Chapter 52: Principal's Office (Part-2)

I stare in horror as Reagan’s head rhythmically moves up and down over my crotch. With her right hand, she’s grabbing the base of my cock, keeping it in place, and with the left one, she playing with my balls.   

Her lips are also tightly sealed around the circumference of my cock, with her tongue wriggling continuously.  

Initially, her blowjob was really amateurish, but it turns out that she’s an even faster learner than Principal Steele. In no time, she finds all my pleasure spots and corrects her skills to the degree this blowjob is now on par with the one I received from Emily a while ago.   

Fuck! This has completely backfired!   

I never expected Reagan to actually start sucking my cock like this. My plan was to just make her uncomfortable and break her devoted act in front of Chloe.   

Usually, people are not hesitant to use others for their own gain, but when it comes to themselves, they get cold feet. And I though Reagan is like that as well, using Lily and me, but it looks like that’s not the case.   

“Amelia, you have some work to do, right?” She asks, separating her mouth from my cock for a moment.   


Principal Steele jumps a little from being addressed so suddenly before turning around and picking up some documents lying on her desk hurriedly.   

It’s clear that even she didn’t expect Reagan to start giving me a blowjob like this. As for Zoe, she’s just frozen in shock, her hands still clutching my right arm strongly.   

“You don’t want to play with my breasts like you always do, Leader?”  Reagan asks in a seductive voice.   

I do not reply.   

I am sure that if I say anything right now, I will stutter and destroy my confident act completely. So, instead of speaking, I just simply raise my shaking left hand and rest it on top of her tits. Even though the contact is over her clothes, I can clearly feel the softness and largeness of her breasts.   


Suddenly, I hear a small gulping voice and my attention diverts to Chloe again. She’s as red as a tomato, her watery eyes are completely transfixed at my crotch, and for some reason, she’s salivating as well.   

It’s almost as if she’s craving to suck my cock in Reagan’s place.   

“You can cum anytime you want, Leader. As you already know, I am your property, my mouth is your property. Use it as you like,” Reagan says in a revered tone, though the look on her face clearly says that she’s thoroughly enjoying the failure of my plan.   


Fuck it! I am not backing away now. I am going to make her pay for what she did to Lily, no matter how far I have to take this…   

With renewed determination, I clear my bewildered expression and take a few breathes to calm myself down.   

“Well, I am glad that you are aware of being my property,” I say, grinning broadly. “And I guess I will take up on your offer to use your mouth as I like.”  

Reagan’s eyes open up a little wider, amused from my sudden regain of confidence. But I have no time to waste staring at her or saying anything else.   

From Reagan’s continuous skillful stimulation, the pleasure accumulating at the base of my cock is ready to burst out at any moment.  

I need to do this fast.   

Roughly, I jerk away my right hand from Zoe’s grip, shaking her entire body in the process and remove my left one from Reagan’s tits. Then, I move them above Reagan’s head and start gathering up her long dark brown hair into a single ponytail, wrapping them up around my right hand.   

Reagan looks at me suspiciously before increasing the pace of sucking my cock, clearly intending to free her hair from my grip. But all of this is in vain as I am already done.   

Okay, let’s do this.   

I move my left hand back towards Reagan’s chest, sliding it under her top this time to squeeze her tits directly. A small, unintentional moan leaks out of her mouth as my fingers brush against her erect nipple.   

Considering this moan as my cue, I immediately pull on her hair, making her head rise up. Though before my cock could come out of her mouth completely, I force down her head, making it penetrate her mouth again.  

At the same time, I start shaking my waist as well, syncing it with the forced motion of Reagan’s head. As my penis is considerably large, Reagan was not able to get more than half of it inside her mouth.   

But now, as this blowjob is already out of her control, my cock is violently invading her throat deeply, almost fitting in the entire length inside. And like any other woman, Reagan also starts gagging from her first-ever deep-throat.   

But I do not stop here or take out my cock, instead, I increase my pace even more.   

To my savage pleasure, small tears start forming at the end of Reagan’s eyes and her throat starts making gurgling noises with the saliva. Though unfortunately, she still doesn’t show any signs of resistance.   

F-Fuck… I am going to cum.  

Feeling the pressure inside my cock reaching its breaking point, I force Reagan’s head even further down my cock such that her lips to touch the base of it, before finally bursting out amidst the mind-numbing pleasure.   

Thick and hot semen in large quantity squirts out directly inside Reagan’s throat, filling it up. Without wasting any time, even she starts swallowing it as fast as she can.  

This continues for a few dozen seconds before finally, my balls become empty and my hand falls off from Reagan’s hair due to the tiring light-headed feeling.   

Though Reagan still continues to keeps my cock inside her mouth, sucking and licking it until every single drop of my semen is inside her belly.   

“I hope you enjoyed it, Leader. I surely did,” Reagan says in a hoarse voice before slowly standing up.  

And finally, I get a proper look at her face again.   


It’s a complete mess. Her breathing is rough and her eyes are slightly red with dried tears on her cheeks. Even her nose is a little runny and her hair is disheveled.   

I already know that I have taken this too far and that there is only punishment waiting for me after this but honestly, I don’t care at all.   

It’s not like she will kill me or anything, and I am ready to suffer a little in exchange for the immense satisfaction I am feeling right now.   

“Yes, I enjoyed it very much,” I say with a wide grin, watching Reagan fix her face.   

“Great, then I am sure you will enjoy what comes next as well,” Reagan says while lifting up her skirt a little and taking off her panties.  

“Let’s have sex, Leader. I am really horny now.”  

W-Wait, what!? Is she serious!?   

Even though her privates are not visible, just the fact that she’s not wearing anything under her skirt is enough to make my face hot.   

But still, it doesn’t mean that I want to have sex with her.  

This is bad…  

She’s playing my own trick against me. And I cannot think of a way to escape through this.   

“But I guess it will be too much for Miss Chloe, wouldn’t it be?” she asks me.   

“Y-Yes, it will be,” I answer quickly.   

“Amelia, do you need Miss Chloe for anything? Like signing any papers or anything?” She asks Amelia.   

“No, all the necessary documents are already signed,” Principal Steele answers. To my surprise, she’s calm and collected again.  

“Good. Well then, Valerie!” Reagan calls out.   

Instantly, the door of the principal’s office opens up again and Valerie gracefully enters inside. Her face shows no reaction whatsoever to Reagan’s disheveled state.   

“Please escort Miss Chloe back to the base. Me and leader are going to have sex. Other girls will also have their turn after me so they cannot go yet,” Reagan says.   

Valerie gives her a single nod and walks next to where Chloe is sitting.   

“Madam, let’s go,” she says gently while holding Chloe’s hand.   

Chloe, still very red in the face, looks close to fainting. It also seems that her speaking and thinking ability is temporarily switched off, as she simply standing up without resisting and walks out of the door together with Valerie.   

“Okay then, one thing is done…” Reagan says, her face immediately turning serious and intimidating like usual.   

“I didn’t want Chloe to come here but the person from the black cross said that the King wants his granddaughter to see her new school,” she continues, picking up her panties from the floor and wearing them again.   

“Now, as for how you people performed in from of Chloe: Amelia, great job, I am impressed; Zoe, pathetically bad, you will be punished later; and you, boy…”  

Reagan looks at me, a cold feeling run down my back.   

“I won’t punish you for what you did at the end because you acted well and it was actually a good way to show Chloe that you are dominant when it comes to your women,” she says.   

What!? You won’t punish me!?   

“But understand this, you will never be able to hurt me in any way with such petty plans. I will never hesitate in doing anything when the success of my plan is on the line. So, give up,” she says in a slightly louder voice, anger flashing in her eyes.   

After a few seconds of staring at me like this, Reagan steps back to sit down on the sofa where Chloe was sitting a couple of minutes ago.   

“Moving on, I did not come here today just to admit Chloe in the school. My main purpose is to have a talk with you, boy,” she says.   

“M-Me? Why? You could have talked to me at the base…” I ask suspiciously, still a little shaken from Reagan’s earlier words.   

“So, now that Chloe is going to attend this school, a lot of things need to change here,” She continues, ignoring my question.   

“And out of all of them, the biggest change will be converting this school into a small kingdom. A kingdom ruled by you, boy.” 

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