Chapter 13: The Next Target

“Sister, change of plans. We will be hunting another God soon…”  

Lucy, who was reading what looks like a newspaper, looks up to me with a jerk. Her face shows a clear sign of surprise from my sudden declaration.  

“What? But didn’t you said that we should lay low for a while and prepare? Isn’t that why we are here!?” She asks, confused.   

 I do not reply immediately but start moving towards the bed. On my way, I also start to remove my clothes one by one until only my underwear remains.   

Oh, shit…  

Lucy raises her eyebrows and stares down at my crotch with widened eyes…   

Well, seeing that my cock is erect and has more than half of its length outside the underwear, it’s a fitting reaction from her.   

Though well, I do nothing to hide it.  

Only after reaching the bed, do I open my mouth once again to speak…  

“I know I said that, but the situation is a little different now. Our mother… There is a curse put upon her by Hera,” I say while climbing on the bed and settling down next to Lucy.  

“Hmph… no surprise there,” Lucy simply says while folding the newspaper and putting it away.  

“Well, yeah, so I was thinking, to help mother, we should—”  

“What were you doing upstairs, Lucas? For you to get this hard…”   

Lucy suddenly says while turning around and placing her right hand on top of my huge boner… before caressing it gently.    

“Oh, I was reliving our mother from her sexual tension and this is the result…” I answer truthfully.   

Lucy’s hand clenches around my cock and she glares at me with a pout.   

Sister, this is only making me feel better…   

“Don’t worry, I didn’t have sex with her. She was behaving really strangely in front of me before, so I decided to investigate the reason behind it. And well, it turned out that Hera gave our mother some sort of sexual curse…” I say while shrugging.   

Lucy doesn’t reply but her grip lessens in strength and instead, she starts stroking my cock again.   

“Okay, so, what I was saying is that because of this curse, mother is not even being able to speak properly in front of me, let alone hold a proper conversation. So, I want to help her—”  


Lucy says, again cutting in between my sentence.   

“I know what you want to do.”  

“Hmm? You do?”  

“Yes, you want to help Amelia by freeing her of this curse, right? And because of this, you want to go hunting for a God even though we captured one this morning…” Lucy says.  

Simultaneously, the stroking speed of her hand also increases drastically and she leans even closer to me, making her bountiful tits press against my bare chest.   

Even my pre-cum has started to leak now, which, after meeting Lucy’s hand, is making indecent squelching noises.   

“W-Well, you are not wrong. That’s what I want exactly…” I answer. My voice becomes slightly shaky because of the sudden increase in pleasure.   

“And you want to do all of this, even after everything I have told you about her?” she asks calmly.  

“You know my take on this, sister. I want to see the truth myself. And also, you were very young when all of this happened as well. There is a chance that you might not have been able to see the whole truth of the situation at that time…” I answer.  

And anyway, my doubts have worsened after hearing how mother looked at me and how desperately she called out my name… before she was maddened with lust, that is.   

Without giving me an immediate response, Lucy detaches her body away from me, and lower down on the bed. Then, she spread her legs over and rest her meaty ass on my thighs.  

After that, she takes the full length of my cock out of the underwear and starts milking it out with both of her hands furiously.   

Damn… Feels good…   

After making sure that I am getting the pleasure, Lucy starts to speak again…  

“I disagree with you here, Lucas. I have seen happy, I have seen her laugh, I have seen her play with her other children including myself… all while giving no care about you who were rotting away and getting abused by Zeus in the basement.”  

Even though sounding angry, Lucy still moves her waist forward and press her crotch strongly against my balls, with the only thing separating them is her sexy black panty.  

F-Fuck… I am going to…   

“But, I have already told you about this and many other things about her. So, what I want to ask you now is that are you really willing to risk your life for a woman like her, just because there might be a slight chance that she might be somewhat innocent?”   

“Y-Yes, I w-want to…” I answer.   

Again, Lucy doesn’t answer but just simply lowers her head and wraps her soft and warm mouth around my thick cock… Only to start sucking on it strongly.   

“Ahhgh… Sis… Lucy…”   

And as if waiting for this particular thing to happen, a great pleasure runs through my back and my cock starts squirting semen inside my sister’s mouth like a geyser.   

And knowing exceptionally well about how much I cum, even Lucy starts drinking my semen vigorously from the start, not letting even a single drop of it to leak out from her mouth.   

After a couple of minutes of continuously squirting out, my balls finally feel a little lighter and my penis also starts to shrink back from its monstrous size.  

Lucy also sucks out and drink every last drop of my semen before looking back into my eyes again with a serious face.   

“Then, I will help you hunt down the god…” She finally answers.   

“Wait, you will?” I ask, strongly surprise even though my mind is still a little mushy from the lingering feeling of pleasure.  

“Yes, if you have decided to risk your life, there is no way I am going to let you do it alone. And well, I guess that this way, you will see the truth behind my words yourself…” she answers with a little shrug.   

“Thanks, sister. You are the best… at everything,” I say meaningfully with a wink before laughing it off.   

Lucy’s cheeks turn a little red but the seriousness of her face isn’t gone yet.   

“So, we will need a plan, right? A big, accurate, and effective plan. This may be one of the most difficult captures we will ever do. And with how little experienced and powerful we are right now, the chances of us succeeding are extremely low.   

“And even still, if we do succeed, I am sure that all the other gods will find out about our motive and what we are trying to actually achieve. So, I guess we should already think of a hideout where we will be safe even from the gods can’t.   

“And well, there are loads of other factors to be thought of as well. We will at least need 3-4 months just to prepare the basic structure of the plan and things we will need. I think, first, we should—”  

“Okay, okay, wait a second. What are you going on about!?” I ask, extremely confused.   

3-4 months of preparation? Are you kidding me!?   

“Jacob, don’t look so surprised. You know who we are going after. And if we don’t even prepare this much, our chances of survival will go down from a few percentages to negative figures.  

“And the last thing we want to do is underestimate her. She is the queen of gods, after all,” Lucy says.   


“Queen of gods!!? You don’t seriously believe that we will be going after Hera, do you? We will be squashed like bugs before we even go near her!” I exclaim.   

“Eh? Then which God are you talking about? You do know that a godly curse can only be removed by the God who had put it upon you, right? Even Zeus won’t be able to remove Here’s curse on Amelia. Let alone some other minor God…” Lucy tells me.   

“Of course, sister. I know about that and I am not even trying to remove the curse anyway,” I answer along with a shrug.   

“You are not?” Lucy asks, surprised.   

“Nope, I am just trying to lessen its strength. Enough to return mother to sanity,” I answer.   

“And how are you planning to do that?” Lucy asks while furrowing her eyebrows.   

“Oh, easy, we will be capturing two gods for that: Asklepios and Circe,” I answer confidently.   

“Asklepios and Circe!? The God of Medicine and The Goddess of Magic!? You want to capture both of them!?” Lucy asks in utter bewilderment.   

“Well, not just the two of— I mean, yes, that’s all. Both of them. And I also have a plan for that,” I answer.   

“You do!?”  

“Yes, but for that, I will need the help of my other sisters as well. All of them. Even the ones I am going to meet tomorrow morning for the first time in my life…” 

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