Chapter 58: Image Revamping (Part-2)

Already knowing what’s going to happen next— I immediately jump to my feet. And as expected, the next instant, the chair I was sitting on gets powerfully kicked and topples over.   

“Your reflexes are getting better. Some spider bit your ass, fucker?” Pig asks with a laugh.   

Calmly, I turn around and face him without the slightest fear. As usual, three of his burly friends (bodyguards) are standing behind him, glaring at me menacingly.   

“Oh, no. It’s just that your brain is really small— Every time, you either grab my neck or kick the chair I am sitting on. And as you did the former the last time, I knew that it’s my chair’s turn to get kicked,” I answer with a shrug.   

“Heh, my brain is much bigger than you, bastard. And thanks for telling me this, I will fuck you up in a different way next time,” Pig says with a smirk.   

“Next time? There will be no next time…” I mutter.  

“Why the fuck are you mumbling like a prick? Speak up like a man!” Pig says, hitting his chest like a gorilla.   

“No, nothing,” I reply, suppressing an urge to laugh.  

“See, girls!? This guy doesn’t even have the guts to talk to me properly,” Pig says, suddenly turning around to address Valerie, Nora, and Emily.   

“You all are new to this school— and not to mention, really beautiful— So, you can still reconsider the company you want to keep around here. It will greatly affect your image in school.   

“You don’t want to be seen with pussies like this guy here—” Pig points at me “— rather, I recommend you to become friends with me. And believe me, you won’t regret it. Oh, and did I mention my name? It’s Johnny Bristow, son of William Bristow, the owner of the luxury 5-star hotel— The Bristel,” Pig says smugly.   


No surprise here, I already knew why Pig decided to approach me today. Everyone’s been talking about me since the morning because all these newly admitted “beauties” are giving their attention only to me— not even talking to anyone else.   

And of course, this news was bound to reach Pig’s ears. And there is no way he could tolerate this insolence…   

“Wow, he’s so fat. Do you think he’s wider than he’s tall?” Emily whispers to Nora while checking out Pig with great interest.   

“I don’t think so, but he’s close,” Nora answers with a calculative look on her face.   

But neither of them replies to Pig directly. In fact, Valerie doesn’t even look at him. After waiting a while for their response, he speaks again.   

“Ahem… Girls? I don’t know if you heard me or not, but I was talking to you. And tell me your names? I told you all mine,” he asks hopefully… only to get ignored again.   

“Hey, listen here, Pig!” I call him out.   

“What, asshole!?” Pig asks, red from shame and frustration.   

It’s time to finish this…   

“You are talking to my girlfriends, understand? And they clearly don’t wanna talk to you. Keep troubling them and I will beat your fucking ass up,” I threaten in a domineering tone.   

“… Girlfriends? Wait, you want me to believe that these girls are your girlfriends? Hahaha! Sure, dream on, fucker. And by the way, you gave me a really nice idea!” Pig exclaims with a dirty grin.   

“Instead of talking, I should just start beating the shit out of you in front of everyone! Then these girls will know who’s the real deal in this school is— Mugh!”  

Before Pig could even finish speaking, my fist collides with his face. The punch carries so much power that he loses his balance and falls backward.   

Instantly, hell breaks loose.   

Pig’s bodyguards rush towards me furiously, but the gang women— who were waiting for something like this to happen— intercepts them. All of them, even Zoe and Clara, jump on their feet and begin fighting.   

But I am not watching them, my main focus is Pig right now…   

Without waiting for him to recover, I jump on top of him and start aiming heavy punches on his face. His nose starts bleeding and his lips puff up, but surprisingly, he still doesn’t get knocked out.   

With a sudden jerky push of his pudgy arms, he throws me away from himself. Landing hard on my back, I feel a sharp pain hitting my body like electricity, making my eyes water. But this much is not enough to stop me. Ignoring this pain, I quickly get up and face Pig again.   

Due to the fat, he’s having great difficulty getting up from the floor. And well, his luck is really bad today. Halfway up, I slam against his body to knock him off his feet again.   


With a pathetic scream, he collides with the floor again— only to start receiving a barrage of my punches again. And honestly, this feels absolutely exhilarating. Taking out my suppressed anger and frustration on this sick fuck is amazingly relieving.   

“HEY! Get away from him! Right now!”  

Suddenly, a pair of arms wrap around my chest and pulls me off of Pig. Looking at the end result, I can see his nose bleeding profoundly, a couple of his teeth missing, and his eyes rolled up— Pig has finally fainted.   

“What the heck!? Just look at what you’ve done to the poor boy and his friends!”   

The pair of hands that separated me from pig roughly turns me around, and I come face-to-face with an enraged Neustadt.   

“Now you have done it! This is the second time you have attacked other students with a clear intention of murder!” he barks.   

You are exaggerating…   

I glance back at Pig and his bodyguards.  


The three burly dudes are lying in a heap, unconscious and as badly beaten up as Pig, and the gang women are standing together with the crowd, looking at Neustadt and me innocently.  

Well, they are not dead…   

“Take Johnny and his friends to the infirmary immediately! And be careful, these poor boys are clearly hanging between life and death! We might have to take them to the hospital!” Neustadt shouts at the students standing next to us.   

Reluctantly following his orders, they pick Pig and his bodyguards up and carrying them away to the infirmary.   

“Now…” Neustadt says, facing me again.   

“I have nothing more to say to you, you violent little bastard! Just come with me to the Principal’s office. Today, I will make sure that you get expelled no matter what,” he says savagely, looking furious yet extremely pleased.   

“Yeah, sure. Let’s go,” I say with a shrug, not perturbed at all.   

“This arrogance… Just wait, I will squeeze it out of you completely. Now, come…” Neustadt says, turning around and moving towards the cafeteria’s exit, dragging me along.   

Unlike the last time Neustadt took me to Principle Steele, he doesn’t taunt or provoke me. Probably because he doesn’t want to waste any time talking.   

In just a couple of minutes, we reach the Principal’s office. And without even knocking first, Neustadt bangs open the door open and enter inside with me on the tow.   

“Principal! This boy, Caiden, I caught again—”  

“I already know,” Principal Steele— who’s sitting behind her desk— lazily says, cutting in-between Neustadt.   

“You… You do?” Neustadt asks, momentarily losing his flow in surprise.   

“Yes, there are cameras in the cafeteria, Mr. Neustadt. I saw everything,” she answers.   

“Oh… Well, that’s great then! Saves me the trouble to explain you everything! As you’ve already seen, this student attacked Johnny Bristow again, intending to murder him and his friends! Clearly, detention did him no good! I demand his instant expulsion, and if possible, a police complaint!” Neustadt says, his eyes glittering.   

“Thank you for bringing Caiden to me, Mr. Neustadt. I will consider your suggestion. You can leave now,” Principal Steel replies.   

“What!? There is no way I am leaving the office until this student is expulsed, Principal!” Neustadt says mutinously.   

“Mr. Neustadt, please, don’t force me to remind you of my position in this school, as I have done once before! I am the principal, not you! It’s my job to decide upon Caiden’s punishment, not yours! Leave my office this instant!” Principal Steele says in a raised tone, almost scolding him.   

This silence up Neustadt at once and he lowers his gaze.   

“As you wish, Principal. But as a dedicated teacher and employee of this school, I must warn you— William Bristow won’t be happy after hearing what happened to his son, he won’t be happy at all,” he says in cold anger.   

“Well, I would rather anger William Bristow than him…” she replies in a light tone.   

“Him?” Neustadt frowns.   

“Please leave,” Principal Steele says, not answering him.   

Neustadt glares at me once again (I give him a smirk), before leaving the office.   

“I should wait for a while before leaving, right?” I ask her.   

“Yes, please. They should think that I am at least scolding you a little. And also, I will have to increase your detention by another month. Of course, it will be just on papers, you don’t have to actually come to my office anymore,” she says.   

“Oh, I will come to the detention,” I answer simply.   

The more time I get to spend with Principal Steele alone, the better.   

“Thank you, that will make things a little easier for me,” she says with a smile.   

“Never mind. But still, Neustadt and Pig— I mean, Johnny will be furious after finding out that I am not getting expelled. They will surely cause a ruckus later,” I say.  

“Hmm? No, they won’t,” she replies confidently.  

“And how can you be so sure about that?” I ask, frowning.   

“Simple, because we are abducting both of them after school today…” 

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 58: Image Revamping (Part-2)

  1. Now, punishment is remaining for Neustadt.

    Good beginning of the punishment for the Pig.

    Looking forward to what happens next.


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