Chapter 24: Back To The House

Lucy, who has calmed a bit, is now taking down the tent and packing up the things she used while camping around here for the past two weeks. I am also back on my feet now, clothes on. And Arya is standing beside me, recounting what happened in the battle with the Earthborns.   

“So, you are saying that a bunch of people just showed up out of nowhere, and cleared up all the Earthborns immediately?” I ask incredulously.   

“Yup, five people to be exact,” Arya answers with a nod.   

“And that abnormal one? Don’t tell me that those people split the ground open as well,” I say, looking after her in disbelief.   

“Well, that’s exactly what they did. I mean, the person who seems to be their leader did,” she answers with a shrug.   

“Hmm… No one but a really powerful demigod could have achieved this feat. And mind, that abnormal Earthborn was no joke. First of all, it shouldn’t have been so big while able to run at all. And even considering that— the moment I attack it, it sort-of vanished into thin air and warped over me,” I say, shaking my head.   

“It vanished!?” Lucy asks, stopping to work for a moment, surprised.  

“Yeah, I don’t know how it happened, but that’s how I ended up being crushed under that bastard. You see, I was not being reckless,” I tell her.   

“Not being reckless… Yeah, I don’t agree with that at all. Anyway, can you think of a reason why that big Earthborn was so different? Even my most powerful lightning bolts couldn’t take it down,” Lucy says bitterly.  

“Well, I do have a few theories as to how the Earthborn might have become like that, but nothing solid enough to put into words. I guess we will have to just wait to find out about this,” I say regretfully.   

“Well, I am more interested in the demigods who took it down,” Arya says excitedly.   

“They were so cool and yet so mysterious! I heard that they spoke to no one except Reeve after the battle was over— asked if they could stay in the town for that night, he instantly agreed while thanking them, and they left early the next morning.”  

“Wait, those strangers didn’t ask for anything else? Like a sack of golden drachmas or something? I mean, they did basically save the entire town from destruction after all,” I question with a frown.   

“No, they didn’t, brother. That’s why I think they are so cool. Just saving people in need without asking for any rewards in return,” she says in awe.   

“Strange…” I mutter.   

“What’s strange?” Arya asks.   

“No, nothing. Anyway, it’s unfortunate that they already left. I want to know where did our saviors came from and to where they were going. And yes, I also need to thank them for saving us,” I say with a sigh.  

“Oh, Reeve must have obviously thanked them from all of us. And maybe he asked even asked them about that stuff, you can talk to him later if you like,” Arya tells me.   

“I guess I will,” I say with a shrug.   

“Well, me personally, I want to know who the godly parent of their Leader is. I am thinking maybe Gaia— you know, splitting the earth and everything,” Arya says wonderingly.  

“That’s impossible. Earthborns are children of Gaia as well. The abnormal one would have popped out of the earth instantly if that were the case,” I say.   

“No, it’s obvious who the godly parent— or I should say, father of their Leader is: Hades, the God of the dead and the King of the underworld.”  

After Lucy finished packing away all the things, we start moving out of the forest without wasting any time. Arya, knowing her way around the forest, leads me and Lucy through the shortest route possible.   

None of us speaks to each other, aware that the forest is dangerous even in broad daylight. Many magical creatures with powerful abilities to camouflage themselves lurk around, waiting for their prey to stop being vigilant, before attacking them.   

“Okay, we are outside,” Arya says finally, pointing at the entrance gate of Asione at a distance, which just got visible to us.   

“Good, let’s hurry up, shall we? I need to get something inside my stomach. I haven’t eaten anything for the last two weeks and my stomach hurts like hell. I am only alive on water and Nymph magic,” I say, my stomach growling once again, approving my words.   

“Sure, I cannot wait to tell Iris and Ivy that the Leader of that group was a child of Hades. We never thought that any children of the Great Three will ever visit our town, let alone save it. They will be so excited,” Arya says eagerly.   

Here, Arya is undoubtedly referring to the three most powerful Olympian Gods; Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.   

“Really? No child of the Great Three other than us ever visited or lived in Asione?” I ask, surprised.   

“Nope, that’s what I heard. But I guess having four— no, six children of Zeus already living here is enough,” Arya says with a laugh.   

“That’s true,” I agree, laughing along with her.   

“Is Sienna okay?”   

Lucy, who has been silent until now, speaks up again.   

“Yes, sister Sienna woke up the day after the battle and she’s in good health now,” Arya answers promptly.   

“Wait, you haven’t seen her even once after the battle? You never went home?” I ask Lucy, surprised.   

“No, I was camping in the forest all along. Arya here has been providing me with food and supplies,” She answers simply.   


I do not say anything further, already being able to guess the reason behind this. Apart from wanting to remain close to me in my critical condition, I am sure that a little part of Lucy didn’t want to home without me.   

And well, I can understand…   

“Oh, this reminds me, sister Sienna will see you for the first time, brother. And also, she will be seeing Sister Lucy after a really long time. I am sure she will be overjoyed,” Arya says brightly.   

I give her a smile before looking at Lucy. No one can tell this other than me, but she’s looking a bit nervous and uneasy. And as if to prove me right, she slips closer to me just a few seconds later and holds my hand tightly— something she always does to calm herself down when other people are present.   

And I know the exact reason why she’s being like this…   

After entering the town (the guards didn’t even stop us at the gate this time because Arya is with us), we walk past the houses and through the town-square of Asione before reaching the least-populated eastern part of the town where our house is.   

“Even if only a few of those Earthborns had successfully breached the wall, all of our neighborhood would have been destroyed,” Arya says, slightly shuddering in fear as our house comes into view.   

“I think it’s high time for the guild to reinforce the town’s wall with magic. Another attack like this should never happen. And well, the only problem is the money, but I think that if a few people volunteers—”  

Suddenly, Arya stops speaking, her eyes are focused forward. Before I could look in the direction of her eyes, she starts jogging ahead while shouting loudly.   

“Sister Sienna! I am back! And look who I brought with me!”   

Through the open gates of our house, I can see the figure of a voluptuous woman with long and glossy dark red hair sitting in the garden of the house.   

Hearing Arya’s voice, Sienna stands up at once and looks in our direction. With the blood and dirt covering her body the last time I saw her gone, I can properly appreciate how beautiful my second oldest sister is. She is truly the daughter of my mother and the sister of Lucy in every sense.   

As we enter through the gate, I could make out the expression Sienna is wearing right now. She indeed looks really happy to see us, for which I am really glad.  

“You must be Lucas, right? I am glad that you are alright now. And yes, thanks for saving my life, I am really grateful,” she says with a smile, closing in the distance herself and taking me into a really tight and warm hug.   

Wow, these things are even softer and bigger than I thought…   

“There is no need to thank me, sister Sienna. It was my duty as your brother,” I say, repeating the same thing Arya said to me in the forest.  

“I was really looking forward to meeting you. Iris just couldn’t stop talking about you. And she wasn’t lying— you are exceptionally handsome,” she compliments me.   

Iris, I am giving you a huge treat as soon as possible.   

“Well, my older sister is exceptionally beautiful as well,” I compliment her back, extremely happy to be in her bosom.  

I admit that I am starting to get a bit emotional, having finally met my entire family, but I keep it internal. I have never yet shown my tears to anyone in these past twelve years, not even to Lucy, and I am not going to show them to anyone now.   

“Okay then, you must be hungry, right? There was a really nice smell coming from the kitchen earlier. I bet Ivy was cooking something good. Come inside and let your older sister feed you,” She says lovingly while steering me inside the house, completely ignoring Lucy who was standing beside me.   

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