You should believe me, not your knowledge. And anyway, I hold no obligation to explain the decision made by the higher up of our organization,” She says haughtily.   

“Higher-ups… O-Of course, you don’t have to explain anything to me. Please forgive me for prying,” he says, sweating even more profoundly than before.   

“Ask Leader for forgiveness, not me,” she replies coldly.   

“I understand. Boy— I-I mean, sir, please forgive me for prying and also for rude behavior earlier,” he apologizes, clasping his hands.  


I cannot believe that I felt scared of this man just a few days ago.   

“You’re forgiven, just never repeat this insolence again,” I say, waving my hand.   

“Never. A-Anyway, let’s sit down talk,” Mr. Leawitt says, gesturing at the multiple chairs in front of his desk.   

Hmm… There were only two chairs the last time I visited him. It seems like he was expecting Reagan to bring multiple people.   

As I and the women settle down, Mr. Leawitt takes out a pure white handkerchief from his pocket and starts wiping the sweat off his forehead hastily. Then, sitting down on his chair on the opposite side, he puts a forced smile on his face before addressing us again.  

“So, to what do I owe the pleasure of this meeting, Miss Burling… Sir Caiden? My daughter is not giving you any trouble, I hope?” He asks, still looking at me with doubtful eyes.   

As expected, Ava’s topic comes up immediately.   

What should I say now? She’s definitely troubling me, but can I tell that to her dad?   


See Reagan!? This is why you should have told me what I have to do.   

“Well, she’s—”  

“You grasp the point right away, Mr. Leawitt. Your daughter is the main reason why we came here is to talk to you,” Reagan speaks up before I could.   

“S-She really troubled Sir Caiden?” he asks, starting to sweat again.   

“Nope, quite the opposite. Our Leader is quite infatuated with your daughter,” Reagan answers.   

“I-I see…”  

Mr. Leawitt sighs out in relief.   

“I will surely praise my girl to make Mr. Caiden happy. But, forgive me for saying this, to hold a meeting just to tell me this— I don’t mine, of course, but still…”  

“Obviously, this not the sole reason why we came here, Mr. Leawitt. We actually have a request for you as well,” Reagan replies.   

“Oh, I am all ears,” he says promptly.   

“Good, but first of all, I should tell you that we have decided to accepted your petition to become the sole drug supplier in all three cities you requested,” she says.   


For a few seconds, Mr. Leawitt stares at Reagan in stunned silence. Then suddenly, he stands up from his chair and burst out…   

“What… WHAT!? That’s amazing! Truly, I didn’t expect to hear such tremendously good news today! It’s so sudden, I nearly lost all hope! With this, my influence—”  

“Wait, Mr. Leawitt, let me finish speaking before you start to celebrate,” Reagan interrupts his joyous outburst.   

“Yes, yes, I am sorry— couldn’t control myself. Please continue,” He says, laughing heartily.   

“We have decided to accept your request, but only if you accept ours first,” Reagan says.   

“I agree! Whatever it is, I agree!” Mr. Leawitt declares immediately.   

“I see. Well, let me word it out anyway.”  

Suddenly, a devilish smile appears on Reagan’s face.   

“Gift your daughter, Ava, to our leader… As his plaything.” 

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